What is the best hair clipper for kids & babies? First, pick a device that is compact and simple to operate. This will allow you to comfortably trim your baby’s hair and carry the clipper with you while traveling. Products with an ergonomic design provide a good grip for easy handling. Also, look out for a model with a high water-resistance rating so that you can easily clean the device between trims.

Secondly, opt for a kid-safe hair clipper. Since a baby's skin is much more sensitive than that of adults, a clipper with ceramic blades minimizing hair pulling is the safest choice. Thirdly, a kid-friendly hair clipper should operate quietly and deliver fewer vibrations during a hair trim. Generally, products with noise levels below 60 dB are the most appropriate.

The fourth factor to consider is a power source. Cordless models are easier to use and more portable than corded ones. That said, they are less powerful, so make sure that your cordless baby hair clipper is equipped with a high-performance motor. We recommend choosing the device with rechargeable batteries because they are more cost-efficient than disposable ones. A good option comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts for about an hour on a single charge.

What Is the Difference Between Baby Hair Clippers?

Most parents are familiar with the trauma of their baby's first haircut. Whether it's the unwieldy sheers or loud noises, it's no secret that babies are scared of adult-sized clippers.

If you're looking for an anxiety-free way to clip your kid's fine hair, it is best to invest in a quiet, robust set of baby clippers.

Most baby hair trimmers feature ceramic blades designed to minimize hair pulling and skin nicks. The blunted ceramic tips use an R-angle design that makes it easy to provide a safe hair trim.

Baby trimmer motors are usually much quieter, not exceeding noise levels above a gentle 50 dB. Additionally, kids' trimmers generally have a shorter blade width, providing a more even trim on small-circumference heads.

By contrast, standard adult men's hair trimmers are more well-suited for thick beard hair. Adult trimmers are usually made with steel, self-sharpening blades designed to provide maximum torque on tough hairs.

Can You Trim a Baby’s or Kid’s Hair with Adult Clippers?

Most adult trimmers are not designed for use on toddler and infant hair. Adult grooming supplies are designed for cutting thicker hair and may lack the advanced safety features of kid-safe clippers.

Baby hair clippers are usually made with dual-blade titanium and ceramic design. The innermost titanium blade provides precision, while the blunted ceramic blade negates the possibility of nicking the skin.

In you pinch, you can carefully use hair-cutting scissors to trim your kid's hair. However, it's more challenging to achieve an even cut, and you'll have to be extra cautious if your child is rambunctious.

Do Baby Clipper Models Differ, or Are They All the Same?

There's no shortage of highly safe, portable, and convenient baby clippers on the market. Almost all electric baby trimmers feature the same essential design; however, some features may vary based on the product's price.

Electric baby clippers are usually designed to operate as quietly as possible. Most products produce noise levels below 60 dB, equivalent to light conversation.

Many baby clippers are crafted from a multi-blade design, where a soft ceramic blade ensconces an inner metal blade. The inner metal blade may have R-angled sheer tips gentler on the baby's skin.

We recommend you opt for cordless, rechargeable trimmers for maximum ease of use. Look out for products that feature LCD battery displays. Make sure that whatever trimmer you opt for has a higher water-resistance rating, making it much easier to clean between trims.

Best Hair Clippers For Kids & Babies

Below, we've chosen the two best kids' hair trimmers on the market, with prices ranging from $26 to $29. Both clippers have been selected for their high customer approval rating and enhanced safety features. You may choose a device with an advanced noise reduction capacity and a variety of comb guides or a baby clipper with an LCD and IPX7 water-resistant rating.

1. Quiet Kids Hair Trimmer Pro Baby Hair Clipper - Rechargeable Waterproof | Best for Child Toddlers

Designed with a soft-tip ceramic blade, this kids' hair trimmer prides itself on its enhanced safety features. The small clippers are designed to cut kids' hair effectively without pulling strands or scratching delicate skin.

It comes with combs ranging from 0mm to 12mm, making it easy to create a hairstyle that best suits your baby. Parents appreciate the whisper-quiet 50 dB noise level of the clipper, which is especially useful for anxious babies.

Pros Cons
  • Cordless hair cutter is USB rechargeable
  • Features advanced noise reduction capacity
  • Comes with variety of comb guides for creating different haircut styles
  • Users may need to make several passes over same area due to bluntness of the ceramic blade

Baistom: Check the current price

2. Hair Clippers for Kids, Electric Baby Hair Clippers Ceramic Hair Trimmer | Best for Infants

Parents appreciate such clippers since they're IPX7 water-resistant, making it easy to disassemble, clean, and even dunk the trimmers in water.

The iWeel clippers come with everything an amateur baby hair stylist needs: four basic-sized combs, one cleaning sponge puff, one soft bib, and a thinning guide. Operating at just under 45 dB, the clippers are quiet enough to keep fussy babies calm.

Pros Cons
  • LCD digital display shows remaining battery percentage
  • Very water-resistant design makes it easy to clean clippers
  • May take several hours to fully recharge after extended use

iWeel: Check the current price

Expert Opinion: Christel Ashcraft, Hair Professional

Christel Ashcraft, Hair Professional

Christel Ashcraft is a hair professional from Ella Bloom Salon in Lindon Utah.

How to cut little boys’ hair with clippers and blend with scissors. We gonna have tailored hair and spiky hair on the top. We are going to start with the guard number 2. I will just go around the ears. I like to go every direction to make sure I blend any lines. Depending on the clipper you have, you can adjust it — this is two and this is two and a half. Then, you can go through and just blend these little lines at two and a half... So now we are going to have this clipper. We started with two, two and a half, and now it is a number three.

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