What is the best sous vide cooker? Sous vide is a low-temperature cooking method where the vacuum-sealed food is cooked slowly in a temperature controlled water bath. The advantage of this method is that it requires less oil and salt compared to traditional cooking.

When choosing your sous vide cooker, consider its power, controls, flow rate, physical size, water capacity, and maximum temperature. Measured in wattage, the unit’s power rating determines how fast the water will achieve the set temperature. Note that more powerful sous vide cookers cause more evaporation.

How Sous Vide Cookers Differ

Controls should allow you to set the desired temperature and let you know when the target temperature is reached.

Some devices have no digital display and, instead, send the information to an app. The maximum temperature the device can reach should be 180°F to 200°F. 

Water capacity or the highest volume of water the unit can heat should be around 5 gallons, however, some people may not need that much. 

Another important value is GPM or gallons per minute that determines the speed of water movement in the container.

There are two types of sous vide cookers.

  • The first type is an immersion circulator that heats and circulates water simultaneously. This is a more budget-friendly option with a greater flexibility thanks to a variety of accessories. With this handheld device, you can cook in any container you like.

  • The other type, a water oven, is an all-in-one solution popular for its convenience. The unit consists of a container and a built-in oven with a heating element and a control panel. The downside to a water oven is that it delivers less precise water temperature and requires more space on the countertop.

Best-Selling Sous Vide Cookers in the UK | Comparison Table

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