What is the best ride-on for kids ages 6+? First, look at the battery size, which determines how fast the vehicle will be. A 12V battery is a perfect choice for ride-ons. This option is a middle ground as 6V-battery vehicles can be too slow for a six-year kid whereas a 24V battery comes with more powerful and speedy ride-ons, which may be dangerous to a small child. There are models that can accelerate up to 9 miles per hour, but we recommend you to start with a vehicle gaining a speed of maximum of 6 mph for extra safety. Secondly, look for a ride-on toy with the design mimicking that of a real car. This will give your kid a feeling of real experience. We believe that the Rollplay 12V Nighthawk Electric Ride-On Toy meets these criteria best.

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Types of Ride-Ons and Riders for Kids Ages 6+

Ride-ons encompass a fairly large range of possible devices. The simplest are carts, hoverboards and scooters, ranging from the simple kick-scooters that have been around for decades to pedaled go-karts and shoes with wheels & electric heel wheels Razor Turbo Jetts.

There are also a variety of electric ride-on vehicles, which include powered karts and scooters, themed toys. If it isn't a skateboard or bicycle, virtually anything on which a child can ride will be found in this category. The wide range of items ensures that children will have their pick of any number of great devices to use when they're looking for their own ride-on.

What's the Hype About Ride-Ons?

Honestly, most of the hype that surrounds ride-ons is very similar to the hype that surrounds any other device that's meant for children. These toys are popular because kids have a lot of fun using them, especially when they are given the freedom to play with them as they wish.

Remember, ride-ons give children freedom of movement that's quite hard to get at a younger age, especially when they're not particularly steady on bicycles. A child who has a ride-on is a child who is able to experience speed and freedom in a way that others simply cannot match.

Ride-On Toys Reviews

Below, you will find a review of the best ride-ons and rides for kids ages 6+ for $150-$250. These ride-ons typically travel at a speed of 6 to 9 miles per hour and are great for young kids who love racing. You may choose from the list a more advanced vehicle allowing riders to do a number of unique tricks. Also, there is an option that has a lot in common with a go-kart but allows kids more freedom of movement.

1. Rollplay 12V Nighthawk Electric Ride-On Toy for Ages 6 & Up

The Nighthawk Electric Ride-on Toy is a really good example of how ride-on toys can differentiate themselves from other types of childhood vehicles. This sleek little vehicle is controlled by leaning and can propel children to a relatively quick speed, all while still being safe enough for even the timidest of children. A truly unique vehicle that is like nothing else, it's a fun choice for those kids who love to race around the neighborhood.

The downsides to this machine mostly have to do with how it functions. The low profile means that it's going to have to be used on blacktop or concrete, as it simply cannot function on anything as rough as gravel. The battery life also isn't quite as long as one might want it to be - it does have a tendency to die off just when kids are starting to have fun.

This is a really good fit for pre-teens who want to go fast and don't mind take a low-speed tumble. It's not quite as versatile as a bike or as fast as a scooter, but it's still a good fit for kids who love to race.

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2. Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle

This product from Razor can best be thought of as a juiced-up tricycle. It takes all of the stability that comes from a three-wheel design and marries it with an engine that is powerful enough to accelerate up to nine miles per hour, giving kids a fair bit of freedom as they move around. It is a good mid-point between the more child-focused ride-ons that are meant for younger kids and the vehicles that are used by teens.

The biggest downside here is the age range for which the tricycle is meant. The relatively high speeds and the control scheme really mean that it is meant for those over eight years old, an age at which many kids are moving away from this type of ride-on. The resemblance to a tricycle definitely makes it a little less cool, which in turn makes it less desirable for its target demographics.

This machine is best used by younger riders who aren't quite confident going fast on a bike but who would love to race around with friends. It has about a half-hour of continuous battery life, so it is also best used by those who aren't looking to ride around on their own for hours at a time.

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3. Razor Drift Rider

The Razor Drift Rider is, as its name suggests, all about drifting around curves. The design is reminiscent of a tricycle, but the back wheels are on casters. This allows for a very unique riding experience, one that is definitely more exciting than one would find on an average tricycle. Able to hit nine miles per hour over the course of about forty minutes, it's a great ride-on for those who love to race.

The downside here is very similar to the downside of Razor's other ride-on trike - the style is just a little young for the target audience. This one looks a lot more 'grown-up', but tweens won't be able to get the same kind of freedom that comes from a skateboard, scooter, or even bicycle with this device.

The ideal user of this ride-on is a younger rider who loves to race but who isn't looking to go too far from home. It definitely is not an off-road vehicle, but it does need a bit of space to get up to speed. As such, it's also ideal for suburban environments.

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4. Razor DXT Drift Trike

While tricycles are generally considered a toy for younger riders, this one is actually meant for teens. It combines the usual stability that comes with a tricycle with the size and speed of a bike, allowing riders to do a number of unique tricks. Though it might not seem like something the average teen would want to ride, it does have a fairly devoted following.

As you can imagine, the downsides here have to do with design. It is for ages 14 and up, an age range that isn't necessarily well-suited to riding this type of vehicle. This is definitely meant for a fairly narrow range of riders who enjoy having fun but who aren't too self-conscious about what they look like while riding.

In short, this vehicle is best suited for those teens who really love to drift and understand the trick potential that comes with this type of ride-on. It's not going to replace a bike or skateboard for most, but it is a fun vehicle that has a lot of potential.

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5. Razor Crazy Cart Shift 2.0 

The Crazy Cart Shift is a really unique vehicle that stands out in a fairly crowded world of karts. It's got a lot in common with a go-kart, but the design is meant to allow children even more freedom of movement. It can drift, go diagonally, and even go in reverse, all while maintaining speeds of up to eight miles per hour.

This kart isn't the most durable machine and it certainly can't go off-road, but it can still be a lot of fun for younger riders. The relatively short battery life is definitely a drawback, as is the relatively low maximum weight on the machine. If it could go a little faster or last a little longer, it'd be easy to see this taking more of a dominant role in the world of ride-ons.

This vehicle will, however, be a hit for any child who meets the weight requirements. The top speed can even be lowered for younger riders, which makes it a good fit for children who aren't quite steady enough to deal with this vehicle at its top speed. This is a definite hit for those young speed demons who still need a little parental supervision.

Razor Crazy Cart Shift - Blue

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