What are the best gadgets for men?  Whether your husband is engaged in sports activities, fond of hunting or is a seasoned gamer, you will find here the most appropriate gift for him. This review covers 70+ cool gadgets for men at a price ranging from $30 to $600, so you will be able to pick the best gift idea for your budget.

1. Heart Rate & Fitness Trackers for His Health and Sports Activities

Does he lead an active lifestyle? A fitness tracker will make it more productive. This device is so tiny but is packed with so many beneficial features! It tracks heart rate, calorie burn, steps, and distance. Apart from daily activities, this amazing gadget will monitor his sleep, distinguishing all its three stages.

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2. Gas Grills for Men Who Have an Eye for Meat

Any true beef lover knows that wonderful smoky flavor of meat roasted on a natural gas grill. With this device, he won’t spend on fuel, nor will he have to worry about running out of gas. Models like this one have a hose included and feature a large cooking space.

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3. Portable Heaters for His Garage and Outdoor Activities

Portability will allow him to use a heater wherever he needs. I particularly recommend it as a gift for hunters or those who spend a lot of time in their garages. With a weight of just 9 pounds, such heater can cover an area of up to 300 sq ft.

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4. Wireless Headsets for Gamers

For gamers, it is not just another gadget. This device creates a new gaming environment! With a headset like this one, he will be able to improve his gaming performance and will have more fun. While no cables are required, the headset allows the user to start gaming almost immediately.

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5. Cameras with Stabilization for Hikers and Campers

When camping or hiking, he may not have a tripod at hand, so it will be wise to give him a camera with stabilization to eliminate the problem of shots ruined with camera shake. Such devices deliver sharp images even while moving. A waterproof design protects the gadget from rain and snow.

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6. Night Vision Binoculars for Hunters

Any hunter knows how important it is not to scare off prey. But what about hunting at nighttime? With a night vision binocular for hunting surveillance, he can safely do without a light source, and furthermore, benefit from such features as magnification, digital zoom, and a wide viewing range.

7. Cigar Coolers for Respectable Men

Churchill’s style is cigars, cars and bow ties. But a cigar cooler with cedar drawers and LED lighting is something that will make your man look even more respectable. Yeah, he values his cigars and knows how to store them properly! Such coolers have an adjustable thermostat and control humidity.

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8. A Must-Have for Sexy Men: IPL Hair Removers

It isn’t that simple for a man to have smooth skin. Unlike women, men have coarse hairs on their legs and arms, which makes shaving particularly painful. To solve this problem, give him a hair remover with intense pulsed light (IPL) technology, which can painlessly eliminate 90% of the hairs.

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9. Sandwich Makers for Energy-Boosting Breakfast

Since breakfast gives him the energy to start the day, gifting a sandwich maker that cooks a full-fledged breakfast in 5 minutes would be a wise choice. A sandwich may be loaded with eggs, ham, and cheese, but it won’t satisfy your man unless it is hot and has a crispy crust.

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10. VR Gaming Headsets for Truly Immersive Experience

A VR gaming headset is a gift that will bring his gaming experience to the next level. With the help of this virtual reality technology, he will immerse himself in the game and influence its environment. Such a headset will effectively reflect his movements in virtual reality, enhancing his gaming performance.

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11. Fingerprint Locks for Heavy Travellers

This gift will be particularly appreciated by those who have to travel a lot or use lockers in public spaces. No need to worry about luggage safety as this kind of lock provides a maximum of protection. Use your fingerprint as a key which cannot be lost or forgotten.

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