This guide will tell you about TOP-8 best lawn mowers, how they work as well as about the differences between their main types. You will also learn what factors to consider when making a purchase and why it is crucial to find a machine that has a good grip. A comparative chart featuring the most popular products will narrow your choice while the F.A.Q section will provide you with answers to the most commonly asked questions.

What You Will Learn From This Guide:

What Are the Types and Their Differences?

Though there are many nuances regarding specific features for certain types of these devices, there are six main categories they are sorted into.

  • Electric Corded Lawn MowersAs one of the most common types of lawn mowers, these ones require somebody pushing it, with wheels and a handle allowing the person to hold on effectively. However, what differentiates this type from the others is its power being sourced from an outlet, requiring it to be plugged in.
  • Battery-Powerd Mowers. Similar to the electric corded machines, this type has a similar system but different execution. They are pricier, but have some useful features like Smart Cut technology that automatically increases the blade's speed once it recognizes that it needs more power.
  • Manual type typically involves two wheels only, as it does not require an engine and therefore does not require electricity. It simply needs to be pushed, giving it the name of “manual”.
  • Gas-Powered Type. Like the machines that are powered by electricity, gas-powered ones have similar designs, but instead require gas to function.
  • Robotic Type. As opposed to the machines that require humans to operate them, robotic lawn mowers are fully independent and able to cut grass on their own.
  • Self-Propelled Type. When the motor is started, a self propelled lawn mower squeezes a handle that propels it into motion. This creates the cutting motion for the grass, making the device run in a smooth motion. What you need to do is turn the machine and control its direction.
  • Zero-turn mowers are a must-have for anyone with large fields or lawns to mow. They make the grass neat, and the way they turn upon themselves ensures the lines are straight and even.
  • Riding lawn mowers are distinguished by their ability to let a user ride on them, not having to stand to push it. Typically designed like a small car or ATV, they're also regarded as safer overall because of how your feet are not directly exposed to the ground.

TOP-8 Best Lawn Mowers

Read a review of TOP-8 best models of different types: from manual to robotic ones, with the price ranging from $100 to $2000. You will find a pricy riding lawn mower with the variable speed that is suitable for tough situations, electronic machines that require a cord or operate on batteries, as well as manual models characterized by simplicity and light weight. If you are obsessed with technological progress, a robotic model will not leave you indifferent.

Electric Battery-Powered Machines

21-Inch 40V Brushless Cordless Mower | Greenworks MO40L2512

This is a great product for those who want to have a noticeably cleaner cut on their grass. This is because it has a unique approach to cutting with a Smart Cut technology that automatically increase the blade's speed once it recognizes that it needs more power. This allows you to not even worry about having to go over certain areas twice or to change settings on the fly, as the machine will do all of the nuanced work for you. It also comes with two batteries right out of the box with each full charge lasting 70 minutes total. There is also a battery port included so you can charge one battery while using the other, never needing to wait for a full charge before you can start moving.

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Greenworks MO40L2512: Check the current price

17-inch 40V (4.0Ah) Cordless Lawn Mower | Worx WG744

As the cheaper of the two electric battery-run units, the Worx WG744 is a decent model for what it does. It should be noted, though, that this item has a handle that is difficult to grip for hours on end, making it not an ideal pick if you're somebody who requires an extra comfortable grip. However, aside from that, it comes with many features similar to the Greenworks MO40L2512 for a fraction of the price. It's also very easy to push due to the wheel setup and gives the user a lot of control while using it.

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Worx WG744: Check the current price

Electric Corded Machines

20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower | Greenworks 25022

This is a great model for somebody who don't mind having a corded machine and want something powerful. Not only is the price incredibly worth it on this model, but it's just incredibly strong and intuitive. To turn it on, all you need to do is press the start button and begin pushing it! Despite how much it has, it feels really lightweight due to the effective design and wheels.

Even though it is 56 pounds, it does not feel like it, with the larger wheels in the back of the machine allowing you to push it with ease. On top of this, it's very comfortable to use, giving you 7 different levels to adjust the height with. If you're somebody who needs a grip that's very solid, you'll appreciate how easy it is to hold onto this device's handle for long periods of time. There's also a huge, 20-inch deck so you can make sure that no grass you cut will fly in unwanted directions!

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Greenworks 25022: Check the current price

14-Inch 13 Amp Electric Lawn Mower | Sun Joe MJ401E 

If you are somebody who wants to pay for a cheaper corded model, this Sun Joe MJ401E is a great device to use. Something you'll notice immediately when comparing it to the aforementioned Greenworks model is the size—with a 14-inch deck, the MJ401E is considerably smaller. It also doesn't have some aspects that make the Greenworks model incredibly intuitive such as the larger wheels in the back.
However, what it does have is very high-quality, making it a great option for a corded model that can easily fit into anyone's budget. It also comes with a two-year warranty, meaning that you'll get any support you need!

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Sun Joe MJ401E: Check the current price

Gas-Powered Machines

3-in-1 Variable Speed Self-Propelled Gas Mower with Auto Choke | Honda HRR216K9VKA 

As a general principle, gas-powered machine will cost more money, but they still could be useful if you are somebody who gets gas much cheaper than electricity or has a large surplus from business ventures or other products. In terms of the gas-powered model I tested, though, this came out easily ahead of the competition, with the precision of the Smart Drive being better than any other products I tried out. The variable speeds also proved to be very useful, giving you the option to customize the true nuance of how your grass is cut.

Honda HRR216K9VKA: Check the current price

High-Tech Robotic Machines

Best Robotic Lawn Mower | Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X

If you are somebody who wants a completely intuitive, hands-off device, then this is the best robotic model on the market. There's nothing about this product that doesn't work—it's intuitive, effective, and quick at what it does. However, the price is likely prohibitive for many people and is something that makes me not put it as the #1 product available.

Just for anybody at home who is wondering, the robot aspect of this device does not mean that it is a sentient being or anything. Instead, it's mainly just a remote-controlled unit that can be controlled by your smartphone! It's also very unlikely that you'll bump into it without noticing, as it has LED lights overhead that allow it to be seen clearly at any time of day.

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Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315X: Check the current price

Riding Machines

V-Twin Gas Hydrostatic Lawn Tractor | John Deere E120

As far as riding lawn mowers go, this is the best one available on the market, giving you some solid precision and strength for any type of mowing conditions. In particular, the 20 HP V-twin engine that comes with this device is incredibly effective for very tough mowing situations, while the different speeds and changing directions make using this product very intuitive.

Highly recommended for those who are in the market for something that they can ride that is just as efficient as it is comfortable. The only negative factor of this machine is that the price is quite high, but that is largely the nature of this type of the machines.

John Deere E120: Check the current price

What to Look for When Buying a Product?

The most important thing to look for when looking for a new model is which type of device you'd like to use. They all have their benefits, but which type is best for you usually depends on how much physical motion you want to/are able to exert. For example, if you are somebody who physically cannot stand for long periods of time, it might be advisable to get a robotic or a riding model, as those don't require as much physical effort. If fuel type is also a preference or issue, decide whether or not you're looking for an electric machine or one that is powered by gas.

Regardless of which type of product you choose, though, it's important to find a unit that has a good grip. This is because some have inefficient grips that might be strenuous on the hands, especially after working a few hours. Though it can be easy to grab a handle once and decide whether it feels comfortable or not, it's important to remember that you'll likely be holding onto it for hours at a time.

Why Do We Need a Lawn Mower?

Keeping your lawn tidy is an important factor of keeping your home's overall appearance in shape. This is why the push mower has been an integral part of society since its invention in the early 20th century, allowing anybody tending to a plot of land to make sure that their grass looks neat and professional.

However, using this device can sometimes be a strenuous task, requiring a lot of pushing, walking, and standing. Some models that aren't well-made will require more effort than they are worth, sometimes deterring users from the process of mowing lawns altogether.

It should be noted, though, that it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, there are many products out on the market that are not only comfortable, but also very efficient. The real issue, though, is how you find the right machine for you when the market is so saturated and large.

There is hope, though. This is where we come in, as we have scoured the market and tested out some of the most notable models currently available to give you the inside scoop on which ones are really worth your money. In fact, in my time using these devices, I've always lamented how finding the right product always eventually feels like compromising. In the past, I haven't been able to find one that truly satisfied every concern I might have, making this search even more personal to me. At the end of the search, though, I did find one that is truly wonderful.

How Do Lawn Mowers Work?

The modern-day lawn mower that we know and love is actually called a rotary mower, explaining some aspects of the machine's capabilities. For example, such machine is typically a device with a blade inside of it that rotates to create a cutting motion. Similar to a knife or any other type of sharp blade, a blade has many different edges that are geared to slice or cut any given object, with an increased speed allowing it to make more precise cuts.

This blade is contained within something called a deck which not only keeps the blade stationary, but also causes anything the blade cuts from going in any direction when struck. Through keeping this mechanism close to the ground and putting wheels on it, inventors were able to create the type of lawn mower that we use today. Through being close to the ground and within a deck, a blade is able to consistently cut grass without the pieces of grass getting everywhere.


Which is the best lawn mower?
Out of all of the options I tested in researching for this article, I think the Greenworks MO40L2512 is the best model currently available on the market. I say this because it's incredibly well-priced when compared to the rest of the market and is also incredibly effective. The lifespan of its battery combined with the two batteries that are included also make it a very reliable product to use as well. Regardless of whether you're somebody looking to get their first lawn mower or a professional looking to improve your business, this is a truly remarkable product.

Will my push mower pick up leaves?
Most of the time, yes. These machines typically either pick up leaves and leave them for you to mulch along with the grass or they will shred the leaves with the grass. However, some leaves might be tougher than grass and can clog the inside of the unit. Because of this, I recommend you use a leaf blower before you mow your lawn if there are a lot of leaves on the ground, as then you can ensure you're only cutting grass.

Why is my lawn mower backfiring through the carburetor?
If the device is seemingly spitting out sparks, there's a good chance that it is backfiring through the carburetor. Though this can be a problem for your machine if it persists, it's likely the result of the oil not being lean enough due to it being too early or cold. It should go without saying that this only really applies to machines that are gas-powered, but simply give it some time to warm up and then try it again.

What do I do when the machine will not start?
If your machine will not start, try reloading either the oil or trying a different electrical cord or battery. If you're using an extension cord to increase the reach of your machine, it might be that as well. However, if you're not having any luck and the unit still won't start, it's recommended that you call a professional to take a look, as lawn mowers are complicated machinery and you could be making more damage without intending to.

What are mower blades made from?
The blades are typically made from steel, but the specific type of steel or metal depends on the manufacturer.

Safety and Precautions

These are incredibly serious devices and should not be taken lightly. Though many devices have good safety features that allow you to stay protected from them, there are still many things that can go wrong.

For example, many people are often cut by such machines due to either accidentally walking into one or the person using the machine suddenly losing control of the device. To prevent this, it's recommended that you don't use it within the vicinity of others, giving the machine plenty of space to move around. Because these devices aren't the easiest machines to navigate and certainly not super flexible, this will ensure that there are no accidents that could otherwise be avoided.

The spinning blades might also pick up items that aren't leaves or grass such as miscellaneous pieces of metal and other scrap. This can be bad if the blade then spins the object, throwing it towards somebody else and potentially injuring them. This is another reason why you should keep the machine away from others.

Another way in which these devices can be harmful is by the user getting burned by touching hot gas or through electric shock as a result of not being careful enough.

What can you do to prevent injury from your lawn mower? It's best to avoid injury by familiarizing yourself intimately with the instruction manual for your machine, taking carefully into account the nuances of how it works. Wearing safety goggles and earplugs are also important ways to protect yourself.

The best way to make sure that the machine does not throw foreign objects at anybody nearby is to pick up around your lawn before using the machine.

Manual Machines

14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower | American Lawn Mower 1204-14

I'm including this product because I think it's good to give you an idea of what a high-quality manual machine is like, but I should state that this is my least favorite product out of the 8 on this list. I say that because it requires a lot of work, coordination, and precision to get a clean cut, making it not the most intuitive device to use.

That isn't the fault of the producer or their products, but simply the nature of using a manual model. Think of it like you're using tiny scissors when you could be using a huge cutting board — it's a similar action, but one takes much longer than the other. That being said, this is a pretty great manual machine that is incredibly cheap, making it a great budget option for those needing to mow their lawn.

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American Lawn Mower 1204-14: Check the current price


These machines are incredible tools that can truly make your life easier if you know how to use them properly. Ultimately, though, despite me having a preference in which lawn mower I think is best, it's your choice to decide your specific preferences. However, by selecting the best products in certain categories, you can get an idea of which ones are the best overall. Through using this Buyer's Guide, I hope you're able to make an informed decision the next time you're in the market for a model and need something that will truly help you!

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