What are the best cooling bandanas and neck coolers? The general idea of all these products is to cool the blood flowing through the neck arteries to the brain. The first and most unsophisticated type includes garments that need to be soaked in cold water and then wrung out to be activated. This is a great option for use in gyms or other indoor spaces where you have easy access to a water supply.

Secondly, you may try bandanas that use ice cubes to keep you cool and are equipped with ice strips or something like that. This is a longer-lasting solution suitable for outdoor activities, such as hiking and hunting, or for labor jobs. And finally, there are electrical devices designed to provide personal cooling. They are typically battery-powered and work by lowering ambient air temperature around you. Some models are wearable while others resemble portable mini air conditioners. Cooling bandanas have become so popular that manufacturers offer product lines not only for humans but for pets as well.

1. Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter
This neck gaiter cools within 30 seconds and protects from dust. When wet, it cools to 30° below body temperature, with the effect lasting 2 hours.


2. Chill Pal 12-in-1 Cooling Neck Gaiter
This multifunctional gaiter allows for 12 wearing styles and can cover the entire head. To stay cool, soak it in cold water. Breathable material.


3. Chill Pal PVA Cooling Towel
The towel measures 12 x 32 inches and is one of the thickest on the market. Wet it and drape around your neck. Made of polyvinyl alcohol and polyester.


4. FlexiFreeze Cooling Collar
This reusable wrap includes 2 food-grade ice sheets, each designed for 8 ice cubes. The velcro can be adjusted from 15 to 24 inches to fit your size.


5. ALL FOR PAWS Chill Out Ice Bandana
Designed specifically for dogs, this bandana weighs 1 oz and comes in 3 sizes: small, medium, and large. Soak it in cold water to keep your pet cool.


6. Black Ice CCX Personal Cooling System Cool Collar
This longer-lasting option for pets features a detachable cooling pack. Charge the pack in a freezer or ice water and mount it to the neoprene wrap.


7. AIRWIRL 3.0 Mobile Cool Down System
Compact yet powerful, this cooling device features a 2-speed motor delivering up to 40 minutes of cold air relief. Load 2 cups of ice to activate it.


8. Hand Free Personal Fan
The device employs semiconductor cooling technology that generates the current to lower the temperature. USB rechargeable. Cools down within seconds.


These devices go by different names: cooling bandanas, cooling scarves, cooling wraps or neck coolers. The name doesn’t change their essence. The main aim of them is cooling the carotid artery. Soak the bandage made of special fabric in water and voila: the said fabric cools you for a few hours with the help of designated polymers. We have already covered cooling towels and cooling vests.

Today we’ll focus on cooling and ice bandanas. The former are to be merely soaked in water while special gel packets are placed into the latter. Such cooling gadgets as personal cooling systems stand out. They are not like all others; they are premium priced but are they worth their price tag? We’ll find out at the very end of the article. If you’re dying of overheating, move on straight to our rating!

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“The temperatures are starting to come down but the heat isn't totally gone yet. Well, this little towel called the perfect Cooling Towel is supposed to keep you cool whether you are working outside or working out inside the gym. But will it work? Let me try it before you buy it. The instructions are simple: soak the towel in cold water, bring it out and put it on your head or neck. We did just that and I have to say, at first the cooling towel felt cool and I really liked that it does not go wet. But it was not long before things started heating out. I did not get close to even an hour of it feeling cool. So imagine how fast it would dry in the heat of the summer. The instructions say: once it stops cooling, just soak it again. So I did. But this time I also soaked a cloth I had at home. And guess what? I really could not tell the difference as far as temperature. The regular cloth did feel a little wet though”.

3 Best Cooling Bandanas

We’ll start with the simplest and most universal inexpensive fabric bandanas where the price tags begin at $2 and never exceed $9. No special fluids, ice or freezer are required to use them, you’ll do with the water only. Then some special polymers act as they provide for such bandanas’ cooling property. Your bandana, in turn, will keep you cool for 2-3 hours. The moisture is retained thanks to the fabric’s special texture which distinguishes these devices from regular wet towels.

We’ve picked TOP-3 items. The first bandana can absorb much more moisture because of its dense texture and will suit the athletes both in the gym and during long cycling rides. If you need a disposable bandana, which will be thrown out and replaced with a new one without any remorse as soon as it gets worn out, then invest into the second option, as it is quite affordable and of acceptable quality. The third item’s manufacturer used special cooling crystals which absorb even more moisture.

1. The Most Dense PVA Polymer Bandana — Ergodyne Chill-Its 6700CT Evaporative Cooling Bandana

Would you like your bandana to retain moisture for 3-5 hours? If you do, opt for this product, as a PVA polymer has been used in its making so it could absorb much more moisture and retain it longer than a regular bandana.

Ergodyne Chill-Its 6700CT
  • Advanced PVA material activates easily and quickly when run under water for one minute
  • Re-usable: just soak in water to re-activate
  • Super-evaporative cooling process helps keep you cool

Plenty of colors are available and both cowboy fans whose rancho tasks will be more ambient as they will be able to relate with the atmosphere and fashionistas who spend their leisure time taking yoga or cross-fit classes. The latter should be especially exuberated by the bright colors. By the way, Khloe Kardashian has lately re-introduced bandanas as a fashionable accessory. There are a total of 7 colors available, so the choice is sufficient.

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Ergodyne Chill-Its 6700CT PVA: Check the current price

2. A Cut-Rate Bandana — Ergodyne Chill-Its 6700 Evaporative Cooling Bandana-Tie

Although this item is executed as a classic cooling bandana, it costs less as it absorbs a bit less moisture and it evaporates slightly faster. You’ll have to soak it every 2-3 hours depending on the temperature. Several patterns are available, such as patriotic ornament with the U.S. national flag, biker-styled, flame, camouflage and others. Low price has affected quality as the users complain of the thin fabric which dries too fast.

This is a decent and inexpensive option for those who feel like gardening for an hour or two when it is sunny and would like to avoid a heat stroke. You’d better opt for something of superior quality for taking up sports or working outside for a long time.

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Ergodyne Chill-Its 6700CT Polymer: Check the current price

3. The Best Cooling Neck Wrap — Mission Multi-Cool

If such bandanas are too narrow for you, go for a multifunctional one, such as Mission Multi-Cool. This stylish transformer scarf by Mission is much larger than a bandana and can cool not only your neck, but also your entire head. It can be easily and conveniently folded in 12 different ways ranging from a regular bandana to a face mask which will protect you from dust or sand.

All of the properties and use are still the same as the fabric remains wet for 2 hours.7 colors are available, and everyone can pick something for themselves, be It a construction worker or someone doing their morning jog.

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Mission: Check the current price

4. The Longest Cooling Time Bandana — OccuNomix Cooling Bandanas

This bandana will be able to cool you for 5 hours or more, depending on the weather. From a distance, this item reminds us of one of Clint Eastwood’s cowboy scarves which he flaunted on his peak of fame.

This bandana contains some packets with a special gel which is its main competitive edge. Because of said packets, the bandana looks voluminous, as if it has been inflated. You’ll have to soak this scarf a bit longer than others, for about 20 minutes. The colors available are just as diverse and will suit any kind of situation for gardening to playing golf.

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OccuNomix: Check the current price

2 Best Ice Bandanas

Some people can’t stand having wet fabric on their neck. They can’t even think of cooling if the annoying sticky scarf should be first removed! Also, the skin becomes damp under the wet wrap and allergies can occur. If this is a true story for you, then regular cooling bandanas or cooling towels won’t suit you, but you’ll probably enjoy an ice bandana. This is one of the few popular goods that should be refrigerated before use.

You needn’t soak an ice bandana. It contains a sealed insert of a special gel that retails the temperature of your refrigerator. You won’t need to squeeze it after use and you’ll forget about the nasty stickiness afterwards. However, from time to time you’ll have to re-freeze the gel plates as their effect lasts for 2 hours only. This might as well be the main drawback.

As for the exterior, it is bulkier. This device doesn’t resemble regular bandanas as the gel plates make it unwieldy so if someone takes a closer look at you, they might think you are wearing some kind of a rubber swimming collar. However, this product is still fine for driving, camping or other activities that do not require you to be dressed up. We’ve picked two devices: a simple Velcro one and a more exclusive designer option.

5. Velcro Ice Bandana — Ice Wraptor ThermaFreeze Ice Bandana

As a rule, drivers or workers tend to disregard fancy design as comfort and salvation from heat are more important for them. This product meets these needs best. How does it work? In a very simple way: all you have to do is load special ice packets in the case and voila, here before you is a straightforward but reliable cooling device.

This ice bandana’s main disadvantage is the necessity to constantly re-freeze the gel packs. Also, it would be difficult to walk around in the streets while wearing such a collar without looking like a freak. Fancy design was sacrificed for the sake of practicality and simplicity.

ThermaFreeze: Check the current price

6. Long-Strap Ice bandana — Icy cools Ice Bandana

Long straps for comfortable wear of this bandana on your neck are its distinctive feature. Several colors are available, including blue, camouflage, gray, pink and red. Yes, the device still looks weird, but at least the manufacturer varied the design a bit.

On the other hand, who would dress haute couture style when going fishing? Most importantly, don’t forget to place spare ice packets in your portable fridge. The functionality is identical to that of the previous item, although the case is made of thicker and softer materials.

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Icy Cools: Check the current price

A Cooling Collar and a Bandana for Dogs

Do you think you are the one who suffers the most from the unbearable heat? Trust us; furry dogs have much harder time with it! We couldn’t neglect them so we found a cooling bandana and a cooling collar for pets. They have been sewn in such a way that they won’t slide off as they fit quite tightly, but at the same time your dog won’t feel discomfort while wearing it.

7. A Cooling Bandana for Dogs — All for Paws Chill Out Ice Bandana

This pets’ cooling bandana is available in three sizes: small (7.9 Lx7.9W x0.4 H), medium (11L x 11W x 0.4H) and large (17.7L x 17.7W x 0.4H). This ensures comfort as furrier dogs require items that cover more skin than short-haired dogs which would do with a small collar. Much depends on the climate as well.

The bandana functions in the same way as a human one, and from time to time you’ll have to take it off and soak it. Yes, it might not be the most stylish or elegant product, but it serves its purpose well. Take a look at the next item if you’re looking for something to take out your pet to a party in.

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All for Paws: Check the current price

8. A Stylish Bandana — K9 Chill Pet Products Dog Cooling Collar

Have you obtained a cowboy cooling scarf? Take care of your dog as well by giving it a charming look with the help of a cooling collar! It comes in one size only, Large/XLarge (20" - 30"), and covers the neck only, so it is practically useless for hairier breeds. It is suitable for a walk when it’s hot though. However, if your pet spends much time in the heat, consider buying a dog cooling vest. Among obvious advantages the customers mention durable materials and fabric density.

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K9 Chill: Check the current price

Neck Coolers or Personal Cooling Systems

Personal cooling systems are ambiguous. Their appearance is extraordinary, the price is up-market, and the functionality is questionable. Are these gadgets currently worth buying? Let’s figure it out!

In 2015 the scientists have pinned great hopes on such devices. Studies have shown that they can greatly improve the lives of those who often work in the heat. Ice packets and a special polymer fabric are useful, naturally, but why not find a more state-of-the-art replacement of a damp cloth in the world where smart sockets have already been invented? Here is what the manufacturers have managed to make.

The first product, Black Ice Personal Cooling System, resembles the above mentioned Ice Bandanas much as is charged with cold inside a freezer rather than through an outlet or a battery. It looks too heavy, as it is literally a very massive collar. Does it work properly? The doctors approve of the effective heat fighting method of cooling the neck near the carotid artery.

9. Black Ice Personal Cooling System

The device resembles greatly of an ice bandana as, according to the manufacturer, it takes 20 minutes to charge in “the ice water, freezer or refrigerator”. After that it will give off coolness of about примерно 57°F within an hour and a half. No spare packets are needed as the special liquid that requires neither removal nor any special preparation is already there. You simply should put the device in the water or inside the freezer. This gadget weighs about 12.8 ounces.

Although it will cool you for a shorter period of time, it won’t stick to your skin as some bandanas would and doesn’t require long-term freeze like an ice bandana. The customers don’t really complain of the device and really, nothing can break down here.

Ice Black: Check the current price

10. Personal Cooling System 2.0

Things are much worse with the second product, Personal Cooling System 2.0 Neck Coolers. Do you remember the old “Deadlock” movie? It is the story of a hapless burglar who was placed in an experimental prison where he was made to wear an explosive collar in order to prevent prison break. Once you put this cooling system on, you’ll look just like an inmate of such a nano-prison.

Will this portable AC be able to cool you quickly and comfortably? Well, the device itself works as an innovative wet bandana. The sides are removable and can be filled with water. Then, a special battery-powered module uses the air to cool the water that would in turn cool you. Many consumers complain that the device lacks versatility: «If you live in a humid state it works like a swamp cooler and will not cool down in warm moist air. Works best in dry climate.».

Its another substantial drawback is that its design is more robust and the gadget itself is heavier than a cooling bandana. It turns out that you have to carry the entire device as well as the water that you load inside adding up to 396.893 grams. This is a one-size-fits-all type of item, so those with large necks will feel smothered by the device while it will hang on those who have more fragile necks.

This cooling system is powered by a single AA battery and its charge lasts for 20 hours. Its obvious advantage is that you don’t have to constantly moisten the bandana in the water. Yes, the device works well, but many find it easier and more comfortable to use a regular bandana. The choice is yours entirely. If you are a fan of everything extraordinary, why not procure of such a thing? You will hardly lack attention while wearing it.

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Personal Cooling System 2.0: Check the current price

Do these gadgets have any perspective? So far, we find it difficult to come to a definite conclusion. Cooling bandanas and polymer cooling vests compete fiercely. The important thing is that they are considerably cheaper than the experimental cooling systems and are virtually unbreakable. Why pay more for something that works worse then? Let’s see what happens next, perhaps, some innovations that would improve the previous versions will be introduced.

In order to compare the items, as usual, refer to the chart below.

Cooling Bandanas, Scarves and Neck Coolers Comparison Chart

Apart from cooling bandanas and wraps there is a whole bunch of devices for cooling when it’s hot. We have already reviewed cooling towels (you’ll find the information regarding the scientists’ research on cooling the carotid artery there) and cooling vests for those who need something more serious than small bandanas. Take care and don’t let the scorching sun ruin your day!

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