I am a relatively healthy girl :) Perhaps, it is only the upper back and neck that hurt after long sitting at the computer and driving the car. Indeed, osteochondrosis is a disease of the 21st century, which we are persistently maintaining in ourselves by not doing sports and spending all day at the laptop in an anatomically unhealthy posture.

That is why I attend a physical therapist twice a year. But in between, the TENS machine is most suited to ease muscle tension.

What is TENS? TENS machines are designed to relieve pain using a low-voltage electrical current. You can change the intensity of electrical stimulation, and control the voltage, duration, and width of the pulse. TENS units come with electrodes that are placed on different parts of your body where the pain is experienced.

The electric current generated by this machine, passes through the electrodes, penetrating the skin. As a result, it stimulates nerve pathways, mitigating the pain.

TENS units are intended to reduce pain in the upper and lower back. Indications for use: pain in joints, rheumatoid arthritis, spasms of muscles, injury rehabilitation.

How We Tested TENS

I have been using a handheld percussion massager for several years, but it is heavy and is not convenient enough to move it across the back as the hand gets tired. While a wireless unit is exactly what is needed — you can sit comfortably and keep working. It just feels like a very pleasant tingling.

I have tested all its programs, attaching the pads to my shoulders in order to relieve the neck pain.

The most powerful one in the TENS mode is P8, in which the muscles contract involuntarily. It feels quite weird to have your shoulders bouncing on their own while you are sitting still. This is like a scientific experiment with a frog’s leg — in case you have seen this video — with the leg twitching when the discharge occurs.

We have also tested iReliev on our grandma, she has got sore joints in her legs, a dislocated shoulder, and pains in other parts of her body. Previously, doctors frequently prescribed physical therapy to her, which helped her, so she liked the idea of having a similar device at home.


There are two modes — TENS and EMS. It comes with 14 programs for various types of treatment, including chronic and acute pain, arthritis, muscle recovery, and building endurance. It has P8 modes for arthritis pain with 2.45-245Hz. 

OUR VERDICT: We think that iReliev TENS+EMS Therapeutic Pain Relief and Recovery System is the best-trusted TENS unit we have tested. The machine delivers two types of therapies — TENS and EMS — that have been proven effective in pain management and muscle stimulation. The device is convenient as it is wireless — you can sit comfortably and keep working.

We recommend you start with the lowest intensity level, increasing it as you get accustomed to the treatment. You can choose the intensity level by pressing the CH1 or CH2 buttons. You'd better do it with the pads on your skin to select the most comfortable setting for you.

iReliev TENS Pain Relief and Recovery System: Check the current price

If you want to know the difference between TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) and EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) action, read Best Electric Muscle Stimulators Compared | Review of EMS Technology

What is the best budget TENS unit? The TENS 7000 is the device for delivering drug-free back pain relief and muscle relaxation. It comes with five pre-programmed modes that help you treat common ailments like neck pain or carpal tunnel relief. The adjustable intensity level allows you to choose how much stimulation you receive from 0-100mA in 10mA increments.This versatile unit also acts as an electric massager to help relieve tension in the back, shoulders, or neck. The TENS 7000 has two separate channels so you can treat two areas of the body at once. You can also use one channel to stimulate an area while using the other channel as a conventional massager. The unit also comes with a protective case that can be used to store it in.

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TENS 7000 Digital TENS Unit41347(36.2%)
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NueMedics Tens Unit Machine19674(17.2%)
AUVON Dual Channel TENS Unit13872(12.2%)
TECHCARE Tens Unit Muscle Stimulator5873(5.1%)
TENKER EMS TENS Unit5155(4.5%)
AUVON 4 Outputs TENS Unit2190(1.9%)
FOXPEED Dual Channel EMS TENS Unit862(0.8%)

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