What is the best sinus cleaner? The product should be a battery-operated device that is powerful enough to pull the saline solution through your nose. It should be made of high-quality materials. It is also important that the product is manufactured by a brand-name company and is clinically proven to relieve symptoms of sinus congestion. The container’s capacity is also an essential factor to consider. We believe that the Navage product fits these criteria best.

This guide covers TOP-5 best sinus cleaners that are commercially available now. You will learn about the difference between their types, their advantages and disadvantages and how they function. Find out what experts say about using nasal irrigation and what safety precautions to take. Read an F.A.Q section to get answers to the most common questions asked by customers regarding the safety of nasal irrigation. A comparison chart showing the main benefits of the most popular products will help you pick the right one.

TOP-5 Best Sinus Cleaners

Below, you will find a review of TOP-5 best products on the market at a price ranging from $10 to $100. While pricier models are more advanced and feature-packed, the cheaper ones represent traditional options for rinsing sinus. Most cleaners are produced from high-quality plastic, however, there is a model made of eco-friendly ceramic. They also differ in capacity, with the larger one being able to hold as much as 700ml of the solution.

Navage Nasal Care DELUXE Bundle, 20 Sault-Pod Capsules | Navage

What caught my attention first was that this product is very stylish. You know, I may leave it in the kitchen or living room as it looks really nice. Not long ago, a friend of mine saw it at my home and asked where did I get that cool device — he thought it was designed for making cocktails :). All in all, this thing is not something that embarrasses me, quite the contrary.

However, it is not the design that makes this product a good buy. It works like a magic wand for those who suffer sinus congestion, which is due to advanced technologies applied by the manufacturer. By the way, RhinoSystems, Inc., a company that produces this nasal cleaner, is a well-established brand.

Founded in 2007, the Ohio-based company specializes in nasal hygiene systems, developing and marketing Naväge® Nasal Care. RhinoSystems, Inc. is a socially responsible company. In 2015, it was awarded Vocational Guidance Services’ Partner in Rehabilitation Award. The company was granted more than 75 patents all over the world as well as several trademarks. Its products are recommended by doctors as an inexpensive treatment relieving the symptoms of sinus conditions. More importantly, it has been clinically proven that Navage nasal cleaners really work.

And not only that, Navage nasal irrigation is popular among celebrities, such as singers and actors who are particularly sensitive about everything going on in their noses and throats. So opera star Raymond Aceto describes the product as an “awesome experience”, adding that he uses it on a daily basis. Ruthie Ann Miles, an American singer and Broadway star, says that Navage has saved her from “terrible allergies”.

What is so special about Navage? you might ask. Well, let’s start with its efficiency. This is the only nose cleaner on the market that comes with powered suction, pulling saline through your nose. This feature is particularly important as it allows you to effectively remove germs, dust, and allergens.

You do not have to use drugs that develop resistance and have multiple side effects. Nor does it involve using chemicals. Just an absolutely natural and easy solution to relieve sinus congestion. Everybody can use it, even someone with the most severe allergy.

The product comes with 20 SaltPods, one pair of nose pillows and 2 AA batteries as it is an electric device. By the way, the batteries last for 3 months, provided that you use the product according to label directions.

There is also a countertop caddy so that the cleaner is easily stored and, at the same time, is always at hand. Use it twice a day and you will not only breathe better but also improve your sleep as the cleaner helps to reduce snoring. Below, you will find a video guide on how to use it:

Reviews: What do buyers say?

I must say, this product is very popular among customers. According to one of them, not only does this cleaner drains nasal cavities, but it also soothes them. “I couldn't wait for the next time to use it,” a satisfied buyer said.

Navage cleaner was particularly appreciated by those who have to work in crowded offices. Breathing in dust and various particles, they get their noses stuffed with bacteria and allergens. This device helps to avoid this kind of health hazards and allow you to enjoy easy breathing wherever you are.

Another customer warns us that at first, it may feel a bit strange due to pressure building in the ear. But do not worry, continue rinsing and the water will eventually come out the other side, relieving the pressure.

Pros: Cons:
  • Clinically tested efficiency.
  • Powered suction to pull saline through your nose.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Works only with Naväge SaltPod capsules.
  • Comes at a price of about $100 that may be not budget-friendly for someone.

Navage: Check the current price

Nasal Sinus Irrigation System | Health Solutions 

I would recommend this model as a stationary option that works as fast as the previous item but is not portable. However, it has a number of advantages that I am going to dwell on. First of all, this is about enhanced convenience. By that I mean that this unit has several beneficial features, making the treatment easier. So a LED display shows you timing while pressure can be adjusted so that you could feel comfortable when rinsing the nose.

A 360-degree swivel tip will help you fully drain your sinuses without undue effort. The water tank is designed to hold as much as 700ml, which means that you will have to refill it less frequently. On top of that, the tank is protected from leaking, something that is particularly important for an electronic device.

For the record, Health Solutions is a well-known brand and, like Navage, is also suggested by celebrities. But it seems that its fans basically belong to the world of sport.

Pros: Cons:
  • Clinically tested efficiency.
  • It has a number of features making the cleaner especially convenient in use.
  • High-capacity water tank.
  • It is bulky
  • You need to prepare saline according to directions


Customers are mainly positive about this product. When comparing Health Solutions Irrigation System with Neti pots, they highlight its ability to pulse water and the possibility to control and adjust the amount of water coming through the tip. Indeed, many allergy sufferers have tried all possible options to get effective relief. So they have a lot to compare it to.

As for Navage, at first glance, the comparison does not seem to be kind to the Health Solutions model. Being a battery-run suction cleaner it is more efficient and easy to use so you do not have to lean over a sink. However, some customers question its hygiene as the liquid going through the nose is then captured in the lower chamber. This may result in contamination, which is why some users find pulsating irrigation a better solution to deal with bacteria.

Health Solutions: Check the current price

Nasadock Plus Stand | NeilMed

I purchased this accessory when I was using my Neti Pot. For some $10, I get a very beneficial thing! Why was it needed? Well, once your squeeze bottle system is contaminated, it will not simply become useless, but will also pose certain health hazards to the user. This item storesNeilMed products, holding up to six premixed packets.

Pros: Cons:
  • You do not need to replace the stand, just clean it.
  • Handles both squeeze bottles and Neti Pots.
  • Does not include the bottle.
  • Designed for NeilMed products only.


One customer who bought this item for her kids, strongly recommends using the stand as regular cups tend to harbor bacteria. With this stand, the bottle dries quicker without the risk of contamination. And yet, some purchasers point out a significant disadvantage of this product: as it takes up some room, you will have to find space on your sink to store it.

NeilMed Nasadock Plus Stand

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NeilMed: Check the current price

Ergonomic Ceramic Neti Pot | ComfyPot

This was a Neti Pot I started with when I was diagnosed rhinitis many years ago. I had been using it quite a long period of time, mainly because it is pretty comfortable. The pot easily fits my nostrils so that the liquid is poured easily and evenly. So I got used to it quickly and this sinus cleaner became an integral part of my daily personal hygiene.


Most purchasers emphasize the high quality of the product’s material and construction. In particular, the pot comes with two removable silicone tips that are very durable and will last longer if they are looked after properly. They also note that, apart from being a healthier option, ceramic pots allow to better hold the required temperature.

Pros: Cons:
  • Made of ceramic, not plastic.
  • It has a specially designed anti-spill opening.
  • You have to lean over the sink to pour it.
  • Rinsing is not thorough enough.

ComfyPot: Check the current price

Nasal Wash Bottle | RSSZL

It may look like a regular bottle but it is not. The product was designed in accordance with the characteristics of a nasal physiological structure. That is why it is so easy to use and clean. It comes with a patented button that makes the liquid flow evenly, removing dirt, dust, and pollen from your nose.


What customer like is that it is not just another squeezable bottle. Although you can squeeze it to push water through the nose, the better way is to press a button. They also note that plastic bottles are preferable over metal ones as the latter can rust after being used for a long time.

Pros: Cons:
  • High capacity (500ml).
  • Transparent material allows seeing the water level.
  • You have to lean over the sink to pour it.
  • The bottle is made of plastic which can harbor bacteria.

RSSZL: Check the current price

Comparison Chart of Sinus Cleaner Effectiveness 

Product Features


This is the only nose cleaner in the world that has powered suction.
The device works by pulling, not pushing, saline through your nose.
It comes with a countertop caddy so that the device could always be at hand.

Effectiveness: 10

Health Solutions

Its high-capacity water tank is designed for 700ml of the solution, which is enough to not to refill the unit for a long time.
The product comes with a 360-degree swivel tip that allows you to drain your nose more effectively and comfortably.

Effectiveness: 10


This is a hygienic way to store and dry your Neti pot or squeeze bottle.
There is no need to replace it, just clean the stand regularly.

Effectiveness: 8


This Neti pot comfortably fits your nostrils so that the mixture can be easily poured.
It is made of ceramic, which is a safer option than plastic that can harbor bacteria.

Effectiveness: 9


It comes with a patented button that makes the water flow into your nose.
The unique construction of the bottle allows to easily clean and control the water level.

Effectiveness: 8

How To Use Sinus Cleaners Properly: What Doctors Say

Sinus cleaners are intended to help those who suffer nasal congestion to pour a salt solution into the nasal cavity. Sometimes, this method not just relieves the symptoms of sinus congestion but can also treat the disorder by flushing out anything that may cause a blockage. For a better effect, it is important to apply this treatment properly.

Dr. Arthur Wu, a rhinologist and sinus specialist from Los Angeles, notes that many doctors recommend irrigating the nose with saline. In his opinion, the device itself does not matter much, whereas it is more important to do it properly.

So take your sinus rinse bottle, put the salt packet inside and fill it with warm water. Then, mix it about. Lean at a 45-degree angle and place the tip under your nostril, gently squeezing the bottle (or pressing the button or whatever the mechanism of your device requires). Switch between the nostrils until the water is gone. Rinse your nose over the sink, otherwise, the water will go over the floor.

Addressing those who might be frightened by such a procedure, Mr. Wu says that if you ever happened to accidentally snort the water into your nose in a pool, you know how this may feel. The difference is that a lot more mucus will be blown out from your nasal cavities when you are using a special-purpose device.

You may make your own saline mixture, however, some devices can be used only with their brand-name solutions. So here is an irrigation formula offered by specialists from Baylor College of Medicine. Mix 3 teaspoons of salt with one teaspoon of baking soda. Put the solution in a clean bag to store as you will not need all at once.

Then, mix one teaspoon of the solution to eight ounces or one cup of boiled water. If the solution burns, make it less concentrated. Take a nasal saline rinse bottle and draw up eight ounces of the saline. Lean over a sink and squeeze half of the mixture into the right nostril and wait until the fluid comes through the left nostril.

Do not breathe through your nose during the procedure. Do the same on the other side. Do not worry if the solution goes into the ears, the discomfort will ease soon and disappear. Nor should you use any nasal medication before rinsing your nose as its effect will be minimized.

How Does It Work: Explaining The Technology Behind

Daniel Blum, M.D., says that nasal cleaning is actually helpful for any symptom that is associated with sinus congestion, including allergies and infections. He notes that oftentimes the simple procedure can really remove these symptoms. Mr. Blum says that our noses are like a filter that functions by making a layer of mucus preventing dangerous particles from getting into our lungs.

Under normal conditions, this layer is renewed approximately every 10 minutes but when secretions are thick, the nose cannot clear them, which results in growing bacteria. And here a sinus cleaner comes in handy. Washing the thick layer away, it reduces not just congestion itself, but also dryness as well as a risk of getting an infection. According to Mr. Blum, it is safe to do it every day, which is why you can rinse your nose every time you need it.

Researchers from the University of Miami have discovered that while almost all cleaners make the solution enter the nose, not all of them ensure that the fluid gets into the sinus cavities themselves. Only devices utilizing the positive pressure method guarantee that the saline is delivered to the sinuses. The other factor that determines the efficiency of the treatment is the volume. The more saline you pour into your nose the better.

Safety Precautions

Nevertheless, the improper use of nasal cleaners may carry certain health hazards. According to The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), poorly cleaned pots or devices can become a source of a sinus infection. In order to avoid this from happening, clean the bottle, pot or a container with the sterile distilled water. Never clean it with tap water. If you do not have distilled water at hand, boiled or filtered water will also be appropriate.

As Eric A. Mann, a doctor at FDA, put it, these products are generally safe but only in case they are used properly. What does it mean? First of all, you should strictly follow the label directions for your particular irrigation system. However, there is a number of general suggestions to consider:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Makes sure that the container is not just clean but also dry.
  • Do not use your own salt solution if the product is designed to be used only with specific mixtures.
  • Clear your nostrils before repeating the procedure.
  • When pouring the solution into nostrils, avoid flowing it into your mouth. 
  • After using the cleaner, wash it and dry with a paper towel. Never leave it wet.
  • Do not clear the child’s sinuses with saline without consulting a pediatrician.

Pros&Cons of Nasal Irrigation

If you are still not sure whether you should rinse your nose with saline, let’s briefly look at the advantages and disadvantages of nasal irrigation.


  • Using sinus cleaners helps to effectively remove bacteria, allergens, and other irritants from your nasal passages.
  • Can be a used as a supplementary measure to antibiotics.
  • This is an inexpensive way to reduce sinus congestion.


  • Can be counterproductive when used regularly over a long period of time. The thing is that nasal mucus is actually very beneficial, preventing infection from getting into our lungs. Removing excessive mucus, saline can wash out all sorts of antibacterial agents.
  • People with immune system dysfunctions should first consult a doctor before resorting to nasal irrigation.
  • People suffering nosebleeds should also avoid using this kind of treatment.

What To Look For When Buying A Sinus Cleaner

Now, let’s have a look at aspects to consider when shopping for a sinus cleaner.

Brand. The product should be manufactured by a well-established company. This is important because the item and the solution it contains will come in contact with your nose and sinuses. Therefore you should be confident that the product can be trusted.

Material. Since most products are made of plastic, make sure that the item you are going to buy contains high-quality one. When it comes to Neti Pots, ceramic materials should be preferable.

Capacity. Large containers will save you time and effort.

Extra Features. These are essential benefits since such features as a timer and battery-powered suction will make your daily procedure of nasal rinsing more comfortable.

What Are The Types of Sinus Cleaners?

There is a variety of types of sinus cleaners, so let’s take a closer look at them.

Battery-Operated Sinus Cleaner

Battery-operated pulsed-water devices come with extra features allowing you to rinse your nasal cavities more thoroughly and comfortably. A clear illustration of a powered suction is Navage sinus cleaner.

Neti Pot

A Neti pot looks like a small teapot and is usually made of ceramic material. What you need to do is tilt your head and pour the fluid into the nostril.

Squeezable Bottle

This type of sinus cleaner works the same way as a Neti pot with the difference that you can squeeze the container to push its content through your nose.

Saline Spray

It will be harder to rinse nasal canals using a saline spray but you may have a try. The benefit of this method is the ease of the procedure. Actually, you may carry the spray bottle in your pocket and use it whenever you need.


Can sinus rinses cause ear infections?
Those who do not use nasal irrigation correctly run a risk of developing various infections. Also, such devices as Navage must not be used by patients with ear infections.

Can they cause headaches?
Generally, it is blocked sinuses that cause headaches, not their irrigation. However, if you have headaches while rinsing your nose, stop the procedure and consult a doctor.

Are sinus rinses safe during pregnancy?
Yes, it is. But keep in mind that moderation should be in all things.

Is nasal irrigation safe for babies?
As a rule, this procedure is safe for babies. However, not all sinus cleaners are intended for young children, so check the product label first. The biggest challenge is to teach your child to wash his or her nose. Also, consult your physician before cleaning the child’s sinuses with saline.

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