Below, you will learn about the benefits of hair laser combs, the results of scientific studies and what features are most important in these devices. A review of TOP-6 best hair laser combs will help you make the choice.

The first thing you notice about a woman’s or man’s age is their hair. And the same can be said about poor health, not to mention the fact that strong hair is a major constituent of beauty. Hardly anyone would argue with this statement. So the difficulty is not in realizing the problem but rather in the treatment effectiveness.

I know people who suffer baldness but what actually unites them is the lack of faith in traditional methods of treatment. “I tried all that,” one of my colleagues lamented. When my hair started thinning, I realized that I had joined their club. But instead of relying on old-school treatment, I have placed a bet on new technologies and it seems that I was right about all that.

I would recommend you reading this guide dealing with the devices that use low-level laser therapy. These are laser combs.

What You Will Learn From This Guide:

How Hair Laser Combs Work: Explaining The Technology Behind

What is the first thing that springs to your mind when you hear the word “laser”? Right. This is the future and its advanced technologies. The most wonderful thing about the laser is its perfection. The simplicity of genius.

The good news is that low-level laser therapy is used now to make hair grow. This method implies the application of low-level lasers or LEDs to the body. Unlike high-power lasers, these ones do not destroy tissue but, to the contrary, help to repair it by making the cells function better. This, in turn, stimulates hair growth. As scientists explain this effect, this is about “stimulation of epidermal stem cells in the hair follicle bulge and shifting the follicles into anagen phase”.

With a laser comb, you apply this therapy by means of a handheld device that utilizes lasers filling hair follicles with energy. By becoming stronger, these follicles are capable of growing much more hair. On top of that, the laser stimulates the hair root, something that is also needed for follicles to become stronger.

As I have mentioned before, some devices use LED lights while others are equipped with laser diodes. But what is the difference? LEDs target the skin’s first layer, whereas laser lights are capable of getting deeper — to the second layer where hair follicles begin. That is why the treatment with lasers is much more intense and stronger. In addition, it is more focused while LEDs emit dispersed light that cannot get to the follicle.

How to use a hair laser comb?

In most cases, you just need to slowly move the device back and forth through your hair over the course of ten or more minutes. Apply it to the scalp twice a week. The treatment duration largely depends on a specific device so read the instructions in the first place. Anyway, you should not expect immediate results. Typically, the first signs of improvement can be noticed in two or more months. This is because hair growth is a slow process — about half an inch or per month.

What you should understand is that laser combs cannot revive dead follicles, which means that they will not work for those who are already bald. These devices are most effective for individuals who have just faced hair thinning issues, like me. Acquiring such a comb is also a wise choice if you want to take preventive measures and avoid experiencing hair loss in the future.

How often should I use it?

It depends on the device. For some models, 2 minutes are enough while for other the treatment will take up to 25 minutes. In fact, the more powerful and expensive the unit is, the less time it requires for the therapy.

Benefits Of Hair Laser Combs

  • The Food and Drug Administration defined them as safe and effective in combating hair loss. The method is cleared for stimulating hair growth and dealing with hair loss.
  • Non-invasive treatment.
  • The only option (except for surgical hair transplant) that does not involve using chemicals.
  • When applied properly, no side effects have been reported.

Which laser comb is the best?

The best one should be equipped with laser diodes, not LED lights. Also, choose a product containing 80 and more diodes as their number affects the efficiency of the device. HairMax is a pioneer and definite leader. Capillus and iRestore produce quality brand name models as well.

How much does it cost?

When it comes to portable devices, the price ranges from several hundred dollars to $2,000-$3,000 or even more. Why do prices vary so much? There is a number of factors influencing the cost of the product. But mainly it is about extra features and the length of time the treatment will take.

The more expensive the model is, the less time it takes to bring a result. As for additional features, sometimes they are beneficial but in some cases, these are just attractive but unnecessary properties.

What Scientists Say About Hair Laser Combs

Four years ago, American Journal of Clinical Dermatology published the results of trials conducted by a team of American scientists. They subjected more than 200 men and women with hair loss to laser comb treatment. As a result, the hair count increased and all the test persons reported an overall improvement of hair loss condition.

More importantly, the increased hair density did not depend on the age, sex and the model of a laser comb. What does that prove? That the method as such actually works. “Our results suggest that low-level laser treatment may be an effective option to treat pattern hair loss in both men and women,” the scientists concluded.

Another team of researchers studying this method has also reported a positive impact on the hair condition. To be effective, they say, the device should use wavelengths within the range of 650-900 nm at 5 mW. And even though a patient does not have his or her hair regrowing as a result of the treatment, the hair quality and texture will definitely improve. This is a clear indication that this is a beneficial solution to hair issues.

The technology is practiced and suggested by medical professionals. So Dr. Alan Bauman, a hair restoration surgeon, told CBS News that low-level laser therapy is an effective way of curing hair loss. However, he highlighted an essential condition for that — you should use the device correctly, otherwise, you will not obtain the desired results. The laser combs were approved by the relevant governmental agencies and, in particular, cleared by the FDA as a safe and effective treatment.

Still, what needs to be made clear is that no miraculous healing will follow and, let us face it, will not work for every case.

Where The Technology Came From?

The beneficial effect of low-power lasers was first discovered by a Hungarian physician Endre Mester in the middle of the XX century. Among other things, he found that this method helped hair to regrow. Actually, the discovery was made accidentally. When testing low-power lasers on mice, the scientist had revealed a significant hair growth on the shaved spots. In the late 1980s, American companies started to use this method as a way to cure various diseases. In the late 1990s, hair loss was first treated with low-power lasers by Canadian specialists.

How HairMaх Laser Comb Works

HairMax LaserComb is a portable device that revives hair follicles by means of low-level laser therapy. Significantly, the company itself specializes solely in hair growth, selling its products in 170 countries worldwide, which is nothing short of a real public recognition! Actually, they are considered to be the world’s leading company in developing technologies that make hair grow. The special value of these devices lies in the fact that they are designed to be used at home, without any clinical procedures.

More importantly, the company was set up in 2000 by a team of inventive individuals, and for David Michaels, Managing Director at HairMax, hair loss was a burning issue at the time. He had tried all existing solutions but the only one that worked was laser therapy which resulted in hair regrowth. The treatment was conducted at the Laser Hair Clinic, which was the first one to use this technology.

Impressed by the results, David and the clinic’s founder Henry Pearl decided to create a device, which would be less expensive than treatment in a clinic and more convenient as it would be portable. It took for them several years to invent such a device. So the first HairMax laser comb was cleared by the FDA in 2017 while the latest thing from the company, a laser cap, received clearance this summer.

Watch this video to learn what The Doctors on TV think about HairMax products

In the media spotlight

Meggen Taylor, a contributor to Forbes, could not help trying a HairMax laser comb, expecting to stop hair loss. Not only did she stop it but had her hair regrowing all over the head. What is particularly good about HairMax is continuous efforts made by the company’s researchers to improve its products.

Meggen provided an example where a new device was developed to allow lasers to penetrate deeper. Since hair prevents light from reaching the head, they decided to create a laser comb with teeth designed to part hair so that lasers can freely reach the skin. Treatment with such laser comb takes just a minute and a half, which is the fastest time in comparison with other models.

However, some observers took this method with a grain of salt. So New York magazine featured an article on hair loss treatment, mentioning HairMax as one of the brightest representatives of laser device producers. The paper highlights the fact that while being safe, a laser comb’ effect cannot be predicted as different individuals respond to it in a different way. It quoted doctors as saying that both the optimal power and optimal wavelength of low-laser therapy is not known. Nor do they have a clear understanding of how the device is working. After all, there are individuals who simply do not react to low-level laser light and this is something that cannot be predicted. And finally, as soon as you cease using the device, it will stop being effective as well.

Now, let’s have a look at what kind of laser combs are there on the market.

HairMax Prima LaserComb

The model with 9 laser diodes comes at a price of about three hundred dollars, which means this is a really pretty inexpensive one. It is claimed to stimulate hair growth, making them fuller and denser. The product was cleared by the FDA for applying both to men and women. The listed benefits are really impressive. Not only can it stimulate the growth of new hair, but it is also said to strengthen the existing ones, reverse thinning process, repair damaged hair and rejuvenate aging ones.

How to use it? Move the device over the head every four seconds. The procedure should last for a bit more than ten minutes and carried out three times a week. Be sure you apply it to clean dry hair. The item is easy to use as it runs on a lithium battery so that you can take it wherever you need. A charger comes with the product but keep in mind that it will take time to charge it, which is not going to be fast.

The product’s users particularly appreciate its convenience. Namely, there are beeps indicating the time to change location or stop the treatment. And yet, some customers complain about their arms getting tired from combing hair with the unit that weighs 2.6 pounds. So what are the recommendations? You may do it in the bed or purchase a laser helmet to place it on the head.

HairMax Prima LaserComb: Check the current price

HairMax Laser Band 82 

The band-style unit is twice as expensive as the comb. Offering the same benefits, it is more convenient to use. Just put it on and do your own stuff. On top of that, this model is supposed to be more effective as the band treats a larger area of your scalp at a time. As a result, it affects more hairs and for a longer period of time. Like the previous one, this model works for individuals who have just started to experience hair loss or are at a medium stage.

With 82 in-built lasers, the band emits light energy penetrating the hair follicles. Special teeth intended to part hair enhance the therapy effectiveness, otherwise, the light will be prevented from getting deeper. Despite its larger size, this model is not heavier than the comb and will not put pressure on the head. You may even take it with you on a trip — the item’s portability and sleek design allow for using it in public.

The unit is powered by a rechargeable battery and it takes just two hours to charge it. For many users, the device fits the head perfectly while some people say it does not stay on the head. In the latter case, just hold it with your hand, moving to various locations. Anyway, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

HairMax Laser Band 82: Check the current price

Does iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Work?

Freedom Laser Therapy is another trusted producer of portable lower-level laser equipment. Established 3 years after HairMax was set up, in 2003, the company is largely known for its iRestore Laser Hair Growth System or, as it is called in popular parlance, helmet or dome. In a sense, stories of both companies seem to be similar. Like his competitor David Michaels, the founder of Freedom Laser Therapy, Craig Nabat, also faced hair loss issues in the past. But after trying the therapy and being confident in its effectiveness, he made a decision to launched the company.

In 2017, Freedom Laser Therapy carried out a study, in which iRestore Laser Hair Growth System was tested. Patients of both sexes who were suffering androgenic alopecia took part in the research. This disorder is quite common and presents itself in hair thinning on the crown in men and overall thinning in women. The trial had lasted for 4 months, with the results showing an average increase in hair count of over 40%. iRestore laser helmet has proved to increase follicle metabolism, with dormant hairs reactivated and their growth phase extended.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

Unlike HairMax products, iRestore device uses LEDs along with lasers, something that limits the impact on the skin. This is because LEDs have an impact just on the skin’s first layer and, therefore, do not penetrate deep enough. Apart from that, iRestore contains four times fewer lasers than HairMax band has. As for the price, iRestore helmet will cost you some $500-$600, which is more than HairMax laser comb but less than its laser band.

The strong point of the item is that it covers the entire head and does not require moving it. The treatment lasts for 25 minutes and should be conducted every two days. Visible improvement can be expected after three or more months of the treatment. Its advantage is a longer money-back guarantee, which lasts for six months. So if you have not noticed that your hair started growing, feel free to ask for a refund.

Though made of plastic, this model is durable. Thanks to soft cushions, the helmet fits easily the head. Another feature adding to the convenience of using the device is its controller with a timer so that you can monitor the session. The item comes with a battery pack and an adapter so that you can move around the house or keep the unit plugged into a socket. The product’s users seem to be satisfied, claiming that the device really works.

iRestore Laser System: Check the current price

Low-Cost Laser Combs

You will want to consider less expensive options as well. Not everyone has extra $500 or so while laser combs seem enticing for many. In this case, you may try devices at a price of about $90. I would like to warn you that these models are not even close to laser combs but they represent a cheap option that involves using light.

So THAPPINK Hair Growth Electric Comb uses 12 beams of light to make the blood circulate better, which is supposed to increase hair strength. Sure, you should not rely on such an unsophisticated technology, but for this kind of money, the device is not a waste.

THAPPINK: Check the current price

How To Use Capillus Laser Cap

Back to true laser combs, here is a device designed as a cap. The model, which is the priciest in the review, was invented by Florida-based Capillus LLC. This company, unlike its competitors HairMax and iRestore, deals with both non-invasive and surgical treatments of hair loss. Capillus has brought together professionals and they definitely know their stuff.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Capillus Laser Cap is effective in 99% of cases and the results it produces can last for up to one year. On the other hand, The New Yorker called the model “disputed and odd solution”, doubting the effectiveness of the method as such. Now, let’s see what Capillus Laser Cap is and whether it really worths buying.

Capillus Laser Cap

Let me start with the price. Yes, it is very expensive and will cost you almost $2,000. But you get a model with over 200 laser diodes, twice as many as in HairMax laser band. I guess it is the number of diodes that forms the prices for laser therapy devices as they produce more energy and cover a larger area of the head. Apart from that, the device does not utilize LED lights. The second significant advantage is a short time of the treatment — the therapy lasts for just 6 minutes, which is due to the huge quantity of laser diodes in it.

Another strong point of the product is its flexibility. And finally, wearing this laser cap, you look casual. While such bulky things as helmets may make a person look embarrassing. As for effectiveness, the manufacturer claims that the product was clinically proven as an effective treatment for hair loss. Like laser combs of the previous producers, this one is cleared by the FDA.

Watch a video on how Capillus Laser Cap works -

Capillus Laser Cap: Check the current price

Comparative Chart Of Best Laser Comb Effectiveness

Product Features

HairMax Prima LaserComb

9 laser diodes
Treatment takes 11 minutes
Specially designed teeth to part hairs.
Portable and lightweight.

HairMax Laser Band 82

82 laser diodes
Treatment takes 90 seconds.
Specially designed teeth to part hairs.
Portable and lightweight.
Uniform coverage. Hand-free.

iRestore Laser System

51 laser diodes and LEDs
Treatment takes 25 minutes.
Covers the entire head.

Capillus Laser Cap

Over 200 laser diodes.
Treatment takes 6 minutes.
Covers the entire head.


12 beams of light.
Cheap and lightweight.

FAQ On How To Use The Device

Are they safe?
Yes, they are. Actually, safety is one of the key advantages of low-level laser therapy.

Can laser combs cause cancer?
This treatment is not known for being able to cause damage of DNA, however, it is not recommended for cancer patients.

Do hair growth devices really work? The effectiveness of low-level laser therapy has been proven scientifically. And yet, much depends on a device.

Do more expensive models have higher power?
No, the price mostly affects the time of treatment. The more diodes the device has, the less time is required for therapy.

Are there any side effects? Can it burn my scalp?
No side effects have been reported from using FDA-cleared models. The device cannot burn your skin or scalp as it does not generate enough heat for that.

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