Do insomnia and fatigue haunt your nights? Stressed out from work and too tired to fall asleep? Cooling pillows might be the perfect solution for your sleep problems. If you want to learn how cooling pillows can help, how they work, and what things to look for when shopping, then you’ve come to the right place. This exhaustive buyer’s guide will cover all sleeping basics and review the TOP 17 best cooling pillows to help you choose the right solution for you.

Anyone who suffers from anxiety, mood disorders, insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, menopause, other conditions that make you run hot, can benefit greatly from the cooling effects of the pillow.

What is the best cooling pillow? The product should be made by a brand-name company that uses advanced technologies, otherwise, it will be just another pillow. Choosing between gel and water-based products, you should better opt for the former as they are more effective and require less maintenance. Make sure that it provides good air circulation and is made of quality material. The product should fit your body well, offering head and neck support all night. We believe that Tempur-Pedic Breeze Dual Pillow fits these criteria best.

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When counting sheep no longer works and long minutes drag into long hours of tossing and turning, then you either suffer from a sleep disorder or something is inherently wrong with your bedding. Or both. If the dim glow of a street lamp fades away and gives way to the bright sunrise of early morning before long, then it’s high time you looked into how and where you sleep. In this guide, we’ll look into the pillow problem that might utterly mess up your sleep hygiene. In particular, we’ll go through cooling pillows that can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

Why you should be concerned about your pillow

Pillows are meant to support the head and neck in a neutral alignment to minimize stress on the spine. In his book Beauty Sleep, Dr. Michael Breus, a sleep expert, argues, that "pillows can not only impact the quality of our sleep but also how healthfully we rest and recharge."

Another sleep expert and one of the best national orthopedic surgeons, Andrew Hecht, MD, says that a wrong pillow can worsen the problems like “headaches, neck pain, shoulder and arm numbness, discomfort, sneezing, and wheezing.“ So choosing the right pillow is important.

The study published in the Journal of Pain Research in 2010 concluded that latex pillows reduced the frequency of waking headache, shoulder and arm pain. Thus, they were recommended to reduce waking symptoms. Conversely, feather pillows were not recommended as they increased the likelihood of waking.

Another research, published in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare in 2011, confirmed the previous findings adding that changing the foam, latex, or polyester pillow to a feather pillow will significantly alter the support provided by the pillow.

However, Dr. Michael Breus, whom we mentioned earlier in the article, says that if you don’t suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and do not need additional back and neck support, then a combination of 50% feather and 50% down would work well in your case.

Science on cooling pillows

But what about cooling pillows? Is there any science behind them? The article in the Scientific American (November issue, 2011) featured a study where scientists put caps with cool circulating water on 12 insomniacs. The findings concluded that cooling the prefrontal cortex made insomniacs fall asleep as fast and stay asleep as long as adults who didn’t suffer from insomnia. Thus, it was confirmed that cooling the brain reduced brain activity and allowed subjects to fall asleep peacefully.

And while I have not heard about cooling caps available for the public, I assume that you can easily substitute them for cooling pillows that would work just as well.

Who can benefit from cooling pillows?

Before we cover the types of cooling pillows available on the market, let’s go through some other sleep basics that would help you determine the best shape and stuffing of the pillow according to your sleeping habits.

Pillow fillings, density, stuffing, and shape according to your sleep patterns

WebMD experts offer the following tips for choosing the pillow depending on your sleep preferences:

  • Back-sleepers: choose thinner pillows with the bottom third raised a little to incorporate the neck
  • Side-sleepers: choose a firmer pillow that would shorten the distance between your ear and the outside of your shoulder
  • Stomach-sleepers: choose a very thin pillow.

If you’re looking for additional back support, then choose the higher density foam or latex pillows that would help you with neck and back alignment. While memory foam is a popular option, it can make sleepers run hot even if it’s meant to cool down.

How it works: types and differentiating features

Now, let’s see how cooling pillows work. Cooling pillows are essentially temperature regulating pillows that work according to a specific technology.

Natural breathable fabrics prevent hot air from building up. They enable air to flow freely throughout the pillow. Natural materials include bamboo, linen, and cotton. Among those, bamboo is scientifically proven to have the lowest thermal conductivity.

Water or gel-based pillows work by transferring heat from your body to the water or gel inside the pillow which makes your skin instantly cooler. The water or gel slowly absorbs the heat from your body until your body (neck, shoulders, and head) and the pillow reach the same temperature, then the cooling effect stops. Overall, the cooling effect will last about 30 minutes.

Phase-change materials are capable of storing and releasing energy when solidified or melted. PCMs were first developed and used by NASA, but in the 90s became available to the public. PCM cooling pillows are considered more effective because the filling in the pillow allows for more air circulation. They are not meant to provide instant cooling relief, however, but rather help with body thermoregulation.

How to choose the right cooling pillow: types of technologies, fabrics to consider

So, if you are in the market for a good cooling pillow, there are a few things to consider when shopping:

  • Material Choice and stuffing/filling, which largely depend on your personal preferences and sleeping needs.

Memory Foam is made of polyurethane plus additional chemicals that increase its elasticity and viscosity. It molds to a warm body and takes its shape. Since the memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, it is known to make sleepers hot. Thus, the manufacturers came up with an idea of inserting a cool gel sheet to make the experience cooler.

Gel Fiber mimics down, it’s plush and fluffy, but may not provide the support needed, especially for side sleepers. The gel-fiber filling is unable to retain heat, which contributes to its cooling properties.

Natural fillings can be anything from buckwheat hulls to millet and hemp. All of these natural stuffings improve air circulation and regulate body temperature. Millet hulls are also rich in silicic acid which is known to alleviate muscle pain and improve quality sleep.

  • Natural Fibers vs Synthetic

While some synthetic options might be more widespread and cheaper, unfortunately, they won’t help much in battling hot flashes, night sweats, or insomnia. Synthetic polymers are a plastic by-product and should be avoided for bedding. Natural fibers, conversely, have a larger cellular structure that allows air to circulate freely and absorbs moisture more easily. It’s important to choose a pillowcase or cover that is made from 100% natural materials, even if you decide not to use natural fillings.

  • Gel or Water Based?

Gel or water-based pillows work practically the same. Usually, water-based pillows come cheaper but are less common. These are essentially pillows with an additional polyester foam layer that is filled with either water or gel. Through the process of conduction, the pillows absorb body heat and disperse it across the water or gel. While water pillows can be adjusted for firmness - pour less or more water - they require a little more maintenance. You have to get the air out of the water pouch; otherwise, it would be heavy, noisy, and uncomfortable.

  • Breathable Options

Always look for breathable options. Even if you choose memory foam or gel fiber, see if the pillow allows for better air circulation with special tiny air vents. If there are no air holes, look for a breathable pillowcase or cover from either bamboo or cotton.

  • Phase Change Materials

Phase Change Materials, or thermocouples, were initially designed for use in space suits. This is the patented technology that regulates your skin microclimate by absorbing, storing, and releasing excess heat. While you won’t necessarily feel a cooling effect immediately after you put your head on the pillow, the PCM stuffing is known to have a long-term effect and help with night sweats and hot flashes. One of the good representatives of PCM bedding is Outlast All Season Temperature Regulating Pillowcases. These covers are 300-thread count, 40% Outlast 60% Cotton sateen weave, meaning that 40% is made of phase change materials. The pillowcases are even available in several outlandish color schemes if you want to liven up the look of your bedroom a bit.

TOP 17 best cooling pillows | Reviews

Now let’s review some of the TOP cooling pillows: memory foam pillows with naturally breathable covers, gel fiber-filled, water, and gel-based pillows, as well as travel and gel mats.
In this review, I’ll focus on the main established and reliable brands first and then go through some of the imported options, which might not prove as decent as the others in the TOP. However, I felt obligated to cover them since they might come cheaper and more affordable.


1. Tempur-Pedic Cloud Breeze with Cooling TEMPUR® Breeze Gel Layer – established brand, USA

The first American brand that I’d like to cover is Tempur-Pedic. The company is based in Kentucky and has been in the business for more than 26 years. According to Wikipedia, “Tempur was originally based on NASA research to develop a material that would cushion aircraft seats and improve survivability in the event of an accident.”

The Cloud Breeze pillow incorporates a patented Tempur-Breeze Gel Layer on both sides of the pillow so you can flip to the other side whenever the cooling effect of one side stops.

The difference between Serta and Tempur is primarily in the quantity of the gel, the Tempur has a double-sided pillow, whereas Serta offers only one gel side.

While Tempur's description says that it is suitable for all sleeping patterns, consumers say that Cloud Breeze is too heavy and thick and might not be very comfortable for stomach sleepers.

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Tempur-Pedic: Check the current price

2. Columbia Extreme Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

This product is manufactured by Columbia Sportswear Company, a brand-name company that has been producing gear for outdoor activities for 80 years. These guys do their best to keep their customers dry, cool or warm, depending on the weather environment. Given their professional approach to the matter, I was not surprised to learn that two advanced technologies were simultaneously applied in the production of this pillow.

These are Omni-Freeze and Omni-Wick technologies, with the former keeping you cool and the latter keeping you dry. The cool surface of the blue side allows the bottom of the pillow to remain cool even after many hours of sleep. On the other hand, the white side with a breathable surface eliminates moisture and makes perspiration evaporate faster. That is why this dual-side memory foam pillow will be a saving grace in the heat of summer!

Another advantage of this product I would like to highlight is the comfort it delivers, no matter what your favorite sleeping posture is. Being neither too hard nor too soft, the pillow supports your shoulders and neck, helping you to relieve the body strain and relax. In case you are not satisfied with the product, bear in mind that the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty, something that gives customers more confidence in its quality.

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Columbia: Check the current price

3. Purple pillow with Hyper-Elastic Polymer - new brand, USA

Purple supportive pillow is a project that initially spawned out of the Kickstarter campaign that has pledged more than 2 million dollars to date. The science behind it is based on Hyper-Elastic Polymer, the material that’s grid organized, which can either support or fold depending on how much pressure it receives. Since the material is essentially riddled with little grids, it allows free air circulation without obstruction. Hyper-Elastic Polymer is a fully recyclable material and CertiPUR-US­ Certified. The cover is made from breathable polyester and bamboo, stretchy for your head to sink into the squishy pillow.


The difference from the others in the TOP is that Purple’s foam is based on hundreds of little empty triangles, which allow for better air circulation. The pillow also comes with a blow-up pad for extra support.

The consumer response is mixed, with people saying that while it provided a cooling effect, the neck and back support was insufficient. Others said you could only use it while it laid flat without being able to prop yourself up to read a book. The quality of the pillow suffered from the foam disintegrating over time.

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Purple: Check the current price

4. ComfyComfy Buckwheat Hull Pillow – Best Organic, made in the USA

All ComfyComfy products are handmade in the US by a family business.

The pillow's filling is entirely natural and organic USA-grown buckwheat hulls cleaned without chemicals or fumigants.

The pillow's weight is 5lbs, but you’ll receive an additional pound of extra hulls to customize your pillow fully.

The case is made of durable organic cotton twill grown and woven in the USA. The zipper on the case allows you to remove or add extra hulls for better comfort. The owner of ComfyComfy provides extra tips on how to use the pillows if you happen to be a side, back, or stomach sleeper on her youtube channel.

It differs from the others primarily because it doesn’t utilize chemicals and all products are handmade from organic materials.

Available in 5 sizes. You can add an organic cotton pillowcase for an extra 20 dollars.

The product is pricey, so if you want a more affordable natural cooling pillow, then consider Bucky Large Duo Bed Pillow, which comes at half the price. The Bucky pillow is made of 50% millet hulls, 50% buckwheat hulls and comes with a cotton pillowcase included. The Bucky is also a US-based company that’s been in business for 20 years.

100% Organic: Check the current price

5. Serta Stay Cool Gel Memory Foam – established brand, USA

Serta is well established and trustworthy brand that’s been in business for more than 80 years. Serta uses memory foam that’s been manufactured in the USA according to all necessary safety standards.

The cover of the pillow is 233 thread count cotton. The filling is cool gel memory foam that maintains an optimal sleeping surface. Serta says the pillow is suitable for all types of sleeping patterns, whether you like to sleep on your side or back doesn’t matter.

Consumers say it is very solid and doesn’t flatten over time. Those who were not satisfied with the product said the cooling effect didn’t last long and made you hot over the course of the night.

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Serta: Check the current price

6. Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow - Bamboo cooling pillow with adjustable fit and zipper, USA

Snuggle-Pedic is stuffed with the shredded memory foam, which can be adjusted through a zipper removable outer cover: take out the unnecessary stuffing to make it softer or add extra foam to make a pillow thicker. The pillow cover is made of 43% Bamboo viscose, 56% Polyester, and 1% Lycra. The case is full of tiny ventilated holes for better air circulation.

The manufacturer says they use hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant materials as well as US-Certified Biogreen foam.

Available in 3 sizes. Fully machine washable. Made in the USA.

The seller guarantees free customizations in case you are not satisfied with the product.

This product can be compared to the Columbia pillow, which was discussed above. However, the Snuggle-Pedic earns more kudos because they specifically outlined how the cover can be removed and how the filling can be customized.

Bamboo pillow: Check the current price

7. Coop Home Goods cooling pillow - with adjustable foam filling, USA

The inner cover of this cooling pillow is made of 100% polyester, while the outer cover is more breathable and made of 40% bamboo and 60% polyester.

It has a zippered inner and outer cover, meaning you can adjust the amount of memory fill you want to have inside: more for a firm, less for a soft.

This product is manufactured in the USA with certified memory foam, fully compliant with the law, and without hazardous chemicals.

Overall the product merits a recommendation. However, some people noticed it gets flat over time and quickly loses its loft.

The pillow is machine washable.

Coop Home Goods: Check the current price

8. The Water Cooling Pillow by Mediflow 

Mediflow is a US-based company that supplies more than 10,000 health care clinics. The researchers from the John Hopkins School of Medicine confirmed the medical benefits of using the water-based pillow, Mediflow in particular.

Now let’s look at the pillow: the cover is made of 60% cotton, 40% rayon. The top layer is cool gel foam. There’s a special foam spring center that maintains support. You can adjust the amount of water to any level of support according to your personal preferences.

The manufacturer provides video instructions on how to fill the water and get the unwanted air out of the pillow to prevent noise and discomfort.

The product can be either made in the US or imported. The buyers mostly liked it and didn’t report any manufacturing issues. Those who were unsatisfied said it was just uncomfortable and high-maintenance.

Mediflow: Check the current price


Now, let’s look at a few of the imported products, which might be a little more affordable, but can have various quality issues, usually varying by the batch.

9. Contour Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel Technology

The covering is made of 60% polyester. Curved contour design allows for better alignment of the spine and neck thus, alleviating back pain and reducing pressure points on the shoulders.

Two sizes are available: the loft is 4 or 5 inches long. The product description doesn’t directly disclose where the pillow is manufactured, ambiguously stating that it can be manufactured in the US or imported.

The pillowcase is machine washable. The buyers’ reviews were mixed, with those unsatisfied saying the pillow had a moldy and musty smell that would not go away no matter what.

10. Affordable bamboo cooling pillows

The cover is made of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo. The insides are shredded memory foam.

Although these pillows might be more affordable than the others, consumers noticed a very strong plastic smell that was coming from the pillows. One of the buyers even tore the pillow open to see what was inside, only to find out that the pillows contained shreds of many kinds of foam that smelled unhealthy. Imported (obviously made in China). Machine washable cover.

Plixio: Check the current price

11. WonderSleep Queen - shredded hypoallergenic memory foam

These cooling pillows with shredded hypoallergenic memory foam can also be adjusted for firmness: add/remove foam filling for a personalized sleep experience.

The cover is made of 60% polyester and 40% bamboo. The filling is 80% shredded memory foam and 20% polyester fiber. The pillows are machine washable.

While consumer response to this product was positive, those who left negative comments were mostly concerned with the chemical odor, broken seams, and lack of support provided by the pillow.

WonderSleep: Check the current price

12. Reversible cooling pillow with gel pad

This pillow is double-sided, with one side for cool nights and the other with a cool gel pad - for warm.

The gel pad promises to regulate body temperature and disperse heat. The loft is 5 inches, which is okay for side and back sleepers. The cover is hypoallergenic mesh, which is easily removable and machine washable.

The customer response is positive, but few people commented on the pungent smell that came with the product, others on the varying quality of different batches, and the unreliable cooling effect that didn’t last long.

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Reversible with gel pad: Check the current price

13. Sleep Restoration Gel Cooling Pillow - Gel Fiber-Filled

The covering is 100% cotton with 240 thread count. Gel fiber makes the pillow super fluffy and plush. The manufacturer claims that the pillow has no-shift construction, meaning the fiber won’t shift to any side over time. The materials are dust mite, fade, and stain resistant.

The reviews are mostly positive, with few buyers saying the quality varied by the batch with few pillows arriving in the mold, while there were supposed to be mold resistant.

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Sleep Restoration: Check the current price

14. Classic Brands cooling pillow with ventilation

The memory foam is riddled with little ventilated air holes for better air circulation. The pillow has a medium plush feel, the loft being 5 inches. The velour knit cover of this pillow is made of 100% polyester, easily removable and machine washable.

Despite the manufacturer’s claims for the pillow having a cooling effect, few buyers commented on the lack of it, and varying quality per batch.

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Pillow with ventilation: Check the current price

15. Cooling pillow with gel foam and ventilation

The gusseted pillow has 4.5 inches loft. The filling is cool gel-infused memory foam. This pillow is medium plush with a soft knit cover that’s easily machine washable. The air vents throughout the pillow are supposed to contribute to better airflow.

Consumers positively responded to the product, with a few detractors saying the pillow was too thick and firm. Available in 3 sizes

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Gel foam and ventilation: Check the current price

16. Gel Pillow Mats and Pads

These are not the pillows but rather the gel pillow mats that have to be placed directly on your pillow.

Look for cotton or bamboo-based covering that would add breathability to the mat. The mats are usually flexible and can be folded for ease of use while on the go.

The gel pillow mat is usually filled with one continuous macromolecule cooling gel piece. To add extra coolness to it, you may refrigerate the mat before use.

The consumer response to this type of product is usually positive, but a few buyers often complain that the gel gathers into lumpy bumps over time, shrinks, or flattens out; others say the cooling effect doesn’t last long and when the cooling stops, the mat becomes warmer than the room temperature and ends up hot in the middle of the night.

Cool Care Technology Pad: Check the current price

17. Cooling travel pillows

These are the neck support pillows that are intended for use on airplanes and in cars while traveling. They usually utilize soft memory foam with a firm support layer. The travel pillows are usually adjustable for a perfect fit with a magnetic custom-sizing toggle in front. Look for breathable covers with cooling vents throughout the pillow for better air circulation.

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Travel Pillow: Check the current price


How to clean a cooling pillow? / How to wash the cooling pillow?
The answer depends on a particular type of pillow. Usually, the manufacturer explicitly outlines how to wash or clean the product in its description or a booklet with instructions. More often than not, you can only wash the cover of the pillow, some others allow for the insides to be washed as well.

Can I use a cooling pillow for hot flashes?
Yes, you certainly can. I would advise you to opt for breathable fabrics first or go completely organic and purchase a natural pillow with buckwheat or hemp stuffing, and if it doesn’t work for you, then try a water pillow, and if you don’t like the feeling of water splashing and swashing inside, then try a certified shredded memory foam and see if that one would work.

Can a cooling pillow be used for stomach sleepers?
You have to purchase a very thin, almost flat pillow. If you’re specifically going for a cooling effect, then purchase a cooling pillow mat. Or choose a shredded memory foam pillow where you can adjust an amount of stuffing by either getting some of it out or adding it up.

Can a cooling pillow be used for side sleepers?
Yes, cooling pillows can be used for side sleepers. However, look for quality materials and certified memory foam, which don’t come cheap but will be worth the investment.

Can I use a cooling pillow for neck pain?
Yes, you can. However, we recommend talking to your doctor first and see if she can advise you on a particular orthopedic pillow you have to look for.

Can I use a cooling pillow for migraines?
Cooling pillows can indeed help with migraines, but we advise you ask your healthcare provider if you can use them safely in your situation.

Can I use a cooling pillow for dogs / cats?
Yes, you can. We suggest you look for pads or pillows that are specifically designed for pets, like this one, for example, The Green Pet Shop Dog Pad

Can I use a cooling pillow for a baby?
Yes, you can. However, babies are not advised to use pillows until they reach at least 2 years of age.

Are there any therapeutic cooling pillows on the market?

Unfortunately, from what we have researched, we have not found any pillow that would have both therapeutic and cooling effect simultaneously. However, a lot of manufacturers (including the ones described above in this article) claim that their “orthopedic” pillows have therapeutic effects. These claims can be at least unsubstantiated and we don’t recommend you buy into those touted statements until you do your own research. The water-based pillows, however, are widely used across numerous healthcare facilities, and they might be called ‘therapeutic”.

Machine Wash vs. Hand Wash

Personally, I would not even think of buying the hand wash options, given the time constraints I face every day. I don’t want to spend those precious moments of my spare time washing a pillow. But if you don’t mind, then it should not be a concern.

Pros & Cons of using these products


  • The cooling effect of those pillows can make you sleep faster and keep you asleep longer.
  • Orthopedic features of some of those pillows can provide additional head, neck, and back support.
  • Adjustability features allow you to customize the pillow in size, weight, firmness, and softness: just remove or add the stuffing for a customized experience.


  • Unfortunately, there are a lot of imported products with dubious quality that give others a bad name.
  • The cooling effect of gel pads often doesn’t last long and result in actually absorbing heat and raising the temperature of the pillow way above room temperature.
  • Memory foam often prevents good air circulation despite manufacturers’ claims. Opt for shredded memory foam with tiny air vents on the cover, choose organic options, or if in the market for cooling qualities–try a water-based pillow.

Tips & life hacks

  • If firmness is your priority, choose the denser foam: the higher the density, the more support you will have
  • If your concern is a cooling effect, choose a water-based pillow or shredded memory foam with a breathable cover and air vents.

Cooling Pillow Review & Testing: How I tested and slept on it for a year

When I first heard about a cooling pillow, I honestly was very skeptical about its cooling properties. However, I was also genuinely interested in the technology and wanted to check if it worked or was just another marketing trick.

About a year ago, I decided to experiment and buy something affordable (because I was not prepared to spend a fortune on something that won’t work). And so I bought the Classic Bands cooling pillow, which cost me around 28 dollars.

I received a nicely packaged pillow which I liked. It was double-sided: one side was a plain memory foam with a slight cooling effect, and the other one was with a cooling gel insert.

Here’s the funny part: I bought this pillow in winter. You won’t believe it, but on the first night, my ear got frozen! The gel pad sustains the ambient temperature of the surrounding environment, and my bedroom temperature in winter seldom reaches 68 Fahrenheit. It was cool, both figuratively and literally: you fall asleep just to wake up with an ice-cold ear! This is how I came to believe in modern technology and decided to put my pillow aside until summer.

In the early summer, when the room temperature reached around 73 degrees, the pillow “took” the excess heat from the head and the cooling lasted for somewhat 20 minutes, and then cooling stopped. I flipped my pillow and slept on the other, more “cooling” side. Or just shifted to the other part of the pillow, which was still cool, thanks to the length of the pillow is 24 inches.

But when the temperature reached 80 degrees in the middle of the summer, I realized that the cooling effect had disappeared altogether. The pillow became the same temperature as the surrounding environment and didn’t cool me down at all. So, in case you don’t have AC or live in a particularly hot and humid climate, the pillow won’t work.

What to say about the pillow having two sides? The memory foam has a very light, pleasant cooling effect; the gel side is slightly cooler. I think these types of pillows, doesn’t matter with gel or without, must be pretty much the same in their cooling properties, and the effect won’t differ if you pay more.

What else is important when choosing a pillow? For me, as it turned out, the deciding factor was the loft of the pillow. Being 5’7 and having wide swimmer-like shoulders, 5’’ loft turned out to be a deal breaker: it was not very convenient for sleeping on the back and was too short for me to sleep on my side. Because of my broad shoulders, I had to put a hand under the pillow. Anyway, these are my personal preferences that are influenced by my body type. If you’re an average person with regular shoulders, then it might be okay for you. However, if you have broad shoulders, I advise you to consider the pillow height before committing to a purchase.

So what's my verdict? I think the pillow is worth its $28. I don’t think I wasted my money. It’s high-quality, and although many people commented on the varying quality by the batch, I was lucky enough to receive a very good one. If I were thinking of repurchasing another cooling pillow, I would go for a more trusted American brand, like Serta, Tempur-Pedic, or Columbia, despite being pricier.

I am a down-the-line realist, and I don’t believe in miracles, so I am okay with the “cooling effect” that the pillow provides. It works as expected when the temperature doesn’t exceed 80 degrees. And during the summer heat, I’ll just go the old-fashioned way and switch on my AC.

Comparative Chart of Cooling Pillows

Product Features

Serta | Best Trusted

The cover: 233 thread count cotton.
The filling: cool gel memory foam with an optimal sleeping surface
Made in the USA

Tempur-Breeze Gel | Best Trusted

Available in 2 sizes and 2 editions.
Patented Tempur-Breeze Gel Layer on both sides of the pillow
Loft: 6.4 inches
Queen size: 27x19x6.4 inches
King size: 35x19x6.4 inches
Made in the USA

Columbia Dual-Sided Cooling Pillow

Dual-sided pillow
Ultra-cooling cover with a breathable mesh
Shredded high-quality memory foam (100% polyurethane gel foam)
Support for neck & shoulders
Loft: 5.5 inches
Dimensions: 16 x 25 inches
Made in the USA (can be imported)


Pillow: Hyper-Elastic Polymer Smart-Comfort Grid (fully recyclable and CertiPUR-US­ Certified foam)
Non-toxic polyethylene copolymer powder coating
White Cover: 55% Polyester, 37% Viscose from Bamboo, 8% Spandex
Size: 24 x 16 x 3
Made in the USA

Organic Buckwheat

Handmade, organic
5lbs buckwheat hulls + 1 lbs extra hulls
Case: durable organic cotton twill grown and woven in the USA
Available in 5 sizes.
Extra organic cotton pillowcase for 20 dollars.
Made in the USA


Shredded memory foam
Firmness/softness can be adjusted
Cover: 43% bamboo viscose, 56% polyester, and 1% lycra.
3 sizes
Fully machine washable
Made in the USA




Cover: 60% cotton, 40% rayon.
The top layer is cool gel foam
Special foam spring center for support


Cover: 60% polyester and 40% bamboo
The insides are shredded memory foam
Machine washable cover


80% shredded memory foam and 20% polyester-fiber.
Firmness/softness can be adjusted
Cover: 60% polyester and 40% bamboo
Machine washable

Reversible with gel pad

Made of 100% polyester.
Double-sided: one side for cool nights and the other one - for warm
The cover is hypoallergenic mesh
Dimensions: 16x24x5

Gel + Cotton

Cover: 100% cotton
240 thread count
Stuffing: gel fiber
No-shift construction
2 sizes: queen and king


Velour knit cover: 100% polyester
Memory foam is riddled with ventilated air holes
Medium plush feel
Loft - 5 inches.
Available in 2 sizes.

Gel foam + ventilation

Dimensions: 16x22x4.5
The filling is cool gel-infused memory foam
Soft knit cover
Available in 3 sizes.

Cooling pad

Dimensions: 12.5 x 5.5 x 1.2 inches
Patented technology without refrigeration, water, or electricity
Safe for people, pets, and the planet



Although there are great technologies available in the market for cooling pillows, there’s still plenty of room for improvement. And while consumer response is mostly positive, very few options merit solid recommendations, primarily because the pillows fail to deliver on all the claimed qualities: if a pillow has an excellent cooling quality, the firmness and support suffer, and vice versa.

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👉 TOP 10 Best Cooling Pillows In [2020-2021]

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