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He is a skilled gamer. When he was six, he took the old video game Nintendo OC-22 Octopus in his arms and since then he couldn’t part with the world of video games. Through his hands passed legendary ZX Spectrum, 8- and 16-bit consoles, and in 1994 Dr. Anatom got his first PC. All hell broke loose! «Fallout» and «Heroes», «WoW» and SOUls… he began to create a record after record: WOW – 2900 hours, in SOULs – 400 hours. There are 1170 achievements in STEAM. Now, «doctor» prefers hardcore single-user projects, he plays PC, consoles and even on iPad. He writes the whole information from the gamer`s position, about gamers and for gamers. His creed is tough test-drives, just hardcore.