My 8-year old daughter is fond of Minecraft and now she is learning Python. We use different STEM educational platforms. And now we are testing the CrowPi2 Raspberry Pi STEM Learning Laptop. Through it, kids can learn Python, Scratch, AI & Minecraft. Twenty-two kinds of common sensors & modules allow for conducting experiments, learning to code, and programming for Arduino, Micro:bit, and BeagleBone.

CrowPi2 laptop & Crowbits Micro:bit Testing

06/21/2021 We’ve got the CrowPi2 laptop & Crowbits Micro:bit Inventor Kit and we have started our testing.

1 day: Unboxing. Beautiful designer boxes. All items inside look well-built. High-quality microcircuits and plastic. We started downloading software. With Crowbits, we have already done some programming and played Rock Scissors Paper.

I must say right away that it is not a ready-to-play fun educational toy (It's not like assembling the Lego Boost robot in just a couple of hours :)) or just a cheap $200 laptop for your kid to play Minecraft — this is more complicated and, therefore, cooler. To me, as a parent, this is valuable because it will allow for integrating my child into the future with robots, high technologies, and AI.

This is a STEM Learning Platform for curious kids and tinkerers who like to unscrew gadgets to figure out how they work. The CrowPi2 is made for young PC builders for practical learning how the computer works from the inside and how computer parts fit together, developing engineering skills, and learning to code.

The 2nd day: What does Crowbits consist of? In 2016, BBC released a single-board computer, which was distributed free of charge to schoolchildren. Now, the board is available for less than 10 bucks. Microsoft has developed a programming language for it, which has become a platform for children to learn. Then, various peripherals began to appear, such as motors and others, so that robots could be built on the basis of this board. It is this BBC-developed single-board computer that is the heart of Crowbits.

What makes the idea of Crowbits so cool?

  • One kit includes as many as 10 blocks of electronics. An ultrasonic sensor so that the robot could have a vision system. An infrared sensor allowing the robot to distinguish between cold and hot objects. A motion sensor. A color detection sensor. Two electric motors. All blocks easily fit each other with the use of magnets.
  • A large set of LEGO parts for mechanism assembling. And they are fully compatible with our LEGO BOOST & TECHNIC, let alone an excellent quality. You can use Crowbits components to build your own robots or improve LEGO robots.

Elecrow is a company developing STEM educational kits. For the CrowPi2, it has raised $652,640 USD with 2087 backers on Kickstarter in 2020.

Where to buy: official website

Watch for our testing results that will be published here soon.

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