Did you notice a single ant but didn’t see any others? Should you worry? — You should. 

As the entomologists explain, this was not a single wandering ant but a forager looking for food. Once it found some, it signaled the others to attract them to the food source in your kitchen. You shouldn’t kill these foragers because they bring poison to contaminate the entire colony. 

Why shouldn’t you kill ants with a fast-acting spray? 

The worst mistake of getting rid of ants is to kill ant foragers immediately when you see them on the surface. The entire colony hides inside its nest. So, killing the queen, which produces new generations, is the most crucial aim of destroying the whole ants’ colony.

There are typically thousands of ants in a colony, including one or more egg-laying queens hidden in a nest. And we aim to kill the queen.

What are the best ant killers?

Entomologists and pest control specialists name insecticides Spidosad, Indoxicarb, and Borox the most potent to combat household and garden ants. This slow-acting poison kills not only those insects in direct contact but also other colony members and queens.

The most convenient way to combat crawling insects are traps — bait stations with poison hidden inside. They attract insects, feeding them poison and letting to share with their counterparts. 

The toxin acts as the domino principle. It doesn’t kill an insect instantly but allows it to interact with others, sharing poison, including the queen, and contaminate all of them.

Why are ant killers sometimes don’t work?

You will be surprised, but ants have different tastes and might be picky. Some ants are sweet-tooth, and some like protein. That is why you’d better try several insecticides and poison baits if you have a severe infestation. 

Raid Ant Killer Bait Stations Review

I used ant-killing poisonous bait stations in my kitchen twice this summer. Once there were tiny black ants who came from the terrace. The second time, brown sugar ants appeared from the wall socket and moved straight to sweet cookies. 

I used Raid Bait Stations both times, and all ants disappeared within a week. It was a small infestation. I think they came from neighbors and didn't settle yet in our house. 

But if you already have a big colony for over half a year, then be patient. To kill the big colony with more than one queen will take 2-3 weeks.

We have at least five big ant colonies in our garden or even more. We have had a severe infestation for many years. That’s why I’m going to place about 10 Raid bait stations this autumn. And then repeat in the spring to be sure all the ants' colonies are destroyed, and all the queens are dead.

Other Ants Killers

Ant Killing Gel in syringe applicator helps leave poison in the cracks, behind the skirting boards, or on pipes and wiring.

There are also IGRs – Queen Sterilizers. The Insect Growth Regulator prevents a queen from producing new workers. But it is a prolonged process that takes around four months and sometimes may last up to a year, especially if the treated areas are large.

I don't recommend using fast-acting ant killers (sprays and powders) because they kill only visible insects and don't affect the colony and the ant queen. If you cannot stand and tolerate any kind of insects in your kitchen, you may once use a fast killer to kill visible ants. But then you should place Poison Bait Stations to destroy the entire colony and eliminate the queen.

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I don't recommend using fast ant killers as they kill only visible insects but don't affect the colony and the ant queen. If you cannot stand the ants in your kitchen, you may use a fast killer to kill visible ants, but then you should place Poison Bait Stations to kill the entire colony and eliminate the queen.

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