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Since 2021, is a website that provides in-depth analysis of the market for modern technologies and companies that are creating the future economy: industrial and medical robots, cobots, artificial intelligence, Big Data, data security systems. Industry analysis will be useful for those who are looking for stable and growing companies with high potential.

We are a private company that is fully independent of the industry of high-tech companies. Since we do not depend on corporations, we publish honest and objective ratings.

All information we use for evaluating product efficiency is obtained only from trustworthy sources like scientists’ publications and research reports. We cooperate with scientists, professional trainers, and experts from all over the world who provide us with their suggestions, which we publish in a separate “Expert Opinion” section.

Wiki, Editor She has long worked as a marketer for large and renowned brands, so she knows all the tricks used to deceive and convince clients to buy useless goods. She is cynical, doesn’t take anyone’s word, and is ruthless to those whose ads are misleading. She is fierce but impersonal. Should you be a decent and conscientious manufacturer, she will recommend your products to millions of our readers. Each review of useful gadgets that she composes is preceded by a full-scale investigation engaging scientists, proven facts and research. She will explain in detail whether you should trust innovations, how to use them properly, whether they are effective, and what results are expected. She likes traveling. Now Wiki is living in Serbia and is studying the culture and economics of Balkan countries.