What are the best kids’ shoes with wheels? Make sure that a pair of shoes you are going to buy come with padding as it ensures extra support. That said, if you decide on padded shoes, buy one size larger ones. When choosing between one-wheel and two-wheel models, opt for the latter because such shoes are more stable and are recommended for beginners. Whereas single-wheel shoes will suit more advanced skaters as they are less safe but are easier to maneuver and gain speed. Also, there are velcro shoes and shoes with laces. The former is easier to use and is a great option for the child’s outdoor activities. We believe that Heelys Kids' Dual up X2 Sneaker meets these criteria best.

Why have we chosen it? Heelys is a brand of the original roller shoes and the most known one on the market. The Texas-based company patented the invention 20 years ago and today produces a variety of wheeled shoes of multiple styles and colors.

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What Is The Hype About Wheeled Shoes?

For years, kids have been crazy about shoes with wheels. These shoes offer functionality in the form of day to day shoes while transforming into what are essentially roller blades. Kids will enjoy being able to transform their shoes and impress their friends while being up for a skating adventure at any moment.

Parents have little to worry about with these shoes. They offer their children functionality in their sneaker form. Well-made models ensure children stay safe as they skate around and help them to remain well-balanced even on rocky terrain.

These shoes come in both single-wheel and double-wheel varieties. Parents especially worried about safety, or those giving the shoes to very young children, will most likely prefer the two-wheel models as they are easier to balance on. Older children, or children with more experience skating or blading, will likely be more impressed by the functionality of the single-wheeled shoe.

These electric wheeled shoes let their wearers perform tricks such as fishtailing, 180 spins, toe-jams, backward skating, and more, all while keeping children safe.

Overall, these are a great toy for any kid with a love of skating and playing outside.

Pedro Bernardes, an expert on fitness and sports equipment at Gadget Reviews, explains what factors contribute to developing strength.

Kids’ shoes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. And a few years ago, they started coming with wheels. With single or double wheels or even electric. But to offer some safety when using them they came with a downside, weight. The shoes, although they may be comfortable, I don’t advise a prolonged and systematic use because it’s weight might start doing some damage on your kid’s feet. A couple of hours once in a while should be enough for them to have fun and enjoy their shoes.

There are some options if you don’t want to buy shoes with wheels for your children. You can buy adaptative gadgets like Razor Turbo Jetts that have an electric motor or Razor Jetts Heel Wheels without motor but you don't have to charge it. But for safety be sure to keep them very tight.

What Are the Trusted Brands?

Heelys brand shoes have become almost synonymous with kids' shoes with wheels. Many consumers use the brand with the product almost interchangeably. While Heelys brand shoes have certainly earned their notoriety, parents will also recognize brands such as Razor getting into the wheeled shoe business.

Razor has long been known for producing well-made scooters and bicycles, and parents can rest assured knowing Razor wheeled shoes are just as high-quality.

Other brands are known purely for their wheeled shoe production. These are popular among kids for their flashy and cool designs.

Best Kids’ Wheeled Shoes Reviews

Below, you will find a review of the four most popular wheeled shoes for kids at a price ranging from $17 to $100. For girls, there are fashionable models with built-in LEDs and made in bright colors. You may choose wheeled shoes or wheels that attach to a child's sneakers. The latter can be equipped with a motor allowing your child to travel at a speed of up to 10 mph or can be motor-free, which means you will no have to bother with recharging batteries.

1. Heelys Kids' Dual up X2 Sneaker | Best for Kids of All Ages

Parents can't go wrong with the Heelys classic dual sneaker. With their classic thick sneaker design, these shoes are likely to not go out of style. Children of all ages and genders will likely not outgrow them for a long while. The shoes come in younger-child and older-child sizes as well as a variety of different color designs.

Sneaker design is highly important when choosing which of these shoes to buy, as it is likely your child will wear them purely as sneakers for far longer than they will use their wheeled functions. These shoes are modeled after typical popular skater shoes, making them perfect for burgeoning young skaters.

In terms of safety, concerned parents will like the double-wheeled design. Well-balanced and easy for even the youngest, most inexperienced children to master, this Heely model is sturdy and dependable. The heavy-duty velcro strap will keep the sneakers well secured while your child enjoys the freedom that comes with these intuitive heeled sneakers.

Parents needn't worry about their children using them at school or any other place where they would not be allowed, as the wheel pad is removable.

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Heelys: Check the current price

2. Nsasy Roller Shoes | Best Stylish with LED

One of the best parts of getting cool, customizable and fast shoes can be the fashion statement they make. If your child is interested in sleek, futuristic metallic designs, they will likely love these wheeled shoes from Nsasy.

Not only do these shoes come in a unique array of funky colors, but they accomplish something every child looking for flashy sneakers wants - these sneakers literally flash. With the light-up LED lights located at the bottoms of these shoes, your child is likely to enjoy these shoes even when they aren’t skating around.

The bottom rollers themselves utilize mute-bearing technology, making the actual skating sound nice and quiet for those around them. What’s more, the pads are easily removed in order to allow your child the freedom to wear these cool light-up shoes when they aren’t skating.

Comfortable and cooling, your child will likely not have a problem rolling around in these skates. Each shoe is equipped with a single wheel, allowing them to be ridden around with maximum thrills.

These shoes are so unlike other wheeled shoes, they make a great gift for the kid looking to stand out.

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Nsasy: Check the current price

3. Razor Turbo Jetts Electric Heel Wheels | Best Speedy

These Razor Turbo wheeled shoes offer children an entirely new skating experience, as they are equipped with a highly powerful motor. These electric skates allow your child to travel at a speed of up to 10 mph - truly impressive for skates right beneath your child's feet!

Rather than follow the design of a shoe like a Heely, which models a tennis shoe and transforms into a wheeled skate shoe, the Turbo comes as an attachment for your child's shoes.

This means that your child will be able to wear whatever sneaker they choose, making these shoes ideal for children slightly more picky and choosy about their fashion. Powered by a 12-volt battery, these skates will give your child up to 30 minutes of fun, continuous use.

With an 80-watt geared motor, your child will be able to skate smoothly, keeping their movements completely under their control. The shoes work in tandem with one another, meaning your child will be able to break with whatever foot they feel is more dominant and the skate on the opposite foot will respond, letting you rest easy while your child rides fast.

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Razor Turbo Jetts: Check the current price

4. Razor Jetts Heel Wheels | Best for Long-Hour Skating

Similar to the previous Razor model, these wheels also attach to your child's sneakers. With a smaller design, these rest more toward the heel, with wheels on either side, allowing your child to skate in a way more similar to Heelys brand wheeled shoes than rollerblades.

What's more, this model is not motorized, meaning your child can enjoy hours and hours of fun without stopping to recharge. Easily adjustable, these attachments come with 50mm wheels and an easily clickable yet durable strap to keep your child both safe and comfortable.

Designed with children ages 6 and up, and able to holder riders of up to 176 pounds, it is likely older children will be able to enjoy this attachment for years to come without having to worry about outgrowing the attachment. In fact, parents might even get a kick out of using them when the kids aren't around!

These wheels are lightweight, meaning they are easy for your child to carry around wherever they go or detach when the time comes. As they are so lightweight, skating will likely feel intuitive for your child, allowing them to stay safe.

Razor Jetts Heel Wheels - Green



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12 Best-Selling Kids’ Shoes with Wheels Comparative Table

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