Ever wondered how you could enhance your sleeping experience with a cooling mattress pad? We’ve spent ample amount of time researching the best cooling mattress pads and toppers on the market to bring you only quality information on products that deliver! Read on to find out how cooling mattress pads work and things to look for when shopping. We’ll review the TOP 10 Best Cooling Mattress Pads to make the decision-making process easier!

What You Will Learn from This Guide:

Tossing and turning on a hot mattress has never been a pleasant experience. If you’re one of those people who always sleep hot, then the following extensive review of the cooling mattresses will finally help you sleep better.

What is a cooling mattress pad?

A cooling mattress pad is a thin type of cooling padding that attaches to your mattress like an extended perfectly fitted sheet. A mattress topper is a removable bedding layer that sits on top of your mattress supplementing the comfort, durability, and support that your mattress might lack. Since mattress pads can be sometimes referred to as mattress toppers, and vice versa, we’ll unite those two and refer to them both as just “mattress pads”.

The cooling effect is obtained by the technology used in the bedding: it can be anything from simple breathable organic materials to gel infused memory foam. We’re going to explore the technologies and materials used in mattress pads later in this article.

How does cooling mattress pad work?

Cooling mattress pads regulate your core body temperature by using special materials, such as gel memory foam, cotton, bamboo, or latex, which allow more air circulation than a mattress alone. The special materials used in cooling mattress pads create a perfect cooling surface that absorbs your body heat and disperses it throughout the pad. The pads have their own cooling limitations, in case you wonder, so if you suffer from immense hot flashes or night sweats or any other medical condition that requires you to sleep on a really cool bedding, then pads might not be enough for you and you will have to look for additional cooling support (like AC bedding, we’ve covered one of the representatives of this type in the end of the article.

How to choose the right cooling mattress pad

There are several factors to consider when shopping for a cooling mattress pad beside its price or longevity of a cooling effect. Below is a quick summary of the main features that will likely affect whether a cooling mattress pad is right for you or not.

Materials | Filling/Stuffing

  • Cotton & Bamboo

If we are talking about materials, then primarily they relate to the outer surface of the mattress pad, and not the filling inside, because the filling can be anything from down and feathers to gel foam, rubber foam, and egg crate foam, etc. Anyway, if you’re looking for a breathable surface that will contribute to the cooling effect of the pad, then you have to look for cotton and bamboo organic fabrics. According to scientists, the heat storage rate in the human body can significantly be reduced by using 100% regenerated bamboo. Both bamboo and cotton have low thermal conductivity, hence are considered ideal for bedding.

  • Wool

Counterintuitively, wool acts as a natural thermostat; it also has low thermal conductivity and superior resilience. So don’t be surprised when the manufacturers praise the cooling properties of their wool bedding. Wool handles the temperature and moisture and adjusts to your core body temperature throughout the night either releasing or absorbing heat. Besides natural wool offers a luxurious plush experience that might contribute to your blissful sleep.

  • Latex

Latex foam is made from the sap of rubber trees. 100% latex is extremely expensive, thus a lot of manufacturers blend it with synthetics. The vast majority of mattress pads on the market are in fact made of this blend, and any synthetic addition contains petroleum, according to article in the New York Times. So you can’t call latex bedding natural. However, latex provides better and firmer support for your body, so if you’re looking for a solid and thick pad, then latex topper can be a viable option for you.

  • Gel-infused foam

Memory foam that’s infused with gel for cooling and breathability is another popular filling in the mattress pads. Foam is substantially a moldable material that adjusts to your body curvatures, temperature, and weight. If you don’t like the sinking motion of the memory foam, then you might want to consider buying firmer pad, like latex pad. However, if you’re your sleeping on your back, it might be a good option, since it aligns your spine more or less horizontally.

There are three options of cooling mattress thickness:

  • 2 inches (thin)

The thin pad would be ideal if you already have a great supportive mattress and are only looking for cooling properties of the pad. You might want to buy something like a thin gel pad or a thin wool topper.

  • 3 inches (medium)

If you’re looking for both an additional support and a plush soft feeling of extra bedding, then the medium thick topper would suit your immediate needs. Most of the memory foam pads have a 3-inch thickness and provide additional backbone support.

  • 4 inches (thick)

4-inch thick topper will provide a more luxurious experience and extra support for your body. Some of the high-quality memory foams are 4 inches thick.

  • ≤ 3 lbs

The density of less than or equal to 3 lbs means that the stuffing in bedding weights 3 lbs or less per cubic feet. This is a very lightweight topper that won’t provide additional body support but will be soft and nice to the touch.

  • 4-5 lbs

The density of 4 to 5 lbs per cubic feet is considered an ideal density for a mattress topper. It provides both support and softness.

  • ≥ 6 lbs

The mattress pads with the density of 6 lbs or above are pertinent to the high-quality stuffing: they will keep your body supported for longer, they are more durable, stiffer, and are mostly intended for therapeutic purposes. If you’re looking for a soft topper, then this option is not for you.


If you want your mattress pad to serve longer and perform better, then you have to consider buying a special cover, that’s sometimes referred to as mattress protector. Put a mattress pad on a mattress first, then place a mattress protector on top and cover it all with a sheet. This type of setting will elongate the life of both your mattress and topper. Look for breathable natural fabrics like bamboo and cotton for covering.

Top-10 Best Cooling Mattress Pads from $26 to $284

Now let’s look at some of the top-notch cooling mattress toppers. We’ll review cotton and wool-based pads, as well as gel-infused memory foam, latex, and even electrical options.  

Gel-infused foam cooling mattress pads

1. Sleep Innovations Gel Memory Foam Topper - 4 inches thick

The cooling pad from Sleep Innovations, an American company based in NJ, is 4 inches thick, which is ideal for back and stomach sleepers. The filling is gel memory foam which draws heat away from the body adding to its extra cooling effect. The mattress pad combines 2 inches of quilted fiber and 2 inches of gel memory foam. Manufactured in the US. Available in 5 sizes.

Customers are positive about the support the pad offers, some say it’s a top-notch topper for the money. Those who were dismayed said the quality didn’t last and the firmness was lost in as little time as 6 months. But there’s a 10-year limited warranty, so in case something unfortunate happens with a product, you may as well just change it for a new one.

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Sleep Innovations: Check the current price

2. Linenspa Gel Swirl Memory Foam Topper  - affordable 2 inches thick

Linenspa is an American company that’s been in business for 15 years. The company claims that you’ll get all the same quality materials as with the high-end brands only for much less! Sounds tempting, ain’t it? Overall, it’s a solid option worth the money. With this 2 inch gel foam topper you’ll get both the extra support and added comfort. Customers were generally pleased with how and what the product delivered, however, the few who were left unhappy said that it actually made them sleep even hotter. So if you’re specifically looking for cooling properties, then choose something with a better air circulation.

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Linenspa: Check the current price

Latex cooling mattress pad

3. Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper - the firmest

Sleep on Latex is based in Chicago. The company has developed and patented the gold standard in latex foam, called Pure Green® Natural Latex Foam. The owner of the company went all the way to Sri-Lanka to develop and produce this signature latex foam. All Sleep on Latex products are designed, sewn, and assembled on a factory in Chicago.

The product that we feature in this article is Pure Green 100% Natural Latex Mattress Topper that is available in an array of sizes, 18 to be exact. You can also choose the thickness of the pad from as low as one inch to as thick as three inches. The memory foam is riddled with tiny little air vents for better air circulation. It’s been tested for harmful substances, and for low chemical emissions, so chances are you can’t really go wrong with this product.

The consumers rejoiced in their perfect night sleeps with this high-quality latex pad. The ones who were left unhappy said the mattress pad seemed too firm for them. Well, if you’re looking for a soft and plush experience, the latex pad is not the best choice.

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Sleep On Latex: Check the current price

Bamboo cooling mattress pad

4. ExceptionalSheets Rayon from Bamboo Mattress Pad with Fitted Skirt - the softest

ExceptionalSheets, now called ELuxury, is an American company, operating from Indiana, where they design and manufacture an extensive line of products that guarantee the first-class luxury that is both affordable and 100% authentic.

ExceptionalSheets Bamboo Mattress Pad features high-quality American craftsmanship. It’s both laboratory tested and certified according to Consumer Product Safety Commission 16 CFR Part 1632 without the use of flame retardant chemicals (something that you might not find in imported products).

The cover is plush rayon bamboo and the filling is hypoallergenic down alternative RevoLoft Cluster Fiber (fiberfill) that is 30% cotton and 70% polyester. Available in 8 sizes.

The consumers are overwhelmingly positive about the product, even a few detractors have nice things to say about the pad, praising its comfiness and softness, but complaining about the quality of the pockets and elastic sides. But don’t worry, even if you have any questions or concerns about your product, the manufacturer is very quick to answer and is often praised by an exceptional customer service quality.

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ExceptionalSheets: Check the current price

Wool cooling mattress pad

5. SnuggFleece Elite Wool Mattress Pad - 100% organic wool from homegrown sheep

Snuggle Fleece is a reputable company that’s been in business for more than 30 years. They are based in the US, where they design and manufacture their products. They use only American wool, thereby supporting the local sheep industry.

The Snuggle Fleece Elite Wool Mattress Pad features 65 oz wool per linear yard. It’s 1.5 inches high, which is very light and ideal if you just want a touch of luxurious softness over your already supportive mattress.

Customers loved the product praising its durability, lushness, softness, and contribution the wool pad made to their overall better sleep experience. The unsatisfied customers said the pad was too thin. The manufacturer, though, explicitly stated that the topper was only an inch and half, so don’t expect miracles to happen.

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SnuggFleece: Check the current price

Available in 7 sizes.

Cotton cooling mattress pad   

6. Luxurious Fitted Down Alternative Mattress Pad - 100% Cotton

Mastertex is a privately held company based in NY State that’s been in business for 10 years. They design and manufacture all kinds of high-quality bedding, including cooling mattress pads.

The Luxurious Fitted Down Alternative Mattress Pad that we cover in this article is made in the USA with truly high-quality materials. 100% cotton top is fully breathable and doesn’t retain heat; it’s also hypoallergenic, in case any of your family members suffer from allergies. The stuffing is soft down-like fiberfill that adds extra comfort and support. The sides of the pad are stretchable so would fit anywhere gently hugging your mattress.  Available in 7 sizes.

Customers were generally pleased with the pad, praising the cooling qualities and material properties. The detractors often complained that the topper seemed to deteriorate after wash. Thus, look at instructions carefully before washing. Apart from that, the product is worth recommending.

Mastertex: Check the current price

Hybrid: cotton+polyester

7. AmazonBasics Hypoallergenic Quilted Mattress Pad - best budget

AmazonBasics is a sub-brand of Amazon, which is a reputable business, and you can rely on support and warranty with any product they brand.

This Quilted Mattress Pad is made of 20% cotton and 80% polyester. Although it’s obviously manufactured outside of the US, you should not worry about the quality of the product since it’s sold by such a gigantic and reliable company like Amazon. Besides, the bedding follows the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, an independent certification system that ensures materials meet high safety and environmental standards.

The filling inside the pad is hypoallergenic fiberfill, the fabric sides stretch to ensure a perfect fit. Available in 6 sizes.

The customers were generally happy with the product, and those who were not, complained of suffering breathability and lack of cooling effect, some others said the company should transfer their manufacturing facilities to the US to ensure better quality.

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AmazonBasics: Check the current price

Pressure activated gel

8. Cool Flash Sleeping Gel Body Pad by Cool Care Technologies - gel only

This is an interesting product that stands out from others because it contains only cooling gel. It is portable (43.4 x 27.6 inches), lightweight (5 pounds) and multi-use (at home, at the gym, and in the car).The manufacturer says that you will feel cool for at least 3 hours, this is perhaps an overestimation. You can place this gel under your sheet, or hug it for extra coolness. It’s available in 2 sizes, in case you want this pad for your pillow. The consumer response to this product is somewhat mixed with a lot of customers saying the cooling lasts for as little as 10 minutes.

COOL CARE TECHNOLOGIES: Check the current price

Cooling Mattress Protector

9. SureGuard Mattress Protector - to protect your pad and topper

We cannot but mention a cooling mattress protector for extra coolness and protection of your mattress pad. The best-selling product in this category is SafeGuard Mattress Protector. It’s hypoallergenic, soft and noiseless. It features 100% cotton surface which is fantastic at wicking out excess moisture just like any other 100% cotton bedding. The customers loved the product, but there were a lot who complained that the protector was not waterproof. If you have a small child who sleeps with you, then I guess you should buy something else.  

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SureGuard Mattress Protector: Check the current price

Best-Selling Cooling Mattress Pads | Comparison Table

Cooling mattress pad with active cooling effect: air-conditioned mattress pad

10. Cool Buddy "Classic" Air Conditioned Mattress Pad - best electric cooling pad

A totally different pad is sold by Cool Buddy, an American company operating out of Texas, which strives to bring better and cheaper technologies to the US market. And indeed, some of the electric padding can cost up to 1,000 dollars, whereas Cool Buddy offers practically the same cooling systems for much less.

The product that we cover in this buyer’s guide is Cool Buddy Air Conditioned Mattress Pad which comes with one cooling unit and one remote control. The cooling unit cools water inside the topper and circulates it inside the mattress pad. You might hear the sounds of a small electric fan and water trickling over the evaporation membrane, but it's not too loud.

The customers especially praised the cooling effects of the mat, some saying that the pad can even freeze you. Unhappy customers complained about the lights that couldn’t be turned off, which is obviously annoying when one tries to sleep. Other than that the product is worth the investment if you’re truly in need of cooling sensations.

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Cool Buddy: Check the current price

11. Sleep Chill + Crystal Gel Mattress Protector with Cooling Fibers

There’s yet another mattress protector that position itself as a innovative crystal gel with cooling fibers and 3-D fabric. Well, the rule of the thumb is that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The Sleep Chill utilizes the following materials: 65% polyester, 35% coolfiber for top and 100% polyester for the back. Since the manufacturer doesn’t elaborate on what exactly the magic cool fiber is, we assume its the outer mesh with infused gel. Nothing really innovative about it, it’s just a little bit of gel inside the outer membrane. Nevertheless, the product received a number of positive reviews, but most of the respondents said the mattress protector failed to deliver the cooling.

Fashion Bed Group: Check the current price

Storage and care tips and lifehacks

Show your mattress pad some love with this useful and helpful care tips:

  • Give your topper a good shake every once in a while, especially if it’s fiber filled to redistribute the filling throughout the pad.
  • Purchase a durable and reliable mattress protector (like the SafeGuard we mentioned earlier), which is by far easier to wash and take care of rather than the pad itself
  • Check the care label and instructions that come with a pad to clarify the washing conditions, including temperature, modes, bleach warnings, tumble drying, and cleaning.
  • If you want to store your topper, then purchase a breathable bag.


Which mattress pad is right for me?
If you are looking for a firmer support, then choose the latex mattress pad. If you want a soft and plush experience, then go for the fiber-filled topper, or thin gel infused memory foam. If your primary concern is cooling properties of the mat, then consider buying an AC based mattress mat.

<pHow can I keep my mattress cool during warm summer nights?
Go for breathable mattress pads with 100% cotton or bamboo covers. Or purchase an AC based mat like the one mentioned in this article and sold by Cool Buddy.

Will the cooling mattress last?
It depends on a specific case. The mattress pads that we’ve covered in this article are all from reliable manufacturers with years of experience in the business and outstanding customer care, so all of the above options should last.

What are the best bed sheets to keep me cool?
Best bed sheets are made of very simple breathable natural materials, like cotton, bamboo, and linen. You will never go wrong with the simplicity and durability of these materials.

How do I keep cool while sleeping on a hot memory foam mattress?
Choose the gel infused memory foam that has the benefits of supportive foam and cooling properties of the gel. Otherwise, purchase a separate mattress pad that will deliver more cooling.

Why is a cooling mattress pad (topper) important?
It keeps your mattress clean, helps to prevent dust mites, and allergies, protects the mattress warranty, as well as adds cooling qualities.


We’ve tried to choose only the best and reliable manufacturers of the cooling mattress pads and toppers, so you don’t have to worry about the mediocre quality of some faulty products that prevail on the market today. Hopefully, the list of products described above provided you with a great starting point in your search for a perfect cooling mattress pad!

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