Spending too much time at the computer is fraught with unwanted health consequences, in particular, this worsens our eyesight. Since most of us cannot abandon this bad habit, what we can do is to reduce this negative impact on health. And this is where eye massagers come in handy. Produced with the use of advanced technologies, these gadgets are designed to relieve temple pressure and headaches. They enhance your blood flow around the eyes, which relieves strains.

What is the best eye massager? The device should be comfortable to wear and lightweight enough. Look for an option with an elastic or adjustable strap so that it could perfectly fit your face. Then, consider available setting options and the functionality of the gadget. Are there different pressure, heat, and vibration modes? How many massage styles does the device offer? The more settings it has, the better. While an eye massager is used for a specific purpose, some extra features making the therapy more comfortable would be beneficial as well. We believe that Breo iSee4 Eye Massager fits these criteria best.

What Is The Hype About Eye Massagers?

Electric massagers have been around for many years, but in the past few years, they have been getting more comfortable, convenient, and high quality.

One of the most noticeable differences between older and newer models is the fact that they are more portable and are FTA-approved. Some of them are also now built with removable, soft pads that can be thrown in the washing machine, usually.

Why are electric eye massagers so popular?

Many people with and without health issues find them practically necessary for pain relief and/or to relax. Other people find them valuable for cosmetic purposes as well, finding them more effective during home spa treatments than cucumbers for helping to reduce puffy eyes or dark circles around the eyes.

What Are the Benefits of Eye Massagers?

For people with painful medical conditions, eye massagers can be a safe way to help relieve nerve pain or overactivity, sore or dry eyes, and they can also help to naturally relax you without having to get a massage or massage yourself.

They are also easily controlled, usually by buttons that are the face or the side of the tool. Some even have an LCD screen so that you can see what the current setting is on, the battery life, and other important controls.

There are even a few models that have built-in music controls to help you relax while you are using the massager.

How Do Eye Massagers Differ?


Some models are designed to be portable enough to be foldable while others are meant to be larger, medical-grade quality. The sizes can vary slightly, but if you are looking for a higher-quality model, expect it to be larger and more expensive; this is usually because of their technical aspects.

Technical aspects

Typically, the larger the model, the better the heating/cooling quality, the inner material (silicone vs plastic), and/or the stronger the massaging function. Some of the larger models also usually have a larger battery and lasts around 45 minutes while the smaller ones can only last for around 15 minutes.

Adjustable vs elastic headband

If you are looking for the most comfortable massager, you will probably want to get one with an adjustable headband. Elastic headbands can be too strong and cause the massager to be pushed too tightly on the user's face, but an adjustable one is easily customizable regardless of your head size or shape.

Temperature controls

Nearly all eye massagers have a heating function nowadays, but some also come with a cooling function as well. Most of these massagers can heat up between 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The ones that also get cool usually get down to around 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

TOP-4 Best Eye Massagers

Below, you will find a review of the four best eye massagers at a price ranging from $60 to $300. They have a different number of settings and modes. Some models have adjustable head belts while others come with elastic headbands. These devices use air to pressurize and massage your eyes. However, there is a model based on water massage technology, delivering you cold and warm eye massage.

1. Stress Therapy Electric Eye Massager

The first on this list, this is one of the more affordable, high-quality eye massagers when it comes to how well it massages and how hot it gets.

It is mostly white with gold rims and a golden brown, elastic headband. On one side of the face is the logo, and on the other is the LCD screen and button controls for the unit. This is also a foldable model; it folds in the center of the unit.

This massager uses air to pressurize and massage your eyes, having 5 different settings that you can use including vibrating with or without heat, pneumatic with or without heat, and a full-function setting.

Cleaning this model is pretty easy since it is mostly plastic with a removable, soft pad that can be thrown in the washing machine, but it can tend to smell after being run through a dryer. The charging time can vary, but it usually takes over an hour and lasts for around 30 minutes or so.

Pros Cons
  • One of the most affordable models
  • Is one of the smallest and more portable models
  • Has decent heating and massage strength
  • Has a non-adjustable, elastic headband
  • The volume for the music is quieter than most

2. Breo iSee4 Eye Massager with Heating Air Pressure

This massager is a bit of a cross between the first and last one since it has an adjustable headband, which is made of an elastic material, and is foldable.

The design is very similar to the first product, being white with a golden, soft pad, but the trim of this model is silver, and the LCD screen is a little more simplistic. This is probably because there is not a Bluetooth setting, but it does have a music setting.

The temperature is about the same as the first model, being able to get up to around 104 degrees, but it does have fewer settings; only three: sleep, medium, and hard. However, the battery life does make up for it since it can run for up to 90 minutes on a full charge, which is one of the longest-running times out of the models on and off this list.

It also has one of the strongest massaging strengths and uses air compression like the other models.

Pros Cons
  • Is one of the most popular models
  • Has a soft mask cover
  • Has great massaging strength
  • Does not have Bluetooth

Expert Opinion: Dr. Anthony Hillebrand, Physical Therapist

Anthony Hillebrand, physical therapist

Dr. Anthony Hillebrand is a physical therapist with 14 years of experience. He holds a doctorate in Physical Therapy from St. Ambrose University, along with a number of additional certifications.

“Today, we are going to be talking about Brio eye massager. It has three options: light pressure, medium pressure, firm pressure. It also gets warm, a feature that most people love. Like a warm compress on your eyes. It uses air pressure within cushions to simulate the massage. It is pretty comfortable as long as you do not have the strap too tight and the intensity turned up too high. A couple of people have tried this on and have really liked the firmer pressure. As far as durability, my boys have played around with these — probably more than they should — they have not broken anything. Charge time… I am getting at least an hour out of a full charge. Not too bad for most of the people. Well, it’s kind of what you would expect. If you were setting up a session to de-stress, whether it is at home or at work, this would actually be a very good product.”

3. RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat, Air Compression | Best Cheap

This massager is a little more unique than the standard design, using a leather pad instead of a soft one or silicon.

This one is nearly all white except for the light grey rim and adjustable headband. It does not have an LCD screen like the last model, but the buttons are on around the same spot; it has power, vibration, and heating buttons with a power indicator light beside them.

This is another air compression massager, but this one has built-in Bluetooth, meaning you can listen to your own music instead of a pre-programmed track. The heating function of this model is a little better than the last one, getting as hot as 104 to 107 degrees.

Because the material is leather, it is not recommended that you try to put this in a washing machine. Instead, you can try wiping it down with anti-bacterial wipes.

Pros Cons
  • One of the most affordable models
  • Is one of the most popular models
  • Can connect to your phone via Bluetooth
  • Is not for multi-charge use
  • Has a short battery life

10 Best-Selling Eye Massagers Comparative Table

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Questions About Eye Massagers Answered By Experts And Buyers

What do cosmetologists say?
They say that you can get the best results, cosmetic or otherwise, if you use a massager in the right places (underneath the eyes and around the nose in particular) along with hydrating creams or lotions that are safe to use around the eyes.

Is there any evidence of eye massager's effectiveness?
The experts say that yes, massaging the area around your eyes can help to drain the lymph nodes, causing your eyes to become less puffy and remove or reduce the dark circles around your eyes.

Although, this is based on manual massages, and more studies are needed to determine the extent of how effective electric eye massagers are.

What do buyers say?
Purchasers say that you have to be gentle with whatever massager you use because otherwise, you can actually do more harm than good. The skin, especially around the eyes and nose, is very sensitive and easily damaged or stretched, and being too rough with the massager, or with your hands, can reverse the good you have done so far.

Aurai Water Eye Massager Review

If you are looking for one of the highest quality massagers when it comes to temperature and strength, then you may want to take a longer look at this one.

Instead of using air compression, this model uses propelled water in order to heat up and cool down. Surprisingly, it can get up to 108 degrees when the heat setting is being used and as low as 64 degrees when the cool setting is used.

Because of the unique technology, this unit is less portable, a large cable coming out of the headpiece and connecting to where the water is stored which also holds the controls, too.

The comfortability level is debatable because the silicone can irritate sensitive users, but the battery is decent; it lasts for about 30 to 60 minutes. The major downside is that you have to refill it more often than charge it.

Pros Cons
  • Has heating and cooling functions
  • Is medical-grade
  • Has one of the longest battery lives
  • The cable can get in the way
  • Is one of the most expensive models

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