What is the best gaming chair? A true gaming chair, like those from Secretlab, AKRacing, Corsair, and X-Rocker brands, should feature ergonomics, a multi-functional tilt mechanism, cold-cure foam, and high-end and highly reliable hydraulics, and a 180-degree recline.

There is a variety of additional options and designs. First, there are gaming chairs, like the X-Rocker floor chair, that come without bases and are J-shaped. Rocking back and forth while gaming provides better relaxation and adds to your comfort. The second type includes gaming chairs with a pedestal base. Some brands offer unique features, like an extendable footrest in Respawn chairs or a foldable design of the X Rocker SE.

Multimedia chairs take you to the next level of entertainment experience. These features allow you to immerse yourself in a game, music, or movie. For example, X Rocker chairs are equipped with 2 speakers located near the headrest. The subwoofer is positioned so that it pounds your back with music or movie sounds.

Last but not least, a decent gaming chair should support enough weight to serve you long. Basically, the average gaming chair has a weight capacity of 240 to 270 pounds. For heavier people, there are AKRacing models designed to withstand as many as 330 pounds of weight.

Six Best Gaming Chairs Compared in 2022


1. AKRacing Masters Series Premium Gaming Chair
A stylish gaming chair made by AKRacing, a company with a heritage in the racing industry and its own factory. Ergonomically shaped, it features a “Rock it & Lock it” function, premium-grade PU leather, cold-cured foam padding for maximum comfort, 180° recline. The chair support as much as 330 pounds of weight.


2. CORSAIR CF-9010011 WW T1 Gaming Chair
Corsair, a famous brand of cool gaming products, has also introduced its gaming chair, a cool and hardcore model with 10° tilt, 180° reclining, steel skeleton ergonomic construction, height-adjustable seating allowing you to raise or lower the seat height, 4D movement armrests.


3. X Rocker Pro Series H3 Vibrating Floor Gaming Chair
X Rocker products are made with high-quality audio systems, including 2.0 wired stereo systems and 4.1 dual audio surround sound setups. This leather longing gaming chair features 4 speakers, lumbar support, a spacious 21” wide seat, 275 lbs weight capacity, and ergonomic design.


4. X Rocker SE 2.1 Black Leather Video Gaming Chair
This is another leather lounging gaming chair from the XRocker brand. It features a pedestal base and a foldable design. Equipped with the wireless audio transmission, 2 speakers and a subwoofer, it is great not just for gaming but also watching movies and listening to music. It has a neck and lumbar support with tilt and swivel.


5. RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner
Respawn makes chairs matching every gamer’s needs. This brand offers awesome designs of racing chairs, recliners, and rockers. The distinguishing feature of this model is the extendable footrest. The chair has a 360° swivel base, segmented padding, and removable side pouch and headrest pillow. It reclines up to 135 degrees.


6. GTRACING Gaming Chair
While being a budget option, this chair is pretty comfortable and has useful features. With a 19.6-inch wide seat, it supports the weight of 300 pounds. It is made with a strong metal frame, a thick padded back, 360° swivel, adjustable armrest and seat. The chair reclines 170 degrees.


In the market for the best gaming chair? I’ve spent 200 hours researching the best computer gaming chairs so you don't have to! This complete guide walks you through all aspects to consider when picking the best one. I’ve rounded up TOP-15 best gaming chairs to make choosing one less of a hassle.

I’ve also gathered expert advice on the medical aspects of ergonomic chairs and wrapped them all up in this complete Buyer’s Guide. Read on to find out what features are most vital and what limitations will be a deal breaker.

Be ready it will be a very long-read guide, as I collected here a huge bunch of crucial information! For the last 8 years, I’ve spent on a quest to find the perfect chair or, at least close to perfect, a chair that can minimize the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle. Let's move!

What You Will Learn from This Guide:

If you’re my age or younger, then you probably share a lot of the same memories I do of growing up as a gamer. My earliest memories are of playing my NES while squatting on the floor too close to the living room TV – and that’s undoubtedly why I wear glasses as an adult. I remember my numb backside and legs from the horrible desk chair every kid had. I remember the stiff back and joints from sitting on my bed completing Final Fantasy IV way too late on a school night.

As an adult gamer, I’ve found that I like three types of seating, depending on the games I’m playing. Turns out, this sentiment is shared by most people my age and younger. For the last 14 years, I’ve spent most of my time in front of some sort of screen: laptops, monitors, TV, tablets, or portable consoles. People are not evolutionarily adapted to this way of life. And the payback inevitably comes in the form of muscle aches and general fatigue. For the last 8 years, I’ve spent on a quest to find the perfect chair or, at least close to perfect, a chair that can minimize the harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

On this quest, I had to remember my knowledge of anatomy, read a lot of material on ergonomics, and spent many hours on forums and manufacturers' websites. To figure out all this "chair stuff", I’ve spent more than 200 hours researching and collecting information that I’ve gathered in this guide. Now I am sharing it with you. The information here is collected from hundreds of sources + my own personal experience. Yes, as a result, the guide turned out to be huge :) Somewhat like a script to all 8 seasons of the Game of Thrones, literally. Except, perhaps, I’d better call it the Gamers’ Thrones. Anyway, just so you know I went through every word, every comma, so you’d better like it.

In addition to theory, there was practice; I tried many ordinary computer office chairs and more sophisticated and ergonomic with a mesh backrest, adjustable armrests, and a headrest.

Caption: The chairs Dr. Anatom tested and didn’t like.

I even tried large chairs, like executive chairs. To say the truth, they might be okay for giving orders from the chair, but working and gaming for 10 hours straight – not really.

Caption: I can say that my last chair is close to perfect. It is large, and comfortable, with a tilting mechanism and 70% recline, headrest and backrest adjustments.

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Others couldn’t offer anything but their subjective “coolness”. I am not sure why anyone would buy such a chair, except for probably as a useless and dust-gathering addition to home décor.

Manufacturers like the DXRacer mindlessly copy the design of racing chairs without taking into account the functional differences. In particular, there is no point in backrest support. Also, these models usually lack the important tilting mechanism and offer a little pillow instead of a normal adjustable lumbar support.

Therefore, when choosing a chair I looked for four things:

  • Ergonomically shaped backrest that corresponds to the spine
  • Tilting mechanism for additional motion
  • Adjustable headrest and lumbar support
  • Wide, soft, and comfortable seat

You’re probably going to ask why this is all necessary.

Well, the right position of the back doesn’t stretch the spinal muscles and ligaments and doesn’t relax the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Intervertebral cartilage does not take an asymmetric shape, chest organs are not squeezed. Unfortunately, the vast majority of computer gaming chairs do not meet these requirements.

If you’re scouring the internet for an end-all “this is perfect for everyone”, I hate to tell you that Half-Life 3 will come out before you find it.

When it comes to your gaming chair, oh boy. What kind of games do you play the most? If you’re into racing games more than anything else, there’s a whole subspecies of gaming chairs to look into. It also depends on what your console(s) of choice might be. Some features such as vibration don’t work with weird hardware (I’m looking at you, Nintendo). Do you care about surround sound? They don’t all have it. Do you have kids, and will they be using it? Kids are hard on furniture, even the well-behaved ones. Do you need to be some distance from the console? Many of these chairs don’t have USB ports on them, which not only means they don’t work fantastically with PCs, but it also means you need a long controller cord if you’re not going wireless. This has been a considerable thorn in my side with both of the gaming chairs I currently own!

Anyway, let’s get started. First, I want you to look at some theories.

A good computer gaming chair must be comfortable for long hours of continuous sitting. Try to sit on a chair before you commit to the purchase, if possible. If you don’t check the chair before buying, then find out as many facts about the chair as you can. This guide will help you find the clues and features to look for.

A good gaming chair can not only enhance your gaming experience but improve your overall well-being.

A decent chair should be large, easy to set up and customized, breathable and ergonomic, stylish and comfortable.

Other features to look for are backrests high enough to support your head, armrests, a swiveling base, and wheeled castors to spin freely. A gaming chair should be much more adjustable than a regular office chair, for example, armrests should slide, move up and down, and spin around.

Before I delve further into specific features you should consider when choosing your gaming throne, let’s discuss why gamers should care about ergonomics of their chairs.

The most obvious reason is that if you are comfortable in your chair, then you will most likely sit longer and be more productive. Chairs that do not provide effective lumbar support can increase spinal stress and discomfort.

Research suggests that every year 1.8 million U.S. workers experience various muscle and back disorders.

There were several studies conducted to find ways to decrease the number of injured workers. And one of those was a study published in BioMed Central, which concluded that ergonomic chairs improve musculoskeletal symptoms in people who sit for prolonged periods.

Thus, a seat plays a critical role in supporting the back and the spine and should be given extra attention when shopping for a chair.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have also confirmed that ergonomic furniture increased workers’ productivity. While the above studies mainly concerned office workers, the findings could be easily projected to gamers: both sit for prolonged periods in front of the computer. Proper seating and posture are essential to your well-being.

Without further ado, let’s cover the basic requirements of a good ergonomic gaming chair and things to look for when shopping for one. Because not all ergonomic chairs are created equal.

What to look for when buying? Requirements

  • Synchro-tilt mechanism

The synchro mechanism is perhaps the most advanced and important feature that makes a chair truly ergonomic. Synchro tilt regulates how a seat reclines. Why is this feature important?

When we recline in our chairs, we stimulate blood flow and relieve the pressure off the spine.

And all type of movement is beneficial to our health.

It must be equipped with a multi-functional tilt mechanism, which allows you to kick back or sit straight depending on whether you want to relax or, on the contrary, focus your attention on the screen. You may choose the most comfortable angle of the tilt and lock it.

There are different types of synchro mechanisms. However, the main qualitative distinction that differentiates those types is the ratio of the seat recline angle to the backrest recline angle. The higher the ratio, the better. The usual ratio falls between 1:2 and 1:2.8.

For example, in the Aeron chair from Herman Miller, the ratio is 1:2.6, and in Contessa from Okamura, it is 1: 2.8. That means that for every 2.6 (for Aeron) and 2.8 (for Contessa) degrees of backrest movement, the chair seat moves 1 degree.

The second important synchro mechanism, also known as the knee tilt system, concerns the pivot point passing through the seat and the back of the chair. As the pivot point gets closer to the front edge, the less the front edge of the seat rises upward when the backrest reclines. This avoids the rocking chair effect. Thus, the most advanced chairs have a pivot point passing right through the front edge of the chair. The chairs of the middle segment have this pivot point at the middle of the seat or in the back where it should be as low as possible.

Do not expect this kind of expensive patented mechanism in cheap chairs. The most advanced synchros will come with a price tag of $1k.

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  • How would this work in practice?

Some synchros allow you to fix/lock the chair at a different recline angle.

The standard position of the chair is when you sit straight back up like a schoolboy. The position might be ideal for working in front of the computer rather than lounging. But if you sit for many hours straight, the back muscles will become numb and tired, despite regular breaks.

With the full range of adjustments, you can unlock the tilt mechanism, push the chair back to any desired reclined position and lock the backrest. This way when you get up, the chair will not bend back like spring but will remain in the locked position, which saves you from constant tilting.

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  • Seat

Here I’ll cover how each material affects the ergonomics of a chair seat. First, let’s name a few basic materials that chair seats are made of:

  • Mesh
  • Leather/faux leather
  • Fabric
  • Vinyl
  • Polyurethane

For mesh, it’s purely a matter of personal taste. Mesh has obvious advantages of being better at air circulation and thus, keeping you cool. Mesh also looks modern and cool and is actively used in such brands as Aeron and Mirra from Herman Miller, Okamura Contessa, Okamura Cp, and others.

One of the other benefits of the mesh is that it creates a certain hummock effect: it contours to your body and spreads your body weight across a larger area, reducing the pressure off your buttocks, hips, and spine. Your butt creates only certain pressure points which stretch the mesh downward, creating the so-called hammock effect. A stiffer mesh will not produce this effect and might be a poor choice if you are in for a long play. Some people like this “hammock” effect, some people don’t.

Another problem with the mesh is the plastic frame, which can be very uncomfortable when you try to recline or perch forward in your seat.

  • Fabric and leather

The fabric produces better air circulation, doesn’t become sticky and hot, but is difficult to clean. Leather, on the other hand, doesn’t get dirty for long, is immune to stains, is easier to wash, and has an overall high-end look. On the downside, leather makes you sweat a lot. PU is completely non-breathable.

  • PU density

Besides the material, softness or firmness is the next aspect to consider. The most commonly used synthetic foam for chair upholstery is Polyurethane foam (PU).

The quality of PU is determined by its weight-to-volume ratio and is expressed in pounds per cubic feet or kilograms per cubic meter. The higher the foam density the better the quality of the foam is.

High-density foams of good quality should have at least 30 kg / m³ or 1.87 lbs/ ft³. If you carry a lot of weight, then the density is very important for your comfort and the overall durability of the product.

The furniture that is used for prolonged sitting (office, gaming, etc) should have at least 50-70 kg/ m³ or 3-4 lbs/ft³. The office and gaming seats should be more resilient for medical reasons (sitting on a soft chair for a long time is detrimental to health).

American, European, and Japanese ergonomic chairs all follow the density standards. The Chinese and Korean manufacturers, on the other spectrum, might put the cheap foam inside the chairs to drive the costs down.

  • Seat pan

Another important factor is seat depth. Particularly you should be concerned about this aspect if you are taller or shorter than the average Joe. A taller person will require more seat pan length and the shorter will require less.

The recommended seat depth for fixed seats is 16.5" and 14-18.5" for adjustable seats. If the seat depth is greater than the buttock-popliteal length, the user will not benefit from the back support.

The front edge of the seat is another aspect not to be disregarded. The front edge should be "chamfered down" to reduce the stress of the popliteal part of the thigh to prevent blood circulation problems.

Other basic recommendations: seat width should be around 20 - 22"in to accommodate a clothed person; seat angle of 5 – 10 is recommended.

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  • Backrest

Backrest height should be at least 13.94" in from compressed seat height, and in width - 14.17" in.

Then consider the backrest material. We’ve discussed various types of materials above in this article. 99% of ergonomic brands recommend a mesh back. Unlike the mesh seat, which takes your whole body weight, the backrest mesh is subject to less stress, evenly distributes the pressure, and takes the shape of your back, whatever it might be.

The best combination by far that I might recommend is the fabric seat + mesh backrest OR leather seat + mesh backrest.

Also, check if the backrest is adjustable vertically and in the frontward/backward direction.

Check if the backrest has adequate lumbar support, which we’ll discuss further on.

  • Lumbar support

A very important feature, which is often overlooked by manufacturers and buyers alike, can help in providing more comfort and less injury for the user.

There are different types of lumbar support performances: fixed support, single or dual-axis adjustable support, and asymmetric adjustable support.

As its name gives away, the fixed support cannot be adjusted. Single and dual-axis supports can be adjusted in one and two directions, accordingly: upward/downward and in-depth. The asymmetrical support can be fully customized by the user for her specific needs.

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  • How should you check if the lumbar support fits you?

One size doesn’t fit all, so you never know until you actually sit in the chair. And if you do have a chance to take a sit and try it for yourself, then sit up straight first and then sit all the way back against the backrest; the curve of the chair should follow your lower back curve. If it doesn’t, consider buying another chair, adjusting the existing chair, or using additional lumbar support cushions.

  • Armrest

Everyone has different sitting habits. Some people put their hands on the table; others put their elbows on the armrests. Some gaming chairs can be ordered without armrests at all, or with unregulated armrests.

Besides personal preferences, supporting arm weight can reduce the stress off the spine. It’s advised that armrests should be sufficiently padded and used every so often.

In case you decide to buy a chair with armrests, then consider buying a fully adjustable setup.

Adjustment options to consider:

  • Armrest height: US standards specify at least 4" of vertical armrest adjustment
  • Front-back adjustment: the armrests should be adjusted by either front-to-back movement or by a rotating arm cap. You don't want the armrests to bump into your desk, do you?
  • Width: this is obviously important if you have a nonstandard body size
  • Pivot: 360-degree rotation is preferable to fully customize the seat for your specific preferences, body size, or gaming routine.
  • Headrest

A headrest is a matter of personal choice as well. The most advanced headrests have a 3D adjustment system.

From an anatomic perspective, headrests are not that important unless you have a chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction or any other condition that requires for you to work in a reclined position.

If a chair of your choice doesn’t carry a headrest. Don’t worry you can always check third-party add-on products on eBay.

  • Chair base

A chair base provides chair stability and movement. The larger the diameter of a chair base, the better the stability.

Bases are made from the following materials:

  • Plastic, which will work for average, light to medium use. Apparently, if you have bigger weight, you’d better opt for steel chrome.
  • Aluminum: lightweight, but strong.
  • Steel chrome will always be more expensive than plastic or aluminum with a conventional coating. The most durable and the most stable. The chrome base will also add status to the chair, in case you care.

  • Casters

Casters are pivoting rollers or wheels attached to the chair base that allows it to move freely. There are 2 types of casters: hard floors (soft), for carpets (solid).

It’s a pity that many manufacturers offer casters for carpets, and for standard options sometimes you have to pay extra.

  • Design

Gaming chairs come basically in two varieties. Those that are designed for PC gaming, are the ones that will most likely resemble regular ergonomic office chairs. And the second is optimized for platform systems, like X-Box. The latter are designed like loungers with a dash of futurism.

If you are one of those people, who prefer style over comfort, then the design is something you should deeply care about. It comes as no surprise that if you want a cooler design with noticeable craftsmanship, then you will most certainly pay extra.

Even some ergonomic office chairs can look cool and luxurious, so it’s a matter of personal taste, really. Luckily, many manufacturers offer a variety of colors to match your room's aesthetic and there are plenty of fantastic products on the market.

Now, let’s wrap it up in the next section.


A good gaming chair will cost you approximately $300. However, there are still plenty of budget options available under $300, as well as some super cool luxurious chairs that will cost you around $1,000.

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The gaming chair's armrests are made of hard rubber. The simplest armchairs will have a height adjustment (2D), more advanced will turn left or right (3D), and the most advanced will shift back and forth (4D), some others will also be able to rotate 360 degrees.

If armrests are not something you would look for in a gaming chair, then Crew Furniture 512090 is a chair to go.

2D armrests are available in the Aerocool Chairs, however, some buyers noticed that the armrests were not stable enough and became shaky over time.

DXRacer chair armrests can also become loose over time. People say that the armrests can be easily swayed without any proper fixation or resistance. 4D armrests in DXRacer Iron work much better but might be quite noisy.

While the availability of the multiple adjustment options might seem like a great feature, it’s not entirely so: just because some models have 360 degrees rotating armrests they might not provide the effective and necessary support for the arms.

Your arms should be placed on the armrests in such a way that your shoulders are relaxed. If you can adjust the width of the armrests, position them so they are below your elbows with the arms naturally “hanging” at your sides.


Look for a one-piece filler for both backrest and seat, which won’t sink in over time. If you’re looking into faux leather options, then think if you can deal with the rubber smell and heating of the body parts that touch the chair. Thunder is one of those chairs that can make you sweat, like literally. Some seats which are made of cotton fabric can accumulate dust over time. Thus, look for chairs that come in one piece without rigid separations between its parts.

From the anatomic standpoint, you have to look if a chair can be adjusted in height so that your hips and knees are at about 90 degrees angle. If you cannot touch the floor with your feet, then use the footrest.

It’s best if the seat can also be adjusted in depth. Adjust it so that you have 2-3 fingers of space between the front edge of the seat and your knees.

Lumbar / cushions

There are different types of lumbar cushions, which primarily differ by the material they are made of gel, foam, and memory foam. Lumbar support cushions help you maintain a good posture while sitting. Look for the lumbar support that is not fixed, but rather can move up and down, forwards and backwards for better adjustment to your body.

Dx Racer lumbar cushions might be too tight and uncomfortable for the back; the head cushion seems too small. Even if the chair of your choice can’t provide the lumbar cushion, you can always order it separately.


Footrests are specifically designed to promote blood circulation in the legs, relieve back pain, reduce the stress on the lower back, and improve posture.

There are a variety of footrests available with some sophisticated massage options, and adjustments that accommodate numerous angles and heights.

If a chair of your choice doesn’t provide a footrest, you can always order it through a third party.


This mainly concerns the chair compatibility with PS4 and X-Box. There are armchairs that would connect to the game console via cable or Bluetooth. When you think of compatibility, think of X-Rocker models. To connect to a TV, you’ll need an X-Rocker Bt Transmitter

Weight Capacity

Look for chairs with a weight capacity of 200 to 400lbs.


Both lumbar disc pressure and back muscle activity are lowest with a supported recline angle of 110° - 130°. Look for chairs with a reclined angle within the range of 110° to 180°.

If we look at the gaming chairs available on the market, then AKRacing Core Series EX Gaming Chair can recline to 180°, AKRacing Master Series MAX Gaming Chair can also recline to 180°, Dx Racer reclines to 180°, Vertagear reclines to 140°.

Seat Height

A seat that’s too low can cause lower back pain, and if it’s too high – lift your feet off the ground and can cause pain on the inner side of the elbow.

To find the perfect seat height, stand in front of the chair; adjust the chair so that the front edge of the seat hits directly the spot under your knees. Simple as that!

Tilting mechanism

Look for a mechanism that is easy to use. Some chairs can have a very tight tilting mechanism and you will have to make an effort to actually tilt your chair.

Base and casters

The plastic base will certainly wear off over time and can even break. Dx Racer casters don’t have any protection; you can accidentally injure your toes. The casters can be made of rubber/polyurethane and plastic. The former are more reliable, they also move better, and do not damage the parquet or carpets. Casters come in 2 to 3" in diameter.

Space Needs

Another thing to consider is the space needs of the end user, whoever s/he might be: a kid, a tall, short, or overweight individual.

Thus, if you choose a gaming chair for a child, look if s/he can touch the floor with her/his feet.

If you are tall, then look how far the seat height can be adjusted and if there’s enough of height and space to support the head. Look at the lumbar support height and if you can adjust it.

If you carry a couple of extra pounds, then look if you can make a seat wider or if armrests can be adjusted to incorporate the extra space. Also look for the firmness of a tilting mechanism: the firmer the mechanism, the more weight it can carry.

Now let’s look at some of the TOP 14 best gaming chairs available on the market and their differentiating features.

TOP 15 Best Gaming Chairs Compared

TOP RACER CHAIRS | Best Trusted Manufacturers

1. AKRacing Core Series EX-Wide Gaming Chair | Best Gaming Chair with Headrest

This racer gaming chair with headrest and lumbar support seems to have been designed with a similar mindset to the Vertagear offering, though it stands out in one major way – the headrest and lumbar pillow aren’t afterthoughts.

This chair requires a similar amount of assembly, but is equally easy to accomplish.


  • Swivel: Yes; 360 degrees. 
  • Wheels: Yes. 
  • Reclines: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Height: Yes.
  • Adjustable Back: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Arms: Yes; Four-directional adjustment. 
  • Head Rest: Yes.
  • Ergonomics: Enhanced


This chair veers just that little bit more away from a “realistic race car seat”. However, it does strongly resemble the seat in several high-performance luxury cars almost spot-on. It brings a similar level of comfort, with very high-quality lumbar support and headrest cushions.

This chair is a bit back-heavy, meaning you want to be careful about leaning into the recline too awful far. A friend of mine has a chair with almost this identical form factor, and I’ve seen him go tumbling backwards more than once in the thing. It’s quite amusing when it’s not happening to you.

  • Very adjustable.
  • Lots of comfortable padding. 
  • Good head and lumbar cushioning for once.
  • Doesn’t really resemble a race car seat all that much.
  • A bit back-heavy. You’d have to be careless to tip over, but it can happen. 
  • Material isn’t quite as nice as the Vertagear faux leather. Polyester doesn’t breathe all that well, and absorbs sweat and other emissions.


How do I clean this chair?
It’s polyester, so standard upholstery cleaners are best.

Can I change out the cushions?
Yes, but you probably won’t want to.


If you’re not a fan of vinyl or polyester, and want a racing chair that prioritizes additional support/comfort over realism, you might enjoy this chair. Just, please, be careful when you lean too far back in one of these, and be mindful of what’s behind you. You’ll thank me for that advice eventually. Oh well, just consider it an extra hazard on the track if your game lacks a blue shell or banana peel item!

AKRacing: Check the current price

2. Vertagear S-Line 5000 Gaming Chair | Best Computer Chair for Long Hours

This chair by Vertagear is a compromise between comfort and realism, really resembling the seat of a luxury high-performance vehicle than an actual race car. The faux leather and additional cushioning provide a bit more basic comfort.

This chair requires assembly, but takes minimal effort and time to accomplish.


  • Swivel: Yes; 360 degrees. 
  • Wheels: Yes. 
  • Reclines: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Height: Yes.
  • Adjustable Back: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Arms: Yes; Four-directional adjustment.
  • Head Rest: Yes.


Those in need of additional comfort tend to find designs like this and the similar one in the nest entry to suit longer periods of use. Providing a bit more cushioning and ergonomic support all around, it sacrifices some realism for consideration of the human spine.

Unfortunately, it continues the trend of the headrest and lumbar support being foam cushions of average-at-best quality.

  • Many points of adjustment.
  • Additional comfort considerations. 
  • Many color choices.
  • Less of a realistic experience.
  •  Somewhat garish look. 
  • Less than fantastic lumbar and head pillows.


How do I clean this chair?
Faux leather and vinyl are best cleaned with warm water. Soap or rubbing alcohol may be used to clean off sticky spills. Avoid astringent or abrasive cleaners at all costs.


If you need a bit more cushioning, and don’t care quite as much about a truly “realistic” experience, this chair may be a decent compromise. I have a chair similar to this one that I use while playing Mario Kart and Sega and Sonic All Stars, and can say it’s still an immersive racing experience. Consider using a feather throw pillow in lieu of the less than amazing lumbar pillow. Trust me, it makes a world of difference.

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Vertagear: Check the current price

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3. DXRacer Drifting Series Office Gaming Chair

Of the racing chairs, this one would probably be considered the “luxury” offering. With a polyurethane leather cover, thick foam cushion and the widest reclining angle, this chair is unsurprisingly the most expensive racing chair.

It requires surprisingly little assembly.


  • Swivel: Yes; 360 degrees. 
  • Wheels: Yes. 
  • Reclines: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Height: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Back: No. 
  • Adjustable Arms: Yes; Four-directional adjustment. 
  • Head Rest: No; No headrest or lumbar cushion.


This chair intends to resemble a luxury car seat, and it mostly accomplishes it in appearance, form factor and material composition. It’s considered very comfortable by most who have sat in it, though those seeking immersion with a traditional racing game may find it less than realistic.

Despite being the “luxury” offering, it lacks any kind of lumbar or head pillows.

  • Pleather cover feels like the upholstery of a luxury car.
  • Very adjustable. 
  • Attractive. Could be something of a social statement to your racer friends!
  • This chair is the least like an actual race car seat.
  • No additional support cushions are available. 
  • This is an expensive chair, and pleather is somewhat vulnerable to scratches or punctures – be gentle with this chair.


How do I clean this chair?
Warm water is best, window cleaner will remove difficult spills. Don’t apply car upholstery cleaners or seals to this. You may be tempted to put armorall or the like on this chair, but exercise self-control.

Can I add a head pillow?
Yes, but it can be a pain to do.

Can this chair handle heavier people?
It claims to be suited for average or slim users, but I’ve seen a chair very similar to this used by a rather large person with no real problems.


If you want to feel like you’re racing in a real luxury car, or you want to make a statement around your fellow racers, this might be a choice for you. This is a nice chair, but as a result of being a nice – and costly – chair, I don’t really think this is ideal for average gamers. It’s a luxury chair, and that includes all the ramifications you might expect from a luxury item.

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DXRacer: Check the current price

4. BraZen Phantom Elite PC Gaming in the  UK

What is so good about this model? It was developed and produced by the largest UK-owned brand, BraZen, and was “designed by gamers for use by gamers”. The manufacturer is a long-established company that offers a wide range of gaming chairs developed not only for mobile, console or PC users but also for eSports professionals. It should be noted that although BraZen is a UK-based company, it can send out products to the USA where applicable.

What I like about this model is that it successfully combines comfort and style. This gaming chair has a unique design, 5 reliable castors, as well as comfortable padded fixed armrests, and head and seat rest. So no matter how long your gaming sessions last, you will not experience any physical discomfort. Another advantage I would like to highlight is that the chair is very mobile due to its 360-degree swivel capability and rocker tilt function. On top of that, It can be easily adjusted depending on what height is preferable for you.

Are you a fan of bright colors? Then this chair is your best option as it is available in 8 color combinations, including blue, pink, green, and yellow. All the colors are saturated and make the chair look really cool. The product comes with the manufacturer’s warranty, which means that the company is confident in the quality of its products.

Check the current price of the Best UK Gaming Chair


5. X Rocker Pro Series Video Gaming Chair | Best Gaming Chair with Speakers

This is chair is basically the quintessential immersive rocker gaming chair. Its neutral black design blends well enough with most environments. Its broad compatibility makes it desirable for the widest range of gamers.

This chair comes mostly assembled but does not include the additional voltage adapter needed for wireless sound.


  • Surround Sound: Yes; 4.1 Surround – 2 speakers on the headrest, two on the side.
  • Subwoofer: Yes; Subwoofer mounted in the seat.
  • Wireless Audio: Yes.
  • Wired Audio: Yes; RCA multi-channel input, HDMI, and 3.5mm standard audio.
  • Bluetooth: No.
  • Adjustable Arms: No. 
  • Vibration: Yes. 
  • USB Ports: No.
  • Console Compatibility: Xbox, Playstation
  • Additional Features: Foldable design allows it to be easily stowed away when not in use.


This chair’s vinyl covering is comfortable, feeling a lot like luxury leather. You’re not likely to get skin irritation from long periods of use. The absence of USB ports is an ongoing problem that makes it less than helpful for PC gaming, and the vibration is very hit or miss with handhelds and Nintendo machines.

  • Surround sound and chest-shaking subwoofer put you in the game.
  • Rocking motion is comforting, especially during stressful parts of a game. 
  • Vibration makes you really feel the impact of your favorite games!
  • No USB ports mean you need long controller cords, or even worse, wireless devices.
  • Vibration may not work with some devices.
  • Some may find this type of chair hard to get out of.


How do I clean this chair?
Warm water, optionally with soap, is the best way to clean vinyl. Vinegar-free glass cleaners also work decently. Avoid acidic, oily or abrasive cleaners!

Can I install a base?
Not easily, no.

Will the subwoofer work with headphones plugged in?
No, headphone jacks override the built-in sound system.

Will the vibration work over Bluetooth?
No, no Bluetooth features are available.

Will the vibration work with older consoles?
Vibration must be handled over RF, which isn’t possible with older devices.


I’d be pretty comfortable recommending this chair for most console gamers who like to really get lost on their games, and mainly play Xbox and Playstation games of the past couple generations. The vibration functionality is questionable with older consoles and Nintendo devices, unfortunately.

I don’t recommend this chair if you’re mostly into racing games, as there are far better racing-focused chairs you’ll get more out of.

X Rocker: Check the current price

6. Ace Bayou X Rocker II Floor Video Gaming Chair | Best Badget Gaming Chair with Speakers

This gaming chair with sound is basically like the previous chair’s little brother, though the price is about the same. Lacking a couple of the accoutrements of the Pro series, this chair seems designed mainly for younger users with durability in mind. This is the best alternative gaming chair with speakers.

It requires minimal assembly.


  • Surround Sound: No; Stereo sound (two speakers in the head rest). 
  • Subwoofer: Yes; Subwoofer mounted in the seat. 
  • Wireless Audio: Yes. 
  • Wired Audio: Yes; RCA multi-channel input, HDMI and 3.5mm standard audio. 
  • Bluetooth: No. 
  • Adjustable Arms: Yes. 
  • Vibration: No. 
  • USB Ports: No. 
  • Console Compatibility: Universal


Similar to the Pro series, the black vinyl lets this chair blend in to most environments nicely enough. It lacks the foldable design, meaning it’ll always be taking up space, though. This chair is very heavy, leading many to accuse it of containing bricks. In truth, this is the result of it being designed to be rugged and withstand the abuse of younger users.

  • Durable, ideal for younger users.
  • All features work with pretty much all devices. 
  • Subwoofer almost makes up for the absence of vibration – it packs a punch. 
  • Foldable arms do a lot for comfort.
  • Still no USB ports.
  • No surround sound or vibration.


How do I clean this chair?
Like other vinyl chairs, warm water and soap are best. Non-vinegar window cleaners work too. Avoid other compounds.

Will the subwoofer work with headphones plugged in?
No, and this is the case with pretty much all sound systems.

Does it really contain bricks?
Of course not, unless finally unlocking that last achievement caused one to come out of you! It’s heavy because it’s built to be rugged.


I’d say this is a solid chair for younger users, but I think it has a second decent market. This chair is good for users who already have a decent surround sound system, which makes up for its stereo only sound. While the vibration is absent, that means retro gamers aren’t missing out on a feature that’s finicky at best.

Ace Bayou: Check the current price

TOP RACER BUDGET CHAIRS | Be cautious when buying too cheap products

7. Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This generic Chinese racing chair resembles the Vertagear chair we covered earlier in form factor, but is not remotely the same kind of chair.

Designed to be a budget solution, it requires heavy assembly and is made of less durable materials.


  • Swivel: Yes; 360 degrees. 
  • Wheels: Yes. 
  • Reclines: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Height: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Back: No. 
  • Adjustable Arms: No. 
  • Head Rest: Yes; Headrest and lumbar cushion.


There’s no point in beating around the bush with this chair. Is it uncomfortable? Not terribly, no. But, the vinyl cover feels cheap, the lumbar cushion and headrest are overstuffed and less than soft.

For gamers on a budget, this isn’t the worst solution out there, but it’s very much a case of getting what you pay for. Like many generic Chinese “pretender” products, it’s not the most durable thing out there, either.

  • Very affordable.
  • Not actually uncomfortable.
  • Looks garish.
  • Materials feel cheap. 
  • Head pillow and lumbar cushion are pretty awful.


How do I clean this chair?
It’s cheap vinyl, try only to use warm water.

Can I swap out the pillow and lumbar cushion?
Yes, and it’s a good idea to.

How’s the longevity of this chair?
If you’re gentle with it, and don’t make a lot of long-distance moves with it, you’ll probably get a few years out of it. But, don’t count on this chair lasting more than a couple of years, at least in decent condition.


If you’re on a serious budget, and really want a racing chair, you could probably do worse than this one. But, I’m not comfortable recommending this chair to anyone who can afford to save up a couple hundred dollars for a decent chair.

Last update on 2022-12-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Devoko: Check the current price

8. GTR Simulator - GTA Model with Real Racing Seat

This chair is definitely … something. This isn’t an office-styled chair modeled for racing games like most, but rather, an arcade-style rig with mountings for gear shift, pedals and a wheel.

If you don’t install all the peripherals, this could actually be considered a gaming chair with cup holder functionality.

It requires a lot of assembly, and of course, doesn’t include any of the peripherals.


  • Swivel: No. 
  • Wheels: No. 
  • Reclines: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Height: No. 
  • Adjustable Back: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Arms: No. 
  • Head Rest: No.


Well, this one is a bit of a quandary. As Chinese generics go, this one is very pricy, which means there may be some semblance of additional quality and longevity from this unit. Nonetheless, given the history of metal furniture coming from that source, this sure isn’t a guarantee.

Conceptually, this design is pretty brilliant, though it winds up being huge and definitely not comfortable for any other kind of gaming aside from perhaps flight simulators.

  • Probably the most realistic experience in theory.
  • Mounting for full set of racing or flight simulator peripherals.
  • This thing is huge.
  • It’s expensive, but still a generic Chinese product – you may be gambling with a large sum of money. 
  • Assembly is absurd. 
  • Not actually going to be that comfortable for long play sessions.


Does it include peripherals?
Of course not – most game consoles barely even include peripherals out of the box these days.

How do I clean it?
Probably stick with just warm water and maybe rubbing alcohol. Chinese products are fragile.

Does this come apart and store easily?
The short answer to this is “no”.


If this were made and sold by reputable sources, had a bit more production quality behind it, and was easier to put away, I’d say this was ideal for those looking for the most arcade-like racing experience possible.

As it stands, I’d say anyone sufficiently handy might find it more satisfying to buy a cheap racing chair, and mount the seat on a rig like this you build yourself. You know it’ll stay together that way.

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GTR Simulator: Check the current price

BEST Trusted PC Chairs

9. High-Back Executive Swivel Office Computer Desk Chair

This is the quintessential vinyl-covered office chair in every way. Its modern, professional appearance blends into most environments nicely enough, and it requires only the most basic assembly to get it together.


  • Swivel: Yes. 
  • Wheels: Yes. 
  • Reclines: Yes; Limited. 
  • Adjustable Height: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Back: No. 
  • Adjustable Arms: No. 
  • Head Rest: No.


When you think “executive office chair”, you almost definitely picture a chair like this one. It’s comfortable, with a vinyl cover that feels a lot like leather, and the thick padding provides decent support. You probably won’t find yourself shifting often to stay comfortable in this chair, so long gaming sessions won’t leave you numb or sore.
The curved armrests – something a lot of executive chairs seem to have – aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world, and it lacks much in the way of lumbar support.

  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Attractive, professional design. 
  • Affordable.
  • Awkward arm rests aren’t adjustable.
  • Very basic, and like many basic executive chairs, you’ll find yourself wishing you had a way to prop your feet up.


Can I add a headrest?
Not easily.

How do I clean this chair?
Warm water and soap work best.

Can I lock the wheels?
Not really. This is a problem with a lot of chairs – the wheels don’t lock on them, meaning the moment you sit in them with any inertia, you’ll be rolling around at the speed of sound.


If you spend a lot of time at your computer, you probably won’t mind this chair. I wouldn’t go so far as to say this was designed with gamers in mind. But, as someone who plays a whole lot of PC games, and does most other entertainment things through a PC, I can say I mostly enjoy chairs like this. Those armrests though.

Last update on 2022-12-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

AmazonBasics: Check the current price

10. Office High Back ProGrid Back FreeFlex Seat | Best Chair with Adjustable Arms

This gaming chair with adjustable arms is an example of one of the more modern, highly adjustable styles of PC/office chair. These have a minimalist backing, and a lot of points of adjustment/articulation. This concept was really created with multiple users (each with their own idea of comfort) in mind.

This chair requires a lot of complex assemblies.


  • Swivel: Yes. 
  • Wheels: Yes. 
  • Reclines: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Height: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Back: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Arms: Yes. 
  • Head Rest: No.


This chair is very adjustable, making it somewhat ideal for a second player, or for a computer that has multiple users. The minimalist back provides almost no support, though the mesh breathes well.

On the plus side, the minimalist backing leaves plenty of room to add a cushion of your own choosing for lumbar support etc.

The seat is comfortable, but can cause some discomfort in the legs after a whole.

  • Almost every aspect can be adjusted.
  • Room for custom cushions/support. 
  • Durable.
  • Seat may cause leg discomfort.
  • No back support. 
  • Very complex to assemble.


How do I clean this chair?
Any fabric cleaner should work.

Can I add a headrest?
Possibly, but be aware that once the mesh rips, it will come apart quickly.

Is it easy to re-adjust this chair on the fly?
Yes, though most of the moving parts are a bit stiff when it’s new.


If a lot of people use the computer, or you need a seat for various friends you may saddle with being Luigi, a chair like this might be a rational choice. Most people can adjust this to their definition of comfort, though not unlike executive office chairs, the seat design will leave you wishing you could prop your feet up in short order.

Office Star: Check the current price

11. Noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair

Ever wonder what an office chair designed by gamers, for gamers would look like? Well, look no further than this ICON gaming chair. Built with the same sorts of materials that go into a high-end executive chair, it accommodates the increased desire of gamers to recline and is more considerate of leg comfort.
It requires a fair bit of assembly, but none of it is terribly difficult.


  • Swivel: Yes. 
  • Wheels: Yes. 
  • Reclines: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Height: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Back: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Arms: Yes. 
  • Head Rest: No.


This is really an executive office chair in disguise, the key difference being the more significant backing and reclining ability. While you still may find yourself wishing for a way to prop your legs up after a while, that sort of discomfort takes a while to set in with this type of chair.

The big advantage of this gaming chair is that while it adds some comfort desired by gamers (lean back and relax), it’s still ideal as a chair to use while getting serious work done. Yes, gamers do that. Don’t they?

  • Works great as an office chair, while providing some gamer-centric comfort.
  • Attractive, rich-feeling material. 
  • Durable.
  • Still has the issue all “office” chairs eventually do – your legs will get tired of hanging over the edge of the seat eventually.
  • A little top-heavy. Like some of the racing chairs, you could wind up plummeting backwards if you recline too zealously.


How do I clean this chair?
Warm water only, if possible.

Can I add a headrest?
Not really.

Is this safe with a heating pad or inlay massager?
It may be hard to affix them to the chair, but they shouldn’t damage it.


For the heavy PC user that doesn’t find a regular executive chair to be quite comfortable enough, this might be a decent alternative. My office chair is similar to this, with extended reclining and a higher back, and I find it equally comfortable for work and play. My one complaint, and one shared by others, is that all chairs like this insist on having wheels.

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Noblechairs: Check the current price

12. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

This takes that modern multi-user concept and runs with it. This expensive ergonomic chair is adjustable in every imaginable way. Forsaking any kind of padding for that mesh material both on the seat and the back, it’s a unique design to say the least.
It requires a lot of assemblies, and it is a tremendous effort to get this thing together.


  • Swivel: Yes. 
  • Wheels: Yes. 
  • Reclines: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Height: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Back: Yes. 
  • Adjustable Arms: Yes. 
  • Head Rest: No. 
  • Additional Feature: Adjustable seat height and angle.


Well, this chair does permit the most ergonomic possible experience for any given average user, thanks to how adjustable every component of it is.

However, that mesh material makes for a rather lackluster seat and back. Sure, you can add your own cushions for both, but at that’s going to get annoying when they constantly squish or shift.

This chair is, by many sentiments, rather ugly, too. It looks more like a dentist’s chair than something you’d want to sit in while playing Minecraft.

  • Very adjustable.
  • Nothing to really stain. 
  • Durable. 
  • Promotes good posture and leg circulation if set up properly.
  • This chair is hideous.
  • It’s very expensive. 
  • It’s a tremendous pain to assemble.
  • The mesh seat is not fantastic.


How do I clean this chair?
Fabric cleaner would work alright.

Can I add cushions?
You’ll almost have to, but be careful how you affix them.


I’m absolutely not comfortable recommending this chair to gamers, save maybe those with a serious spinal condition needing the increased ergonomics. This chair is needlessly complex and expensive, it’s ugly, and the absence of any cushioning simply baffles me.

If you’re all about ergonomics and adjustability, you might like this chair. Otherwise, honestly, give this thing a pass.

Last update on 2022-12-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Herman Miller: Check the current price


This is a quintessential basic bean bag chair. Average in size and appearance, it requires no assembly and is a very no-frills item.
It has a standard filling and a Lenox fabric exterior.


  • Handles: Yes.


The experience you’ll have with this bean bag chair can best be described as “uneventful”. It’s a very average, comfortable enough bean bag chair. Despite being sold by a Chinese retailer, it’s actually manufactured in the United States, meaning American consumers will be importing something made in the U.S. I can’t decide if this is funny or deplorable, honestly.

The handles are a nice touch.

  • Tried but true, traditional bean bag chair.
  • Handles make it easy to situate yourself, and to get out of the thing.
  • It’s a tad small compared to nicer alternatives.
  • You’re paying international shipping for something made in America, which is patently absurd. 
  • Prone to stains and absorbing other organic emissions. 
  • Is a magnet for pet hair. Good luck keeping your cat or dog off this thing by the way.


How do I clean this?
Regular fabric cleaners you use on the upholstery will work fine. You may also want to use some odor removers – these things absorb smells.

My cat isn’t declawed. Will it destroy this?

I have kids, if they manage to rip this open, will they choke on the beans?
Probably not. But, my question in return – is your kid Hercules?

Is this washing machine safe?
Hello, a stranger from the parallel world where washing machines are the size of cargo vans! No, it’s not!


I have a bean bag chair similar to this, albeit a bit bigger. I try to spend at least an hour a day stretching out in it because they’re actually good for aligning the spine, and it’s comfortable for meditation, reading, and mobile gaming. I’m not the biggest mobile gamer, but when I do, it’s one of two seats I’ll be on. (The other’s made of porcelain!)

Last update on 2022-12-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Big Joe: Check the current price

Best Gaming Chair with Footrest / Leg Rest

“Bean bag chair” is a bit of a misnomer for this one. It’s actually a giant-shaped memory foam pillow large enough for a person to curl up on. Being basically a giant body cushion, this is the only gaming chair with footrest/leg rest functionality built in by nature.

It requires no assembly and is built for durability.


I don’t know if there’s such a thing as a luxury bean bag chair. If there was, I think it’d be something like this. It doesn’t really provide the same style of comfort as a real bean bag chair, but that doesn’t mean it’s not comfortable.
I actually sat on one of these in a coffee shop recently, and had I not been downing some high-octane java, might have fallen asleep on it.

  • Memory foam conforms to your body in ways beans can’t.
  • Looks less “childish” than a bean bag chair. 
  • Big! 
  • Lots of color choices.
  • The size means this thing takes up a lot of space, and may be a pain to move.
  • Surprisingly heavy. 
  • Feels more like a giant pillow than a bean bag chair.


How do I clean this?
Spot removers work well. No, that won’t keep your dog named Spot off the chair.

Will this hold up to pets?
Better than a bean bag chair. But, let me let you in on a secret; When cats are born, they make a vow to destroy any and all upholstered furniture and curtains.

Is it washing machine safe?
Seriously, where are all these giant washing machines people have? No, it wouldn’t be.

Is it flame retardant?
I wouldn’t try my luck.


I have a hard time calling this a bean bag chair, despite its intentions of filling that same niche. Nonetheless, if you want a comfortable place to curl up while playing your games, you know, tapping your inner cat, you’ll probably enjoy this one. I hope you have plenty of space for it.

Last update on 2022-12-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Comparative Chart of Gaming Chairs

1 Secretlab
Swivel: Yes, 360 degrees; Wheels: Yes; Reclines: Yes; Adjustable Height: Yes; Adjustable Back: No; Adjustable Arms: Yes; Head Rest: Yes, Removable velour head pillow.
5 BraZen
BraZen 18052 Phantom Elite PC Gaming Chair-White


What is the best gaming chair?
There are certain types of chairs catered for the specifics of the time you spent in front of your computer, and what you are doing: rocker, PC, stool, racing chairs, and bean bags. Remember, when you’re choosing a gaming chair, keep in mind you’ll be spending long stretches in it, so pick something you can remain consistently comfortable in – don’t just go in for the bells and whistles. Read a detailed insight into trusted gaming chairs in our Buyer's Guide — 15 Best Gaming Chair Reviews.

Can all chairs handle heavy people?
Unfortunately, the maximum weight capacity of most gaming chairs is just 275 lbs. If you are looking for a Big and Tall gaming chair, choose from the trusted manufacturers that make computer chairs for heavy persons designed specifically for the weight of 400 lb.

What to look for when buying a gaming chair?
In this case, any detail is important: a synchro tilt mechanism (the usual ratio falls between 1:2 and 1:2.8), ergonomics of a chair seat, PU density, seat depth, a backrest, lumbar support, armrests, a chair base, casters, compatibility with PS4 and XBox. For example, backrest height should be at least 13.94 in from compressed seat height, and 14.17 inches in width. Read more...

Can I buy a good gaming chair for under $150?
It is a hard task, as most TOP TRUSTED RACING CHAIRS start from $250. But you'll find some cheap yet good quality ones in our review Budget Gaming Chairs Under $150

Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

Read our Gaming and Office Chair Comparison: Gaming Chair Vs. Office Chair

Read a battle of popular gaming chair brands: DXRacer vs Secretlab vs AKRacing vs Vertagear

You can also read: Best gaming chairs under $200

Secretlab OMEGA Review

This racer gaming chair is one of the best in terms of adjustability. Equipped with 4D armrests, it is easily customizable and gives maximum comfort to the elbows and wrists. With a durable metal mechanism inside, the armrests boast ultra-comfortable PU padding. Besides, you will always stay cool thanks to the chair’s head pillows coated with cooling gel. On top of that, the chair can recline almost fully and comes with a multi-tilt mechanism enabling you to sit at any angle you want.


  • Swivel: Yes; 360 degrees.
  • Wheels: Yes. 
  • Reclines: Yes.
  • Adjustable Height: Yes.
  • Adjustable Back: No.
  • Adjustable Arms: Yes.
  • Head Rest: Yes; Removable velour head pillow.


Due to its superb adjustability, this chair is great for gaming, work, watching movies online and listening to music. In addition to its good performance, the chair boasts an eye-catching design as it resembles a race car seat. Those looking for a truly “authentic” experience may find this desirable. However, the head pillow is velour, which is something of a divisive fabric. It is available in five different colors and supports a weight of up to 240 pounds.

  • 4D adjustable armrests.
  • Multi-tilt mechanism.
    Almost full recline
  • Head pillows coated with cooling gel
  • Many color choices.
  • Not the best choice for overweight people
  • Head pillow is velour. This, of course, isn’t a con if you’re one of those who like velour.


How do I clean this chair?
Warm water, and rubbing alcohol for troublesome spills.

Can I change out the pillow or lumbar cushion?
Yes, within reason.


This chair combines an elegant design with enhanced functionality. This product is an excellent choice for those who spend loads of time in front of the computer as it easily adapts to your body and sitting behavior. Moreover, you can use it for different purposes: comfortable typing on the keyboard, playing games, sitting in a relaxed position or even napping in your chair when it is fully reclined.


We really do have a lot of options for gaming comfort these days, don’t we? I don’t know how many of my peers value a bean bag chair to curl up on as much as I do, but I know for a fact that everyone needs a PC chair. If you didn’t want an immersive arcade-style chair before, I bet you do now.

Personally, if budget weren’t a concern, I’d want that Pro series rocker chair. I have something similar albeit older, that doesn’t offer surround sound. I’d love to experience that level of immersion. As for PC chairs? I like that basic executive chair, that form factor is surprisingly comfortable, and you can pretend to be way more professional than you really are.

Despite being a big fan of racing games, I’ve never cared for racer chairs myself.

Also remember, furniture takes up space, so choose something you don’t mind people seeing when they visit.

The products we looked at above all have their appeal for one type of gamer or another, though my personal question is this – what’s the vendetta chair manufacturers have against legrests these days?

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