Hey, everybody, this is Praxis Prepper. In this video I’m doing something a little bit different than I usually do for my channel, and that is a gear review.

If you guys watch my channel at all, you know that I’m not really a gear review channel. Sometimes I’ll do a gear review on something that I’ve been using that I think works really great, because there’s a lot of garbage out there, and when you find something good it’s nice to share that with other people.

But that’s not my mainstay. I don’t do that much of that. I think it’s always great when you can take sticks and dirt and rocks and make your own solutions to problems and stuff like that, so I’m not a big “buy your way out of trouble” kind of guy. But again, when you find something good, you want to share that with people.

But this gear review is a little bit different than ones I’ve done in the past because this gear – okay, I’m just going to say it. Somebody paid me to do a gear review. They paid me like $150 bucks or something like that to review their pest deterrent.

Pest Venator VS T3R Rodent Repeller

The reason that I agreed to do it was because I’ve used things like that in the past. In fact, I’ve done a gear review for this one, which is an ultrasonic pest deterrent device which I had bought myself because I had a mouse/chipmunk/rat problem in my greenhouse.

This one worked pretty well, and this one cost about $50. I did a positive review on it, and lots of people have seen it. I’ve shared my thoughts on this particular one, the T3R Triple High Impact, whatever. Here’s a link to that review if you want to check that out. This one worked really well – until I got a deaf rat that apparently couldn’t hear it, and I had to catch the rat. But it worked for everything else.

So I was thinking that I wouldn’t mind doing a review on a similar product because this is way less money. Like I said, this thing here was like $50 bucks. You get one unit. These come in a little box, and there were four of them in here for somewhere between $20 and $30. So for about half the price, you get four times as many units.

I was thinking, well, I did a review for the other one; I certainly don’t mind you guys paying me to check this one out and see if it works.

How ultrasonic pest repeller works in the greenhouse

So I tested ultrasonic pest repeller in the greenhouse, because I’d unplugged this thing for a while, I wasn’t using it, and I had some more mice come in. So I ran a test with these guys, and they worked just as good as this other one over here – which doesn’t mean that they were perfect, but neither was this one. They performed just as well as the much more expensive one.

I felt they worked pretty well. In fact, in addition to scaring away the mice and – the chipmunks really didn’t seem to respond that much to it, but the chipmunks didn’t really seem to respond that much to this guy either. I really had to just trap those. But both of these things really scared away the mice. They did a pretty good job on the mice.

Pest Venator Repeller and Ants

And with these smaller ones, the less expensive ones – I can’t say that this is absolute scientific certainty, but with these – every single year, I’ve always had an ant problem in my house. I should preface this by saying these are principally sold for mice. That’s what the people said. They said, “I’d like you to review it for mice.”

It has some other benefits. In fact, on the side here they have a picture of cockroaches and ants and ticks and mice and flies and all these other things. But they were saying these are sort of extra benefits that you may experience, but they don’t necessarily guarantee those.

But for me, every single year we get this yearly assault of ants into our house. While I had these plugged in, this is the only year in the past at least decade that we have not had an assault of ants in our house.

It’s only one data point. You’d have to run it multiple years and then stop using them and see if the ants come back and everything like that. But I feel pretty certain that these had a lot to do with the fact that we did not have a major ant invasion.

In fact, last year was so horrible – there were all these queen ants coming in. There must’ve been at least 100, maybe 200 queen ants. If you ever squish queen ants, there’s a lot of juice there. It’s just kind of gross. Last year was a really gross year. This year we had pretty much no ants. A few scouts here and there, but that was it. And I kind of credit these things.

So if you’re looking for something like that and you’ve seen my other gear review for this, and you’d like to try something that’s half the price and you get four times as many of them, then I would highly recommend these. You may even get rid of an ant problem if you’re experiencing that as well.

How I set up the ultrasonic pest repeller

I should give you guys an idea about how I set up these units to get them to work in the way that they did for me. This right over here is the main area of my greenhouse, and this is where I was having the problem with the rodents coming in. My graywater comes out of the house here; it flows through this area, down over to here.

Every time a rodent was digging up the path – and they like to do that because there’s food and stuff that comes out of the kitchen sink – every time a rodent was digging up that path, it made it so that the flow didn’t move properly. They would dig tunnels under there and the water would go underground. It wouldn’t get to all the plants. It was just really fouling up the way that this area worked.

So I wanted to blanket this area in sound from these units. What I did is I put one unit at the end of each end of this place, and it was easy to do that because I had four of them that came in the pack.

One of them is right here. Because they’re so small, I was able to just dangle it from an extension cord here. I have one unit right here, just blasting in this direction. And then the other one I brought over here and ran into this outlet right here on the wall. So from one end you were getting it, and from the other end you were getting it, and it really seemed to be effective.

If you guys watch my channel a lot, you know that oftentimes I’ll shoot videos out here because it’s really nice light and it’s kind of pretty with the greenery and all that kind of stuff. One time a couple days after I turned these units on, I could see one of the mice fleeing. It was obviously agitated, running its way out.

It definitely was having the impact that I was looking for. So they definitely seemed to work by having them on either end of the space that I was shooting for.

After that, I’ve also had some issues with mice and things like that up under the roof. I’m working on making another home right now, and I’m going to address that access issue of rodents getting up under the roof in that home, but this one still suffers from it.

What I did was I took a couple units – I had two more left because there were four of them – and I stuck them up here. Again, because they’re so small they were easy to stick up in here. I just have the unit on the end of an extension cord, right underneath this roof overhang thing. There’s the metal roof up there, and I had them blasting up under the roof, just having it reverberate under that whole area.

It really seemed to clear the roof out. I had one on one end, one on the other end, and I noticed that I wasn’t hearing the mice running around on the roof after that. I subsequently turned them off and then started hearing the mice come back. So they were definitely having that kind of a positive impact to clear out that space. And it was nice, because they’re so small, that you can stick them up in different areas.

So that’s it. I hope you guys enjoyed the video. Like I said, I’m not going to make a huge habit of doing this kind of stuff, but if someone wants to pay me to review a product and I can make a snappy, fun opening and share something that’s useful with you guys, I will do that.

You’re always going to get my honest opinion. I’m negotiating a headlamp one right now with someone, and that’s the first thing out of the gate all the time, like “You guys have to understand, you’re not buying a good review. You’re buying my time, and if I like it I will share a video. And if not, I’m going to let you guys know.”

But I’m not into being a corporate shill, so, you know, hey. That’s it. Thanks for watching.

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