When you have seen many vacuums in your life, it takes a lot to surprise you. That is why we decided to test an invention with an unusual name — floating vac.

I was taken by the fact that it glides weightlessly behind you on a cushion of air. Our little girl likes to “do the housework” but she cannot handle the large vacuum we have. Besides, loud sounds and noise scare her, whereas this model is promised to have a lowered noise level — 70 dB.
When we told our kid that we were waiting for a floating vacuum cleaner, she, like any child, started making up stories about it being an alien ship hovering above the Earth. Our expectation has turned into a game, so we eagerly awaited it :)

First things first, though.

I am a retro girl and I am fed up with uniform minimalistic designs of modern vacuum cleaners. And I was pleased with such a sleek and outstanding retro style design. Indeed, the vacuum smoothly glides over the floor, as if hovering above the ground. No, of course, it is not flying :). But it does look unusual, like gliding over the floor on a cushion of air. And there is an explanation for this — a ZeroG (Zero Gravity) technology. There are no wheels on the canister.

What did I like?

  • It feels like being more powerful than our old Samsung vacuum.
  • Multiple attachments, especially the one intended for stair steps, which has been particularly convenient and useful.
  • The area of a power brush is also important to me. This one is a little bit larger than that in regular vacuum cleaners, which allows me to do the cleaning much faster.
  • Since the unit is floating, it glides smoothly, gently running around the corners of the walls and furniture, without hitting the wall and, therefore, without leaving scratches. This is essential for me as regular vacuum cleaners left scratches on the furniture.
  • We have two cats, so there is a lot of pet hair in the house. I like that ZeroG is very powerful and picks all the hair up at a time.

What does Edmond Dirrena say about the invention?

“The company is about 11 years old, we have been in the vacuum business for that long,” Edmond Dirrena said. “My partner has been working in the industry for about 30 years and his idea was to make the world’s best powerbrush that goes along the floor and provides most of the cleaning efficiency. He did that and I helped him with the design — my background is engineering.

We coupled it with this canister, which floats above your carpet and floor the same way as a hovercraft does in the ocean. It floats behind you like a little puppy, effortlessly. It does not scratch your floors and tile because it does not touch them. Coupled with this, an almost self-steering powerbrush makes vacuuming very easy,” he noted.

How does it work?

If you are interested to know how ZeroG works, check out this video of product testing from the Vacuum Wars Youtube channel.

Where to buy: Official website: ZeroG floating vac

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