What is the best cooling vest? There are five types available on the market: evaporative, ice pack, gel pack, phase change, and active cooling vests. The first type of cooling vest cools the body by evaporation and needs to be submerged in water for a few minutes, wrung out, and put on. Evaporative cooling vests are pretty simple in use but not suitable for humid environments where water evaporates slowly.

Ice pack cooling vests are longer-lasting but bulkier as they are made with pouches where you place ice packs. Gel pack vests work similarly, with the difference that gel packs are more comfortable to wear but last less than ice pack vests. Phase change vests are based on the phase change materials (PCMs) discovered by NASA scientists. These packs also need to be frozen before use, but generally, it takes just 30 minutes to 2 hours. Active cooling vests are the most sophisticated garments and come with a power source and a water reservoir.

7 Cooling Vests Compared

1. FlexiFreeze Ice Vest (Zipper Closure)
This comfortable garment uses 96 ice cubes to cool the body down. Made from neoprene and rip-stop materials, it is lightweight, adjustable, and washable.


2. Glacier Tek Sports Cool Vest
Made with a set of 8 cooling packs of phase change material, this adjustable vest comes with elastic straps and will fit any body size. It maintains a temperature of 59°F for more than 2 hours.


3. Ergodyne Evaporative Cooling Vest
Based on exclusive technology, this evaporative vest will keep you cool and dry. The effect lasts for up to 24 hours. The vest is made with industrial-grade nylon and mesh side panels providing extra ventilation.


4. TechKewl Hybrid Sport Cooling Vest
This vest combines two technologies — evaporative cooling fabric and phase change cooling packs. Made with waterproof nylon liner, it will keep you cool for up to 10 hours.


5. Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest
This easy-to-use evaporative cooling vest uses polymer-embedded fabric and provides immediate cooling relief. It features quilted nylon outside and a water-resistant liner inside.


6. Allegro Industries 8300 Vortex Cooling Vest with Cooler
It is a high-end professional-grade cooling vest made from polyvinyl chloride. The garment is designed for the most demanding environments, with a maximum exposure temperature of up to 200ºF.


7. Venture Heat Wearable Fan Vest
For more powerful cooling, choose this vest equipped with a removable fan. The fan will evenly circulate air along your back while the mesh will help sweat evaporate very quickly. The vest has a 5000mAh battery and 3-speed settings.


Cooling vests appeared on the mass market a few years ago and quickly targeted their audience. Nowadays such devices are in demand by builders, road workers, athletes, and drivers. Moreover, special products have been launched exclusively for dogs.

The most available and proven vests work similarly to cooling bandanas and towels: you are supposed to soak the vest in water and let special polymers do their work. Once they come in contact with water, the cooling effect begins. Once your vest is dry, re-soak it and it will be ready to work again.

At the end of the review, we’ll look into the future of cooling fabric and some promising research.

A cooling vest is a piece of specially manufactured apparel that’s designed to assist a person in regulating their body temperature under unfavorable conditions. The mechanics of how a cooling vest works depend on the type of cooling vest and the technology used in its manufacturing process. Further discussion elaborates on major types of cooling vests currently available on the market along with their differentiating features.

Types of cooling vests

Evaporative cooling vest


Evaporative vests, as the name gives away, are based on the principle of evaporation. They need to be submerged in water for a few minutes, wrung out a little, and put on. When the water evaporates, it brings the body temperature down. This is the simplest type of vest available on the market, but depending on the manufacturer, they might not be necessarily cheap. The downside of evaporative vests is that they are not suitable for humid climates, where water won’t be able to efficiently evaporate into the air.

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Ice pack cooling vest


With ice packs, it’s pretty clear that you need to freeze the packs in the freezer until the water hardens and turns to ice; then insert the ice packs in the vest pouches and put the vest on. Two obvious limitations of cooling vests are that they look super bulky and could be initially very cold to the touch, and thus quite uncomfortable to wear.

FlexiFreeze Personal Series Ice Vest (Zipper Closure)

By Maranda Enterprises, LLC


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Gel pack vest

Gel packs work just like ice in the way they have to be frozen from a couple of hours to overnight and then inserted inside the vest pouches before wearing. Unfortunately, the cooling gel technology has its limitations in terms of efficiency and performance, thus, don’t expect a cooling gel vest to work for more than an hour.

Phase Change vest

Phase Change vests are based on the phase change materials (PCMs) that were discovered, tested, and initially used by NASA. So there’s indeed a proven science behind those things. The idea behind PCMs, as their name gives away, is based on the materials that change their phase when turning from solid to liquid, and vice versa, meanwhile absorbing, holding, and releasing heat whenever necessary. The PCM packs that are used in cooling vests look similar to ice, they also need to be frozen before use. But unlike ice, they won’t require much freezing time, which ranges from around half an hour to two hours at most. The technology has not yet come that far as to guarantee a cooling effect for hours to come, but PCMs would still do their job for 2-3 hours.

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Active cooling vest


Active cooling vests are the most sophisticated cooling vests on our list, they are also the bulkiest and require additional ammunition, like a power source and water reservoir. The need for additional accouterments significantly lowers their practicability, but these vests are indispensable for some healthcare practitioners, engineers, military personnel, etc. The portable versions that run on batteries are popular among motorcyclists.

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Fan-powered cooling vest

Featuring an innovative design and the most reliable cooling system, this type is perfect for those engaged in hard physical labor. Hikers, runners, and campers will find it helpful, too. How does a fan vest work? A built-in fan on the back generates airflow between your body and the garment’s material, forcing the sweat to evaporate. The evaporated sweat, in turn, absorbs body heat and carries it away. Fan-powered cooling vests are powered by a rechargeable battery and typically offer several speed settings to choose from. Such garments are washable and come with removable fans. Good-quality fan vests should have adjustable straps and mesh lining for better ventilation.

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Hybrid sport cooling vest

Ideal for sports, hybrid vests combine two different technologies: evaporative cooling fabric and phase change cooling packs. You can choose between these two methods or use them both simultaneously. Hybrid vests provide cooling relief for a longer period of time and are more comfortable to wear. They do not bulge, nor do they swell. Generally, such garments feature a quilted nylon exterior and a water-repellent liner, something that makes them a great option for cycling, motocross riding, and outdoor activities.

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Cooled water circulating system

There are also vests with thermal regulation technology like COMPCOOLER Backpack Ice/Water Cooling System. It consists of a 3-liter water/ice bladder, a rechargeable battery, and a pump within the backpack.

The cooled water circulates at 36°F-68°F (2C – 20C) in four zones of the vest. The dry weight of the garment (without water) is 0.5KG (1.1 lbs.). But be careful according to customer reviews the bladder that holds the frozen water is a little fragile. Don't bump it or drop it, it most likely will break and leak.

The efficiency of cooling vests, according to scientists

The cooling vests are proved to be super beneficial in various circumstances:

  • Work. The study published in the International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics concluded that cooling vests were effective in combating heat stress and thus, were recommended for occupational workers. The researchers from the University of Ottawa confirmed that wearing a vest had beneficial effects on the level of thermal and cardiovascular strain during moderate-intensity work.
  • Sports. A study published in Sports Medicine featured clear evidence that precooling enhanced athletic performance of prolonged exercises in the heat.
  • MS patients. American Academy of Neurology advised on using a cooling vest in patients with multiple sclerosis outlining the benefits of cooling in alleviating adverse symptoms in high temperatures, and helping with fatigue, and balance.

However, scientists also mention the limitations of cooling vests, especially in situations where lowering temperature needs to be fast, like in a circumstance of a heatstroke. In cases such as these, ice-water immersion is recommended.

Pedro Bernardes, an expert on fitness and sports equipment at Gadget Reviews, explains what factors contribute to developing strength.

Using a Cooling Vest should only be an option if you live or have to work and/or workout in a hot area and lowering your temperature is an important issue. The increase of body temperature is a natural response to the movement to help us, amongst other things, be more efficient because it creates the ideal conditions for muscle contraction. This also leads to sweat which allows us to regulate naturally our body temperature.

I recommend that when you choose a Cooling Vest you should analyze very well your needs and activity because you have a high range of prices and practical issues related to it.

So, cooling vests, as you can imagine, are pretty versatile, and can be used by both healthcare practitioners and patients alike. Also, other consumers who can benefit from cooling include workers, athletes, and even dogs. Let’s look at each of these audiences in a little bit more detail.

Cooling vest for MS

People with Multiple Sclerosis are especially sensitive to heat. Thus, wearing a vest is no longer a luxury, but a pure necessity. Research has proven that cooling therapy is effective in improving mobility in patients with MS and has to be used consistently and sometimes on a daily basis if a patient lives in a hot climate. You can apply for Cooling Distribution Program to get one of the cooling vests free of charge.

Cooling vest for menopause

It’s a no-brainer, that menopausal women suffer from hot flushes. According to WebMD, cooling therapy can help to prevent hot flashes or battle them when they occur. Doctors advise using a chill pillow, fans, lightweight and loose-fitting clothes from natural fabrics, and trying a cooling vest during the day. Ice, gel or PCM packs could be options to go if you don’t mind the bulkiness. Otherwise, opt for evaporative vests. These are not exactly fashion items, but it can help you alleviate adverse symptoms and stay on track with your daily activities.

Cooling vest for surgeons // healthcare providers // doctors

Standing for prolonged periods of time during operations can be exhaustive. Active cooling vests are often used in cases such as these. They should be provided, however, by the hospital or other healthcare institution you work for. These active cooling vests are complete and sophisticated systems that include more than just a vest. For example, this Surgeon Cool Vest System includes a vest with over 50 ft of small capillary tubing and 16-quart ice chest, and cost around 2,000 dollars.

Cooling vest for workers // welders

Construction workers, welders, and engineers can also significantly benefit from wearing a cooling vest. If not provided by your employer, then you may look into active cooling vests in case you don’t have to move much at work, or evaporative vests, in case you work outside and move a lot.

Cooling vest for sports // athletes// cycling // runners

If you’re looking for a cooling vest for sports or fitness activities, you’d obviously want to wear something lightweight. If that’s the case, then the evaporative cooling vests specifically designed for athletes are your best bet.

Cooling vest for body armor

The cooling vests for body armor usually look like undershirt tactical lightweight vests made of mesh, which attempt to increase airflow and breathability. Examples of vests such as these are Maxx-Dri Body Armor Cooling Vest and Pacific Blue Line Body Armor Vest. They are both very simple in design and aim at allowing air to circulate beneath the body armor to prevent rashes and skin irritation.

Cooling vest for motorcycles

In case your bike is big enough to incorporate an active cooling system, then, of course, it’s better for you to purchase the battery operated active cooling vest because it’s going to keep you cool for longer. Otherwise, stick to PCM vests for shorter trips (up to 3 hours) or regular ice packs.

Cooling vest for working outside / gardening

Evaporative cooling vests are your best bets. They are lightweight and won’t become an additional burden that adds unnecessary strain to your gardening.

Cooling vest for mascots // costumes // santa // cosplay

It can get really hot in costumes. Luckily, there is a whole range of cooling products available to keep you cool while you cheer up the crowd of little kiddos. You can really choose any gel or PCM vests that we feature in this article. However, if you’re specifically looking at a more or less discrete Santa cooling vest, then this vest from Glacier Tek is so sleek and discrete it will be hardly noticed.

Cooling vest for a child

These options from HyperKewl and Glacier Tek are specifically designed for kids, available in an array of colors, and are really great to keep your little ones comfortable during hot summer days.

TOP cooling vests

The unbearable heat presents a particular danger for those who spend much time working outdoors. A cooling bandana or a towel won’t solve the problem while a vest is a good option. We’ve picked the eight most popular devices: from simple ice pack cooling vests to sophisticated and advanced vests based on NASA technological innovation, namely phase change materials.

1. Glacier Tek Sports Cool Vest with Set of 8 Nontoxic Cooling Packs

Glacier Tek is an industry leader in manufacturing cooling products, which has garnered a solid reputation over the years for their high-quality clothing that is proudly manufactured in the US. This vest, in particular, is pretty lightweight (as compared with many other similar products) and weighs less than 5 lbs. It also comes with an adjustable dual side strap and heavy-duty front zipper for better adjustment and convenience. This sports vest features 8 PCM packs that would maintain a dry, comfortable temperature of around 59°F for up to 2.5 hours in 100°F heat. The consumers confirmed the effectiveness of the vest for 2 hours, great fitting, comfort, and overall durability. This product, although quite expensive, is easy to recommend. Moreover, Glacier Tek won’t put its name on something less than effective.

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Glacier Tek: Check the current price

2. FlexiFreeze Ice Vest (Zipper Closure)

If you don’t believe a cooling jacket will save you, try wearing a FlexiFreeze Ice Vest. The vest has a special internal lining filled with 96 ice packets. The vest is one-size-fits-all and can be adjusted with special straps. You can also regulate the number of ice cubes or pouches you want to use. The zipper is widely criticized by users as many don’t consider it to be firm enough. The fabric of which the vest is made can be accidentally ripped, so this product is not suitable for doing any work where it can be damaged. Some customers claim that the idea is great, but the execution leaves much to be desired. Indeed, there are few similar devices, so don’t expect a stable level of quality just yet.

FlexiFreeze Personal Series Ice Vest (Zipper Closure)

By Maranda Enterprises, LLC


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FlexiFreeze: Check the current price

3. KewlFit Performance Enhancing Vest (PEV)

KewlFit enhancing vest is based on the hybrid cooling technology that combines both evaporative cooling and phase change materials. The package includes one set of Cool Pax Phase Change Cooling Military Vest Inserts and an insulated Kewler Bag. The vest also features mesh ventilation panels and breathable cotton material. There’s also a front zipper and adjustable side gusset for optimal fit on all body shapes. This option might be a great solution for any athletic activity.

KewlFit Performance Enhancing Vest, Black, X-Small/Small

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KewlFit: Check the current price

4. Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest

Among classic and cheap cooling vests, three vests can be distinguished. The first one is Ergodyne Chill-Its 6665 Evaporative Cooling Vest. The external layer is made of densely quilted nylon rather than fiber. This is a good option for workers as it has no fancy perks, but wide functionality instead (the zipper allows for quick and easy taking off of the vest and a high-quality external layer that is moisture- and dirt-resistant). The fabric will give off coolness for 3-4 hours after being soaked, after that you’ll have to take a break and re-soak the vest.

As for the drawbacks, there are a few sizes available; they only range from medium to 3x large. Two colors are available, reserved gray and bright lime. We can hardly call this vest stylish, it is its practicality that is critical and so the lack of fashionable design becomes less important.

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Ergodyne: Check the current price

If you’re looking for XS or S sizes and haven’t been able to find them in a previous vest, turn your attention to the TechNiche International Adult HyperKewl Cooling Sports Vest. This vest has the same attributes and is made of identical materials, but the range of sizes and colors available is substantially wider. The new colors are royal blue, gold, black, and silver. And who said that these vests are for men only? Even petite ladies or kids can wear them as there are sizes available from XS to XXXL.

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TechNiche: Check the current price

5. Techniche Men's Evaporative Cooling Ultra Sport Vest | Best for Cyclists and Bikers

If you’re looking for a cooling vest without a zipper, opt for the TechNiche International HyperKewl Cooling Ultra Sports Vest. Lots of cyclists and bikers are fond of this vest. As it lacks a zipper, it is adjacent to your chest tightly and will be able to easily wear a biker leather jacket over this vest, the cooling properties of which won’t let you be overheated.

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TechNiche Ultra: Check the current price

6. TECHKEWL Phase Change Cooling Vest

This item from TECHKEWL, another industry leader in manufacturing cooling apparel, is based on ice pack cooling. The item’s shell is constructed of durable and 100% cotton twill, which is very nice to the touch and also breathable. The cotton fabric protects the skin and an insulated outer composite fabric directs the cooling energy toward the body. The customers were pleased with the product, only a few complained about how it unattractively looked on the body. Apart from that minor nuisance, the product is worth recommending.

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TECHKEWL Phase Change Cooling Vest: Check the current price

7. Allegro Industries 8300 Vortex Cooling Vest with Cooler

This is an active cooling vest, previously mentioned, which is comprised of a pretty sophisticated set of items that include a cooling vest with a collar, and a fitting tube for an air compressor. The vest’s made of polyvinyl chloride with hook and loop closure and is good at sustaining temperatures over 200ºF (93.3°C) with protective outer clothing and 130ºF (54.4°C) without protective outer clothing. The seller recommends the use of the vest for workers in confined spaces as well as foundries, steel mills, asbestos abatement, and paint baking operations. Many customers confirmed the vest worked as advertised.

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Allegro Industries: Check the current price

11 Best-Selling Cooling Vests Comparative Table

Products with a 5-star rating


Testing & Customers Reviews

We found reviews from real YouTube bloggers about the products from our article.

Randy Aikens, Bodybuilder and Fitness Trainer: "Actually KewlFit Performance Enhancing Vest is surprisingly comfortable. I was afraid of that in the beginning but especially teaching my classes and using it for any kind of weightlifting or anything like that's actually pretty good. It definitely helps with my endurance quite a bit and it helps to keep me cooler. I don't sweat quite as bad teaching these classes and it allows me to push myself and my student a lot harder. It's definitely helping me to be a lot more comfortable during my training. The cooling benefit is a plus here for sure.

Keeping my body at a more reasonable temperature helps me to push harder and helps me to preserve my level of endurance as well. It was seamless to add it to my weightlifting. Like I said earlier I was afraid that it might get in a way or I can't do some of my movements but if I want to do a lot of big power movements or springs or anything like that the best is just fine. My recovery is out of control right now. I mean I'm literally ready to go again and I just got that teaching class. It's actually really comfortable and it took a little bit to get used to that. It was a little too cool at in the beginning because I wasn't used to it but now my body's ready."

KewlFit Performance Enhancing Vest, Black, X-Small/Small

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Infinite Explorers: "We purchased Glacier Tek Sports Cooling Vest because I needed something that could help me stay cool due to having POTS when it got really hot out for hiking or just outdoor activities. And this has actually done a really awesome job helping me stay cool paired with a hat. So with all of these cooling packs in there it weighs less than five pounds. So it does have a little bit of weight but if you don't want to have that much weight you can take some of the packs out. It just won't stay cold as long. The cooling packs recharge in 20 minutes in ice water or you can put them in the freezer which is generally what I do and that takes one hour to completely freeze them. This vest is meant to be worn snug so that's what these velcro straps are for. Once you get it on your body it's all personal preference as to how tight you want to be but the snugger you have it the cooler you'll get.

You can wear this vest over your shirt or under your shirt. Usually, I wear it over my shirt but I'm going to be trying it more under my shirt in the near future once it gets really hot just to see if that helps it remain cooler. Plus I chose gray since this was the closest to white color that I could choose from and I figured well I don't want something like a dark blue or a black or anything like that because that's just gonna make it warmer from the sun. They do make these packs very very snug so sometimes it takes a minute to get them in just so the packs aren't moving around when you're wearing it. Otherwise that could get a bit annoying. You can buy some extension packs as they call it that can last a little bit longer. I personally haven't used those yet but I want to try it in the future. This nice material is cool to the touch. One thing that we've noticed is these straps are a little finally we don't really like it when they're just flopping around."

Last update on 2022-12-14 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

OrganicHealer: "It is a hundred degrees right now. I'm walking my dog and I'm wearing Flexi Freeze Ice Vest that I bought and I really like it. It's got this velcro and inside there are ice panels that you freeze in the freezer and the whole back is covered in those panels. There's nothing on the neck but it's the back and both sides of the chest. And it's a really good quality neoprene, stylish blue too. The ice vest works amazing. I mean it makes me feel like I could be out here walking the dog in this 108 stuff forever and it's definitely making me more patient when my dog is sniffing a bush for a long time or rolling in the dirt. I don't care now. I feel good. I even have a long sleeve top on that I'm wearing. It's a Solumbra, some protective clothing so that just adds to how good the icing is working. So seriously I highly recommend that you check this out.

The ice might only last for a couple hours and then you re-freeze it. And you can buy reusable inserts. When it melts you can put some new stuff in right away. These side adjusters on the side I'm still working with that. It's giving me a little bit of a problem but it's not impossible. It's got these stretchy bungee cords that I'm just not the most fond of but it works. But for me even though I don't get too bothered by the heat I can't wait because I think I'm going to take this to some tennis tournaments and on changeovers. I'm going to quickly take my shirt off and put this right on the bare skin instead of over top of the shirt and it'll cool me down. And I'll be wearing it right before I go on the court. I'm gonna have to hang out outside waiting for my match time. And then I guess what I'm going to do next I'm going to get a reusable ice neck freezer."

FlexiFreeze Personal Series Ice Vest (Zipper Closure)

By Maranda Enterprises, LLC


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The future of cooling vests

Are such cooling gadgets limited to using polymers only? Several major universities, as well as industrial companies from different countries, are engaged in the development of the materials with the built-in “climate-control”. JacobsSchool website, for instance, provides the information on a $2 million grant for designing “smart fabric” able to independently maintain comfortable body temperature. The idea is the following: depending on the air temperature the fabric will either thicken or become thinner. So far there exists a general concept only, and not even the most primitive prototypes have yet been devised.

Finland takes up similar developments. According to the Daily Mail, the Finns promise to introduce “smart fabric” that can change its temperature with a simple button push. Plastic channels filled with liquid able to alter the fabric’s physical characteristics on receipt of certain electric impulses will be built in there. Ideally, “Finnish shirts” should be controlled by smartphones and tablets. However, so far this is only a grant project rather than a completed study.

You might believe that smart fabric is a too complicated concept. It must be easier to devise a special kind of synthetic material that "breathes" or slightly cools your body at least. Such experiments have also been conducted. Moreover, certain athletes’ and workers’ apparel labels mention such magical materials. Unfortunately, Sara J Abdallah, Robin Krug, and Dennis Jensen, the authors of the study on these materials’ thermoregulation properties name them fictional. They have conducted an experiment with 20 athletes who first had to train while wearing regular clothes (a t-shirt and shorts) and then put on some expensive cooling synthetic uniform. After performing the same stamina exercises it became obvious that the pulse, fluid exchange, skin, and esophagus temperature were all the same. A similar indoor experiment didn’t change the researchers’ conclusion.

Nowadays no fabric that can really control human body thermoregulation exists, that is why we shall avoid the heat this summer with the good old proven reviewed gadgets: сooling towels and cooling bandanas.

Back in 2016, researchers at Stanford University came up with a cheap plastic-based textile that promised a brighter future for cooling clothing. In the development of the promising cooling textile made of polyethylene, scientists combined nanotechnology, photonics, as well as chemistry. And the results showed that the skin of a person wearing a cotton fabric was 3.6 F warmer than the skin of another who wore cooling textile. To be honest with you, 3 degrees doesn’t seem like a big deal, besides after more than 3 years since the research was conducted, none of the plastic clothing has become available for the public. Also, polyethylene is super detrimental to the environment, and plastic affects human health. I don’t think society and nature need any more of the plastic pollution.

More recent reseach from scientists at the University of Maryland indicated the availability of a new thermal regulation textile. The fabric, that the researchers came up with using 3D printing, is “made of a nanofiber composite consisting of boron nitride and poly(vinyl alcohol), or PVA.” The key concept here is that the body heat passes through the fabric by the process of conduction to the surrounding environment, without being trapped within the clothing. The developments of this research are further to be observed. It might be the case that the researchers succeed in developing these nanofiber materials further for them to become fully available for the public.

Cooling Vests: Their Effectiveness and Disadvantages


  • Effective in improving capacity and capabilities in workouts
  • Essential (life-saving) in the prevention of hot flashes and heatstrokes in heat-sensitive people and others suffering from medical conditions, like menopause and multiple sclerosis
  • Guards against excessive heat exposure to both animals and humans
  • Increases productivity and efficiency/duration of an exercise or strenuous work
  • Can speed up the recovery process


  • Some products don’t live up to expectations made by faulty advertisements
  • Ice-water immersion is still considered as the most effective first-aid method in heatstroke
  • Ice /gel/PCM vests are often unattractive and bulky, some are even heavy
  • Vests or packs have to freeze, moisten, recharge, and require an additional source of power, as well water reservoir, air compressor, etc.


Do I need a cooling vest?
In case you’ve been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or menopause, your doctor may advise you on purchasing a cooling vest. Also, if you work under harsh and hot environments, it might be a good idea to invest in cooling clothing to protect yourself from the dangers of heatstroke.

Can a cooling vest improve cardio exercise efficiency?
Yes, because cooling the body during exercise can improve your capacity and you’ll be able to perform better and do a lot more than without a cooling vest.

What can a cooling vest do for me?
The cooling vest can keep your core body temperature at the desired level thus, protecting you from excess heat induced by the surrounding temperature or from strenuous exercise.

Can a cooling vest speed up post-workout recovery?
Yes, it certainly can. However, it’s still advised to take an ice-cold bath to increase your chances at a faster recovery.

Are cooling vests good for dogs?
Yes, dogs can benefit from wearing cooling vests in a hot environment. However, it’s still advised to take caution while walking or playing with dogs outside in hot weather, because dogs can quickly overheat.

Can I lose weight by wearing a cooling vest for weight loss?
No. There’s no known evidence to confirm that cooling vests help with weight-loss.

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